Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Making Love to a Beautiful Woman on a Sunday Morning

Making Love to a Beautiful Woman on a Sunday Morning
Pure Romance

From my Creative Writing Archives: Short Fiction - A Love Story

I love making love on a Sunday morning.

I make love to a beautiful woman on Sunday morning – yes, I make love to her with my eyes.

Here is how we make love.

Tell me, what does a beautiful woman do when a handsome young man looks at her in an insistent, lingering sort of way, which is worth a hundred compliments? 

I’ll tell you what she does.

First, she realizes I am looking at her, then she accepts being looked at and finally she begins to look at me in return.
Suddenly her eyes become hard and she grills me with a stern stare that makes me uncomfortable.
 Scared and discomfited, I quickly avert my eyes and try to disappear into the crowd. I feel ashamed of having eyed her so blatantly. ‘What will she think of me?’ I wonder. 

But soon, by instinct and almost against my will, my eyes begin searching, trying to find her again.

Ah, there she is. She stands at the fruit-stall, buying fruit.

She is an exquisite beauty – tall, fair and freshly bathed, her luxuriant black hair flows down her back, her sharp features accentuated by the morning sun, her nose slightly turned up, so slender and transparent, as though accustomed to smelling nothing but perfumes.

I am mesmerized.

Never before had anyone evoked such a delightful tremor of thrilling sensation in me.

An unknown force propels me towards the fruit-stall. I stand near her and made pretence of choosing a papaya, trying to look at her with sidelong glances when I think she isn’t noticing.

She notices.

She looks at me.

Her eyes are extremely beautiful – enormous, dark, expressive.

Suddenly her eyes began to dance, and seeing the genuine admiration in my eyes, she gives me smile so captivating that I experience a delightful twinge in my heart.

 She selects a papaya and extends her hands to give it to me.

Our fingers touch.

The feeling is electric. It is sheer ecstasy. I feel so good that I wish time would stand still.

I can’t begin to describe the sensation I feel deep within me.

I try to smile.

She communicates an unspoken good-bye with her eyes and briskly walks away.

Three months have passed. She has never misses her Sunday morning love date with me, same time, same place, every Sunday – at precisely Seven o’clock in the morning.

But, my dear Reader, do you know that not a word has been exchanged between us.

We just make love every Sunday morning using the language of our eyes and part with an unspoken good-bye.

Once I was slightly late for our rendezvous.

I could see her eyes desperately searching for me.

And when her eyes found me, her eyes danced with delight, and began making love to my eyes.

Tell me, is there any love making that can surpass our fascinating alluring love making?

It feels like the supreme bliss of non-alcoholic intoxication.

Should I speak to her?

I do not know.

Why doesn’t she speak to me?

I do not know.

Does one have to speak to express love? Are words from the mouth the only way to communicate love?

Maybe we both want our beautiful romance to remain this way.

Our silent love making with our eyes – so lovely, so esoteric, so exquisite, so pristine, so divine, so fragile, so delicate, so sensitive, so delicately poised.

Just one word would spoil everything, destroy our enthralling state of trancelike bliss, bring everything crashing down from supreme ecstasy to harsh ground reality.

I think it’s best to let our exquisite Sunday morning love making go on for ever and ever, till eternity.

What do you feel, Dear Reader?

How long should we go making love like this?

Tell me, should I make a move, talk to her, break the spell...?

Tell me, My Dear Reader...Should I tell her...?

I’ll do exactly as you say.

Till then, I will make love to the beautiful woman every Sunday morning – yes, I’ll make love to her with my eyes.

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pankaj0307 said...

Hello Sir,

I like it very much and feel that you must take a step forward. Who knows may be, she is expecting the same. After all, a men has to make a move. We can't expect this kind of daring, from a woman (most of the cases).

Pankaj Pawar

Vikram Waman Karve said...

Hi Pankaj,
You're right - the boy must make the first move

Unknown said...

I feel you shouldn't make a move. Isn't unconditional unrequited love priceless. Most people spend their entire lives not experiencing such an satisfying and enthralling connection with anyone. I feel this meeting of yours will not have the same value that it does at present if you speak with her. Once words take precedence the small gestures of attention take a back seat. The primitive way of love is the most pure way to love... Enjoy your rendezous with her and refresh your mind with it. It will also keep your creative side at its heightened senses if you let things be.

Vikram Waman Karve said...

Nikita, Thanks. You are right - nothing to beat unrequited love

harshaunni said...

Hello sir
This was a beautiful piece of writing. It somehow resembles the story of my two classmates, one of them being my close friend. They share a similar relation, they don't speak to each other, but their eyes do all the talking, and it has almost been 3 years, and still they haven't spoken to each other beyond the formal interactions between two classmates.

Vikram Waman Karve said...

@ Harsha - Thanks for your nice words - yes, one can communicate love through the language of the eyes

Krishno said...

great piece of writing. eyes are really wonderful ways of love making. keep it on.

Vikram Waman Karve said...

@ Krishno - Thanks. This is pure fiction.

Vikram Waman Karve said...

Thanks for the response and feedback everyone

Hog111878 said...

powerful..delightful... dangerous to degrees of love or what whirlwind you callit, it chokes and snatches, bathes and whispers, sharp tones bleeding of hope and promise into our ears only to show the diluted contrast of her words shining a dull hot light on the truth that we are only what we ever are and must be, we are nothing and lost. Nothing gold can stay enjoy the hope and love you feel in the way you feel it as one day it will change forever you will never get it back.

Hog111878 said...

powerful..delightful... dangerous to degrees of love or what whirlwind we call it chokes and snatches, bathes and whispers sharp tones bleeding of hope and promise into our ears only to show the diluted contrast of her words shining a dull, hot light on the truth that we are only what we ever are and must be. we are nothing and lost.

Enjoy it while it last change nothing

the little princess said...

delightful!! romance always seems to follow this pattern...!!
do visit my blog at

Mary DS said...

If I were the woman, and this eyeful interaction was happening with me, this, no doubt, would creating stirrings inside. If I were the man, and this Sunday morning eye love was happening to me, no doubt, the stirrings inside would be noticeable.
As the man, I would catch her hand on one Sunday while she picked up a lemon, and search her eyes for agreement. I would move in towards her lips, with no words, and kiss her.
As the woman with stirrings inside, I would catch his eye and silently, passionately agree. Yes. Move closer towards my lips with no words.
This might just well be the only physical contact needed. It would culminate a complete Sunday love-making session, as release would have been achieved, with no words ever needed.

Anonymous said...

tell her...if you dont have any other woman in your life