Monday, March 21, 2011


Wealth Management 
How Much Money and Property do you need?
When I see the unbridled greed all around me, especially the greed for acquiring land, property and real estate, I am reminded of one of my favourite short stories - HOW MUCH LAND DOES A MAN NEED ? by Leo Tolstoy published way back in 1886.
It is a simple story about how a man destroys himself because he allows greed to be the prime mover of his life. A man is offered as much land as he wants provided he can walk its perimeter in one day from sunrise to sunset. He starts off at sunrise and exerts himself so much due to his greed to acquire the maximum possible land that he collapses and dies of exhaustion at the end of the day. Finally he is buried in a hole six feet long by two feet wide – that is all the land he needs!
Do read the story – it is a famous story and I am sure you will get it. It is freely available on the internet too and I am giving a few links below:


This story had a profound effect on me when I first read it long ago – it still has. 
I am sure you will like the story too. 
So whenever you feel greedy, want to acquire more and more material wealth, want to buy more and more property, please close your eyes, remember this story and ask yourself: HOW MUCH LAND (MONEY) DOES A MAN NEED ? 
There is a saying: If you know when enough is enough, enough is always enough! 
May you be always happy wherever you are and content with whatever you have got. 

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