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Teaching stories have a special quality. If read in a certain kind of way they produce spiritual growth. There are three ways to read teaching stories:-

•      Read the story once. Then move on to another. This manner of reading will give you entertainment; maybe produce a laugh, like a joke. 

•      Read the story twice. Reflect on it. Apply it to your life. That will give you a taste of theology. 

•      Read the story again, after you have reflected on it. Carry the story around in your mind all day and allow its fragrance, its melody to haunt you. Create a silence within you and let the story reveal to you its inner depth and meaning. Let it speak to your heart, not to your brain. This will give you a feel for the mystical and you will develop the art of tasting and feeling the inner meaning of such stories to the point that they transform you. 

Here is a Mulla Nasrudin Teaching Story BEAUTY - Read it, Reflect, See it happening around you, apply it to your own life and transform yourself:

BEAUTY - A Mulla Nasrudin Story

Nasrudin bought an old haunted house [a “Bhoot Bangla”] at a desolate place in a nearby hill-station.

From time to time he would suddenly pack his bags, leave the city, and go away to his house in the hill station, disappearing for days, sometimes for weeks, sometimes for months. And just as suddenly as he used to disappear, he used to unpredictably return back to the city, suddenly, without any warning or notice. 

When asked the reason for his erratic and whimsical behavior, Nasrudin explained: 

“I have kept a caretaker woman up there in the hills to look after my house. She is the ugliest woman - horrible, repulsive, hideous, nauseating. Just one look at her and one feels like vomiting. 

When I go to live there, at first she looks horrible. But slowly, slowly, after a few lonely days, she is not so horrible. Then after some more desolate forlorn days, she doesn’t seem that undesirable. And as more and more time passes in lonesome seclusion, a day comes when I start seeing some beauty in her. 

The day I start seeing beauty in that horrid woman I escape from the hill-station, because that means enough is enough – I have lived away from the real world for too long - now even this horrible revolting woman has started looking beautiful!  I may even fall in love with this ghastly ugly repugnant woman - that's dangerous. 

So I pack up my things and rush back to the city.”

Think about it, reflect - isn't it time you logged off your social networking site, switched off your laptop, stopped surfing on your mobile phone and returned to the real world from the virtual world - to true space from cyberspace.

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