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A Mulla Nasrudin Story
Now-a-days, wherever you go, people serving you expect a tip, especially in restaurants and hotels, in some situations there is expectation of a "mamool"

If you want to learn the ART OF TIPPING there is no better person than the wise Mulla Nasrudin to learn from. 
Here is my all time favourite Mulla Nasrudin story which exemplifies The Art of Tipping

Mulla Nasrudin went to a Turkish Bath. 

As he looked quite impoverished and was shabbily dressed, the attendants treated him with contempt in quite a disdainful manner, and gave him only a scrap of soap and an old towel. 
When he left, Nasrudin gave the attendants one gold coin each.

Yes, each attendant got a tip of one gold coin each.

The attendants were perplexed.

Tips of one gold coin each for such shoddy treatment…?

The bath attendants could not understand it.

They even regretted the indifferent way in which they had treated Mulla Nasrudin as they wondered that if they had treated him better Nasrudin would have probably given them an even larger tip, maybe even a bagful of gold coins each…! 
The following week,  Nasrudin appeared again at the Turkish bath.

This time, of course, he was treated in style and looked after like a King in full luxurious style.

After being massaged, perfumed and treated with the utmost deference, and given a lavish and extravagant perfumed bath with the most expensive aromatic oils and perfumes, 

Nasrudin, while leaving, handed to each attendant the smallest possible copper coin and said:
“These copper coins are your tip for the shoddy service you gave me last week, and the gold coins I gave you last week on my previous visit were the tip for today’s excellent service.” 


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