Friday, April 8, 2011


A Philosophical Approach

I invest in books. 
Just like some other investments, where one invests and forgets about it for years, sometimes I buy a book and may not read it for years.

Whenever I buy a book, I always write the date and place of purchase. 
This morning while I was cleaning my bookcase, I came across a book titled A Source Book in Chinese Philosophy which I had picked up on 26 Jan 2003 at the annual Strand Book Fair at Churchgate Mumbai. I opened a random page and here is the gem of ancient wisdom that I read the following words about types of Friendship:

Confucius said:
There are three kinds of Friendship which are Beneficial and three kinds of Friendship which are Harmful.

Friendship with the Upright, with the Truthful, and with the well-informed is beneficial.

Friendship with those who flatter, with those who are meek and who compromise with principles, and with those who talk cleverly is harmful.

So, dear reader, while selecting who to befriend, bear in mind the above analect of Confucius.  

Well I always believe that it is best to have a philosophical approach to life. So I am going to read this book of ancient wisdom, and, from time to time, I will share with you some gems of ancient wisdom with you in my blog.

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Unknown said...

I like the idea of writing the date and place as a memory for the book.
It takes wisdom to put into action what you know, and I think only time shows you the real person in front of you, but some times, it after your 1st fall with your friend.

sibi said...

Good one! ...But how to identify the true friendship? May be in due course..

Sarah Jo said...

How to identify the friendship is true or not?