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Food for Thought

The Analects is a collection of sayings of Confucius.  In one of the Analects (Analects 17.8) Confucius talks of Six Virtues and Six Obscurations.

First let us see the meaning of the words virtue and obscuration.

Virtue: An example or kind of moral excellence, righteousness, goodness.

Obscure: To conceal, to make unclear, to shroud or hide in darkness, not clearly seen or easily distinguished.

Here are the Six Virtues and Six Obscurations:

One who loves humanity but not learning will be obscured by ignorance.

One who loves wisdom but not learning will be obscured by lack of principle.

One who loves faithfulness but not learning will be obscured by heartlessness.

One who loves uprightness but not learning will be obscured by violence.

One who loves strength of character but not learning will be obscured by recklessness.

Dear Reader, as you can see it is learning that enables us realize our virtues. 
Hence the importance of learning.

Hey, Dear Reader, wait a moment and read again – the Analects list only five virtues and five obscurations. I check my reference source (A Source Book in Chinese Philosophy page 47) – yes there are only five, not six virtues and obscurations. Can anyone please enlighten us regarding the sixth virtue and sixth obscuration?


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