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The Art of Eating a Gulab Jamun

The Art of Eating a Gulab Jamun

I have in front of me a bowl of soft succulent juicy tempting hot Gulab Jamuns. My mouth waters in anticipation. So before I start relishing those delicious Gulab Jamuns tet me recall one of my first lip smacking blog posts, written more than five years ago on THE ART OF EATING A GULAB JAMUN
Happy Eating
An excerpt from my book APPETITE FOR A STROLL

The art of eating comprises three cardinal steps :

First you learn or come to know about good food you hear from someone, read somewhere, or come across while browsing the net or from TV or the media or even from a menu card .

Next you go there and observe people eating and relishing the delectable cuisine you have heard so much about see the way they are eating and enjoying themselves. You watch the heavenly expression of divine pleasure on their faces. This tempts you to taste and savor the cuisine yourself.

And then you actually order the food you have been yearning for, delicately put a piece in your mouth, and actually experience the pleasures of eating the delicacy, firsthand.

One evening I suddenly feel an urge, a craving, a desperate sort of yearning, for my favourite sweet GULAB JAMUN.

I believe that if you want to be happy you must fulfill such feasible and viable desires at once, here and now, so I put on my walking shoes, cross the Oval the Rajabai Tower Clock is striking Six turn right at the Mumbai University gate, and then left, and walk towards Kalaghoda, turn right towards Colaba Causeway which is a foodies delight and soon reach my destination - Kailas Parbat at the southern end of Colaba Causeway.

I have heard from my friends that Kailas Parbat is the best place in Mumbai for Gulab Jamuns. I have enjoyed delectable Gulab Jamuns at many places at Pachkuin Road in Delhi, Pehelwan at the end of Lanka in Banaras, and even in a place called Dumka in the back of the beyond but now amongst the people eating Gulab Jamun at Kailas Parbat, I see a veteran, a connoisseur, relishing delicious piping hot soft succulent juicy Gulab Jamuns with such satisfaction that I go to the counter and order a Gulab Jamun myself.

I look yearningly at the hot mouth-watering Gulab Jamun dunked in a liberal amount of thick syrup.

It is nice and hot - Gulab Jamuns must be eaten hot and very soft and juicy.

I spoon a small luscious piece and place it delicately on my tongue and close my eyes to enhance the quality of the gustatory experience whenever you want to enjoy good food just close your eyes, concentrate on your tongue and notice the feeling.

I just leave that succulent Gulab Jamun piece on my tongue for a while to let the hot sweet viscous syrup permeate deep into my taste-buds, and the moment I gently roll my tongue, the Gulab Jamun disintegrates, dissolves and melts in my mouth releasing its delicious cardamom tinged flavor and soothing rose fragrance within me.

I eat slowly, deliberately, eyes closed, savoring every moment, relishing the divine taste, prolonging the heavenly experience its epicurean delight of the highest order.

As I walk back home in state of supreme bliss, the lingering taste of the delicious Gulab Jamun remains within me for a long long time.

Even now as I write this, I can almost sense the delicious taste and enchanting fragrance of the heavenly Gulab Jamun. And my mouth begins to water!

But alas, I am in Pune right now and I am yearning and craving for a hot syrupy juicy succulent heavenly sweet Gulab Jamun. 

Dear Reader - Would you be so good as to tell me where I can savour a delicious Gulab Jamun in the city of Pune. 

An excerpt from my book APPETITE FOR A STROLL

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KamalKitchen said...

IMHO, you cannot get a decent gulab jamun in pune..especially Not at Chitale Bandhu..and the sugar coated thing they sell does not come close.

The best gulab jamuns i ever ate was the ones our pandit (achari) used to make, and then later the ones made at my friend's catering company.

You need to use pure khava, and does anyone use that anymore?

I think Nagar might be a better option, as its famous for khoya based stuff..


Vikram Waman Karve said...

Dear Kamalkitchen,
The best gulab jamuns I have tasted are the ones at Pehelwan in Lanka at Varanasi near BHU.
Must try Nagar.