Sunday, November 7, 2010


A Story

A job seeker, who was 30 years old, was being interviewed for a vacancy.
The employer asked him, “How many years work experience do you have?”

“20 years,” the job-seeker answered.

Observing his relatively young age, and quite surprised and curious, the employer asked him, “Tell me, young man, how old are you?”

“I am 30 years old”, the young job-seeker answered.

“When did you start working?”

“November 2000,” the job-seeker answered.

“You started working in November 2000 - that means you have only 10 years service.”

“Yes,” the job seeker said nonchalantly.

Getting exasperated with the answer, the infuriated employer shouted, “What nonsense! With only 10 years service how can you have 20 years experience?”

“Overtime,” the young job-seeker answered coolly, "I did a lot of overtime." 

The employer, who had no sense of humour, was not impressed by the amswer and so the job seeked did not get the job.

Wondering why he did not get the job despite his brilliant answer the job seeker spent the next one year reflecting in introspection and contemplation trying to seek the reason why he hedn't got the job. 

Suddenly one day he was enlightened and immediately he again applied for a job at the same place.

The employer, on recognizing him, asked, “So young man, how many years experience do you have now?”

“One year,” the job-seeker said without batting an eyelid.

“One year?  Are you crazy or something?” the dumbfounded employer asked, “ Last year you said you had 20 years experience, and now you say you have only one year experience.”

The job-seeker gave the employer an astute look and said cannily, “Actually I realized that I learnt my job in one year and after that I am doing the same thing for the next 10 years. That works out to be one year of experience, ten times, isn’t it?”

He got the job.

Dear Reader, think about it. 

Are you continuously and constantly learning somehing new and adding value to yourself in your job (is your work adding value to you) or are you stagnating at your workplace doing the same thing for years and years in your job?


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