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New Zealand Migrant Tales – “Kiwi Dream”

Fiction Short Story


The term “spoiled brat” is used to describe a child who is overindulged by their parents.

And – as a consequence of the over-pampering and mollycoddling – the “spoiled brat”becomes lazy, slothful, egocentric, snobbish, snooty and indolent.

Some parents “spoil” their children.

These children become “spoiled brats” or “spoilt brats”.

The words “spoiled” and “spoilt” mean the same thing.

In this story – I will use “spoiled” – the American version.

So – I will use the term “spoiled brat” for the protagonist of the story

KIWI DREAM – Fiction Short Story by Vikram Karve

PART 1  


Lake Tekapo – New Zealand 

Circa 2016

“Hello Uncle…” the girl said

I recognized her at once.

She was the girl who we had nicknamed “Spoiled Brat”.

“Did you recognize me…? I stayed at your place in Mumbai…” she said.

“Of course – I recognized you…” I said, “It is so nice to see you after so many years – and that too – in New Zealand …”

“I live in New Zealand…”

“Really…? Here…? In Tekapo…?”

“No, No, Uncle – I live in Auckland – I have come on a holiday to South Island – I am travelling from Queenstown to Christchurch – and tomorrow morning – I will catch a flight back to Auckland. And you – Uncle…?”

“I am on a “solo-holiday” to New Zealand – right now – I am on the bus from Christchurch to Queenstown…”

“Come Uncle – let’s grab a quick bite – the buses stop here for half-an-hour – for a lunch halt…”

And so – we – “Spoiled Brat” and me – we walked down to a café in the Lake Tekapo “Food Court” – for a quick lunch of delicious “fish and chips”.

Lake Tekapo is located in the heart of Mackenzie County in the Canterbury Region of South New Zealand – halfway between Christchurch and Queenstown.

After leaving Christchurch – you drive past the lush green Canterbury Plains – you cross the towns of Geraldine, Fairlie and Kimbell – and then – you climb up the winding road – and traverse across the Burkes Pass – into a scenic basin – in the heart of the mountainous South Island – called “Mackenzie Country”.

“Mackenzie Country” has fascinating landscapes – and – two lakes – Tekapo and Pukaki – whose waters have a unique turquoise blue colour – this lovely blue colour of the water is caused by the “glacial flour” suspended in the water.

In the heart of Mackenzie Country is located the beautiful Lake Tekapo – with its marvelous turquoise waters – surrounded by magnificent scenery – and the awe-inspiring snowcapped peaks – including the cloud-piercing Aoraki Mount Cook.

Lake Tekapo is truly stunning – a breathtaking sight – with its pure turquoise blue waters – surrounded by spectacular scenery – with a most wonderful view of the Southern Alps – including the snow-covered mountains like Mount Cook.

Christchurch to Queenstown is a 9 hour Bus Journey (covering a distance of approximately 500 kilometers).

Lake Tekapo is situated half-way between Christchurch and Queenstown.

At Lake Tekapo – buses in both directions cross each other at the same time – and – the buses stop for a lunch halt.

After the quick lunch of delicious “Fish and Chips” – we walked to our buses parked next to each other.

While we walked – “Spoiled Brat” said to me:

“Uncle – you must spend some time with me in Auckland on your way back…”

“I wish I could spend some time with you in Auckland – but – on my way back – I am flying down from Christchurch to Auckland – and – I have to catch the connecting flight out of New Zealand – I will have barely 3 hours at the airport – just enough time – to rush from the domestic terminal to the international terminal – and do the check-in, immigration, boarding etc...” I said to her.

“Oh – how sad – I wish we could have spent some together…” she said.

“Spoiled Brat” took out a business card from her purse.

She gave the business card to me and said:

“Uncle – at least – you give me a call from the airport when you reach Auckland – and – in case your flight is delayed or something – I will try and come and meet you…”

Suddenly – the bus drivers called out to the passengers to board their buses.

So – we – “Spoiled Brat” and me – we said goodbye to each other.

We sat our respective buses.

Soon – the buses started off – mine – towards Queenstown – and hers – towards Christchurch.



12 Years Earlier


Mumbai – India 

Circa 2004 

That girl is a “spoilt brat”…” my wife said.

“It is “spoiled brat” – “spoil” with a “d” – not “t”…” I said.

“Okay. Okay. You keep your English to yourself. But – next time – please don’t invite such “disgusting” and “filthy” people to stay with us…”

“Disgusting…? Filthy…? Are you talking about the girl…?””

Yes – she is “disgusting”, “filthy” and “lazy” – just come and see her room – she hasn’t even made her bed properly – look at crumpled blanket and soiled pillow – her clothes are lying all over the room – some are scattered on the floor – she hasn’t even bothered to fold her clothes and keep them in the cupboard – and – have you seen the bathroom – it is a dirty filthy mess – all her underclothes are lying all over the bathroom – she hasn’t even bothered to flush the toilet – and – did you see the way she looked – so slovenly – did you see her face – so sloppy – and – did you notice her hair – so disheveled – I doubt she even had a bath…”

“She must have been in a hurry…”

“What hurry…? I woke her up at 6 o’clock – but – she kept sleeping – and then – she rushes out – leaving everything in a shabby mess – does she expect me to clean her room and wash her clothes…”

“She must have…”

“I keep my house so “spick-and-span” – in fact – I had specially “done up” the room and bathroom for her – and – she has converted the whole place into a dirty filthy “pigsty”…”


“Look at her half-eaten breakfast – she just left her plate on the table – she didn’t even bother to put her dirty plate in the washbasin – does she think I am a waitress…?”

“Maybe she has servants at her home to do all her work – so – she may not be used to doing any work at home…”

“I don’t know about that – but her parents have really spoiled her – she is an extremely“spoiled brat” – lazy, filthy, sloppy – she is the most disgusting girl I have ever seen…”

“Okay – okay – you just have to tolerate her for a day – her exams will be over today – and – tomorrow – she will go back to her home…”

“By then – she will make her room so filthy and unhygenic – that we will have to fumigate it – we will have to disinfect the entire room – maybe even get pest-control done…”

“Come on – don’t exaggerate and make a big issue…”

“Okay – but next time – you please ask me first – before you invite anyone to stay at our home – especially some disgusting “spoiled brat” like her…” my wife said firmly to me. 

“Okay. Okay…” I said.

Dear Reader: Let me tell you how “spoiled brat” had come to stay over at our place in Mumbai.

A few months ago – I met a college classmate during an alumni meet at our college – where our batch had assembled on the campus – to celebrate the “silver jubilee” of our “passing out” on completion of our Engineering Degrees.

We exchanged contact details.

Then – suddenly – one day – my classmate called me on phone – and – he requested me – if his daughter could stay at our place for a day or two – she was coming to Mumbai to appear for a Management CET (Common Entrance Test) for admission to Business Schools all over India.

There was no CET Exam Centre in the town where my classmate lived – and his daughter had been allotted a centre in Mumbai – which was located near my house.

So – I said “okay” – and I told him – that his daughter was “most welcome” to stay with us in Mumbai.

And – that is how “Spoiled Brat” came to stay with us in Mumbai for 2 days. 

After her stay with us – when “Spoiled Brat” reached back to her home – her father rang up to thank me for our hospitality.

But – after that – we lost contact.

And now – after 12 long years – I had unexpectedly run into “Spoiled Brat” in a remote picturesque place called Lake Tekapo in New Zealand.

When “Spoiled Brat” had come to stay with us in Mumbai – she must have been around 20 years old. 

Now – when I met her in New Zealand – she would have been in her early 30’s.


Back to the Present

One Week After I Met “Spoiled Brat” at Lake Tekapo


Christchurch/Auckland – New Zealand 

Circa 2016

After spending a week enjoying the stunning scenery and awe-inspiring sights of South New Zealand – breathtaking Fiords, fascinating Glaciers, pristine Lakes, spectacular cloud-piercing Snow Covered Mountains and scenic Alpine Forests – I sat in the aircraft at Christchurch Airport waiting for the early morning flight to Auckland to take off.

The entire schedule had gone off beautifully like clockwork – and – I was most happy with my tour of New Zealand – especially South Island.

Now – it was just a one hour twenty minute flight to Auckland – and – I would be well in time to catch my flight out of Auckland on my way home.

And then – Murphy’s Law happened (if anything can go wrong – it will).

There was some “last minute glitch” in the aircraft at Christchurch.

All passengers were asked to disembark.

As we sat in the lounge – I heard an announcement that our flight would be delayed by one hour.

Already – half an hour had passed since the scheduled departure of my flight.

I got anxious that I may miss my connecting flight from Auckland – so – I pleaded with the ground-staff to accommodate me in the earliest flight to Auckland.

The ground-staff said that my flight would depart in one hour for Auckland – and – they assured me – that I would reach Auckland in time to catch my connecting flight.

But – the flight got delayed further – due to bad weather. 

And – I missed my connecting flight by a whisker.

PART 4  


Same Day

Auckland Airport – New Zealand 

Circa 2016

The moment my flight from Christchurch landed at Auckland Airport – I rushed from the domestic terminal to the international terminal – but – I was just a few minutes late – my flight had just taken off a few minutes earlier.

“Sorry, Sir – your flight has just departed…” the girl at the check-in counter said, looking at my ticket.

“Oh My God…” I said, panicking.

“Sir – if you want – we can book you on tomorrow’s flight…”


“Yes, Sir – we have only one flight from Auckland…”

“Isn’t there a flight today…?”

“Sir – you can try the other airlines – but – it is holiday season – and all flights are likely to be fully booked…”

I thought about it.

Out here in New Zealand – I just had my “Forex Card” – so the blunt fact was that I did not have money to book a ticket all the way back to India by another flight.

So – I said to the girl: “Okay – I hope you will keep me in a hotel…”

“Sir – you are a “No Show” passenger – so the airline is not responsible…”


“Yes, Sir – you did an online “check-in” yesterday – and still – you did not turn up for your flight on time…”

“But – it is not my fault that my flight from Christchurch got delayed – due to which I missed my connecting flight…”

“I know, Sir – but that was a different domestic airline on which you had booked a “low cost” discount ticket separately – and – with us – you have a separate international “non-refundable” ticket for your trip from Mumbai to Auckland and back…”

“This is really sad…” I said, “So I will have to wait at the airport for 24 hours…”

“Sir – if you want – you can try the hotel outside the airport…”

“I don’t have any money to stay in a hotel…”

“Sir – you don’t have any cards…?”

“I just have a “Forex Card” – and – I think I have almost exhausted it – today was supposed to my last day here…”

“Oh – Sir – then how are you going to pay for your new ticket from Auckland to Mumbai…?”

“New ticket…?”

“Yes, Sir – since you are a “No Show” passenger – you will have to buy a new ticket…”

“What about this ticket which I have…?”

“From your ticket – it seems that you bought your ticket through a travel agent…”

“Yes. I told a Travel Agency to plan my entire New Zealand itinerary…”

“Sir – you can cancel the unused segments of the ticket – and – whatever money you are entitled – will be credited to you via your travel agent…”

“Travel Agent…?”

“Sir – I am not very sure – but – I think whatever refund is due to the “No Show” passenger is generally credited to the same account or card from which the booking was done – and – in your case – it seems that the Travel Agency paid the Airline for your ticket…”

“Yes. They booked the tickets, hotels, tours, travel arrangements everything – and – I just paid them the total amount by cheque…”

“So – you will have to but a new ticket…”

“But – I don’t have money to buy a new ticket from Auckland to Mumbai…” I pleaded, “I told you that I am only carrying a “Forex Card” which has hardly any balance now – since I used the card for my entire New Zealand trip…” 

“Sir – maybe you have someone here in New Zealand who can help you out…” the girl at the check-in counter said.

I thought about it:

“Did I know anyone here in New Zealand who could help me out…?”

Yes – there was one person – “Spoiled Brat”

I was in a big trouble – stranded at Auckland Airport.

Trapped in this hapless situation – I had no choice – but to call “Spoiled Brat”

From my wallet – I took out the “Visiting Card” that “Spoiled Brat” had given me in Tekapo – and – I dialed her mobile number.

“Spoiled Brat” seemed delighted to hear my voice.

I explained my predicament to her.

“Uncle – which is the airline on which you booked tickets…?” “Spoiled Brat” asked me.

I told her the name of the airline.

“Oh. That’s good. The airline office is very near that place I work – and – I know someone who works there…” she said, “Uncle – you do one thing, Uncle – you just take the “SkyBus” Airport to City Shuttle Bus – and come here – the ticket is quite cheap – and – you can pay with your “Forex Card” –  you will find a SkyBus Ticket Kiosk just outside the airport terminal – there is a bus every 10 minutes – you just get down at the last stop – at the terminus on Queen Street – and – the moment you reach there – just give me a call – I will come in 5 minutes…”

After the comforting conversation with “Spoiled Brat” – I walked out of Auckland Airport – I located the SkyBus Ticket Kiosk – bought a ticket – walked to the Bus Stop – boarded the bus – and soon – I was travelling in the spacious bus – through the scenic city of Auckland – towards the Central Business District (CBD) – to Queen Street – where the SkyBus Terminus was located.

PART 5  


Same Day

Queen Street/Central Business District (CBD) – Auckland New Zealand 

Circa 2016

As the comfortable Bus approached the terminus almost an hour later – I took out my mobile phone – to call “Spoiled Brat” the moment the bus stopped.

But – I did not have to call her – as – I was delighted to see “Spoiled Brat” waiting for me at the Airport Shuttle Terminus.

She was wearing a pretty dress – and – she looked lovely – glowing face, hair properly styled, well-groomed appearance, full of poise – refined, polished, elegant, neat and clean – a total transformation from her earlier shabby, unkempt, slovenly, clumsy, disheveled appearance – when she stayed us in Mumbai many years ago.

She looked very charming – chic, graceful and elegant.

Yes – “Spoiled Brat” looked really “Tip-Top” – smart, glamorous, pleasing and attractive.

“Hello – Uncle…” she said with a friendly smile, “so we are destined to meet again…”

“Yes…” I said.

“Uncle – is this all the luggage you have…?” she asked – pointing to my bag.

“Yes – only one small bag – with wheels – I like to travel light – especially on “solo-tours” where you have to cart your luggage all over…”

“That’s great. So first – we will walk down to the Airline Office and get your ticket issue sorted out…”

As we walked on Queen Street – “Spoiled Brat” said to me:

“Uncle – I have a friend who works in the airline office – she is a “Kiwi” of Indian Origin – I am sure she will help us out. I have already called her and she is waiting for us…”

Yes – the friend was waiting for us in the airline office.

She did her best possible – so that I was charged the minimum penalty – and – she facilitated that – instead of the undergoing the laborious process of obtaining a refund – I got a new ticket for the next day’s flight by just paying the difference between refund and fare.

“Spoiled Brat” paid for my air ticket by using her credit card – and soon – I had my ticket from Auckland to Mumbai in my hand.

“Thanks a lot…” I said to “Spoiled Brat”

“It is okay, Uncle – did I say “Thanks” when I stayed with you in Mumbai…?”

I smiled to myself when I remembered the “terrible memories” of her stay at our place in Mumbai.

“I owe you a lot of money…” I said to “Spoiled Brat”.

“Don’t worry, Uncle – you don’t have to pay me now – I have a bank account in India – I will give you the details – when you get back to India – just transfer the money to my bank account in India – I will use the money when I come to India for my summer vacation…”

“Okay – Thanks a lot. So now – I have around 24 hours to spend in Auckland – can you find some accommodation for me – some “Backpackers” place or Hostel – not too expensive…”

“You are staying at my place, Uncle…” she asserted.

“No – No – please – I will manage on my own – I don’t want to trouble you…”

“What trouble, Uncle…? Didn’t I stay at with you in Mumbai…? Was I any “trouble” to you…?

I tried to suppress my laughter – wondering what my wife would say.

It seemed that “Spoiled Brat” read my thoughts – and – that is why she had said:

 “Uncle – was I any “trouble” to you in Mumbai…?”

Just imagine what my wife would say if she heard those words of “Spoiled Brat”

The thought of my wife suddenly made me realize that – I hadn’t informed my wife that I had missed my flight – and I would be arriving one day late.

“Hey – I must call my wife and tell her that I am arriving a day late…” I said to “Spoiled Brat”

On hearing this – “Spoiled Brat” said to me:

“Uncle – it is one o’clock in the afternoon over here in New Zealand. In India – it will be very early in the morning – so – you can call later – from my house – I have good internet – if you want to talk to her on Skype or Facebook…”

“Thank you. Hey – I forgot to ask – what about your office – your work…?”

“I have taken an extended lunch-break. You must be hungry. I will cook a quick meal – we will have lunch – then – you can relax – and – I will go to my office – finish off my work – and – come back early – so we can go out in the evening- then – you can sleep at my place – get up early – have breakfast – and I will put you on the Airport “SkyBus” well in time for your flight…”

“I am feeling quite awkward taking undue advantage of your hospitality – especially sleeping at your place…”

“Spoiled Brat” looked at me and said:

“Don’t worry, Uncle – my place is small – but it is quite comfortable – I live by myself in a small flat – but there is a spare bed – a sofa-cum-bed…”

“You live alone…?” I asked.

“Yes. I live all by myself in a small apartment – on the 9th floor of a high-rise building – the view is stunning…”

“Then – how can I stay with you…?”

“Why, Uncle…? I told you there is a spare bed – we will easily manage – I will sleep on the sofa-cum-bed if it is uncomfortable for you…”

“No. No. It’s not that. How can you and me – I mean – just you and me – how can we stay together in a small flat for the entire night – wouldn’t it be improper…?”

“Come on, Uncle – this is New Zealand – not India. Out here in Auckland – it’s a modern broadminded permissive society – no one bothers about these things – and – everyone minds their own business…”

“Still – I am feeling a bit awkward – I think I will prefer to stay somewhere else – a hostel or “backpackers” dorm or something…” 

“Please, Uncle. In Auckland – you will do as I say. No more discussion. You are staying with me – and – that is final…”

“Okay – if you insist. But…”

“No “ifs and buts”. Let’s go – my place is not very far – only a 10 minute walk. Or – if you are tired – we can take a taxi…” “Spoiled Brat” said to me.

“No. No – I prefer walking…” I said.

While we walked – I dreaded to imagine how her home would be like.

Going by past experience of “Spoiled Brat” – remembering the disgusting state of her filthy nauseating room in Mumbai – I knew that I would have to somehow survive the next 24 hours in a filthy stinking “pigsty”.

But – as they say – “beggars can’t be choosers”.

I was almost “broke” – and – I was at her mercy.

So – I walked along with her – towards her house.



Same Day

Auckland – New Zealand 

Circa 2016

The weather was pleasant – and – it was easy to walk on the smooth uncluttered pavements.

10 minutes later – we reached a high-rise building – where “Spoiled Brat” lived – she entered the PIN code at the ground floor entrance – the glass sliding door opened – and soon – we were in the lift – travelling up to her 9th floor flat.

Her flat was towards the end of the corridor.

As “Spoiled Brat” opened the door – I expected the worst.

I prepared myself to seeing a shabby, dirty, stinking, unkempt house.

But – when she opened the door – I was stunned.

Her house was “spick-and-span”

I was amazed at the neatness, tidiness and orderliness of her home – everything was organized immaculately – and – her house was spotlessly clean.

It was a small apartment flat – a kitchenette at the entrance – a small space – a bedroom – and – a bathroom – with minimalist yet aesthetic furniture – TV – Fridge – Oven – and the necessary gadgets – everything of utility value – neatly arranged in a most ingenious manner

It was something like a “1 BHK” apartment we have in India – but much smaller in size – around 250 square feet or so.

The flat reminded me of my tiny one-room apartment on Curzon Road in New Delhi – when I was newly-married – over there – we had a small balcony – but here – there was no balcony – just a large glass sliding window.

But – as I said – the flat was really “spick-and-span” – nice, clean, light and airy – and the place generated “positive vibes” in me.

“Uncle – did you like my house…” “Spoiled Brat” said.

“Yes – your house is wonderful…” I said, “You have kept everything so neat and clean – and – the view is really spectacular…”

“Yes – the view is really good – you get a panoramic view of Auckland harbour…”

I was enjoying the view – of the sailboats anchored in the harbour – the impressive Auckland Harbour Bridge – and hills beyond – when I heard “Spoiled Brat” saying:

“Uncle – you go and freshen-up in the bathroom – and – I will cook you a quick lunch…”

As I walked towards the bathroom – I remembered my wife’s description of how“Spoiled Brat” had dirtied and soiled our bathroom in Mumbai – and – I expected the worst.

But - when I saw her bathroom – I was amazed – it was probably the cleanest, hygienic and most fragrant bathroom I had ever seen.

I washed – and – when I came out – I saw that lunch was ready.

“You cooked lunch so fast…?”

“Yes – I cook on Sundays – and – I keep the food frozen – so – I can just heat and eat…”

“Spoiled Brat” opened the fridge and showed me food packets neatly wrapped in foil – kept systematically – in an orderly manner – with a “post-it note” on each packet – indicating the dish and day of the week.

The kitchen was spotlessly clean – with everything organized “ship-shape” – as we say in the Navy.

“You are really well organized…” I said.

“Here – I have to do everything myself – so – I plan and organize everything properly…” she said.

I was tremendously impressed.

I could not believe that this was the same disorganized and shambolic girl who had stayed with us in Mumbai.

I had expected everything to be in shambles – but she had stunned me beyond belief by her neatness, tidiness and organization.

I was awestruck by the metamorphosis in “Spoiled Brat”.

She looked very chic and smart – perfectly well-groomed and pretty – really “Tip-Top” – and – her house was absolutely “spick-and-span”.



Same Day

Auckland – New Zealand 

Circa 2016

It was heartening to see the total transformation in “Spoiled Brat” – her elegant “Tip-Top” appearance – her immaculate “spick-and-span” house – her meticulousness – it seemed that she had metamorphosed into an entirely new person.

It was great to eat Indian Vegetarian Food after a long time – she had heated up a simple lunch of mixed vegetables and “chapatti” – both “ready-to-eat” and frozen – and quickly heated up the microwave oven

The food was delicious.

I asked her about herself.

I asked her why and how she had come to New Zealand.

“I felt I had better prospects here – so I decided to come here. If you want to settle down here in New Zealand – it is best to use the “student pathway” – all of us are doing that – we come here on a student visa – do a course in a “skill shortage” subject – take up a job – get a work visa – and then – try for permanent residency – so we can live here indefinitely – and our ultimate aim is New Zealand citizenship…” she said.

“Oh – so you came here as a “student”…”

“Yes. Accountants and Finance Managers were on the “skill shortage” list when I decided to migrate to New Zealand. I had already done my MBA (Finance) and had some work experience too – so – I came here to Auckland and did a course in Finance and Accountancy – and – I got a good job – and so – I got a work visa. Now I am getting further qualifications by part-time study – also doing my CA course – so that it becomes easy for me to get residency…”

“Residency…? So – you intend settling down in New Zealand…? Is it easy for youngsters to settle down here…?”

“Of course – everyone who comes to New Zealand wants to permanently settle down here. There are many vocations like Engineering, IT, Hospitality on the “Skills Shortage List” – but – the list keeps changing and you must update yourself – so you can choose the proper course….”

“Tell me – do you really want to stay here in New Zealand for your entire life...?”

“Of course – I want to live here – that’s why I am so desperate to get my permanent resident visa – so that it will be easy for me to get New Zealand citizenship…”

“You want to realize your “Kiwi Dream”…?”

“Ha Ha – “Kiwi Dream” – yes – you can say that…”

“So – you don’t want to return to India…?”

“No. I don’t think I will return to India…”

“Don’t you ever feel like visiting India – your hometown…?”

“For holidays – yes – but permanently – I would like to live here in New Zealand…”

“But – why…?”

“It’s a “Better Life” over here…”

“A “Better Life”…?”

“Yes – a “Better Life” – everyone who comes here wants to stay here – no one wants to go back – because – it’s a “Better Life” over here…”

I wanted to ask her exactly what she meant when she said that it was a “Better Life” in New Zealand as compared to India.

Maybe – she sensed what I wanted to ask her – so – she said:

“Uncle – I have to get back to work. You relax here – and – in the evening we will go to a pub for drinks and dinner – I will call some friends – who have migrated here from India – and – they will all tell you – how it is a “Better Life” over here in New Zealand.

(About the wonderful evening in the pub – the lively conversation with young “diaspora” who were living their “Kiwi Dream” – I will write about it in my blog.

The bright youngsters had migrated from India to New Zealand – and – all of them desperately wanted to settle down in New Zealand.

Whether it is actually a “Better Life” in New Zealand as compared to India – that – I will tell you my views later – in my blog – I will write about my experiences and observations in due course…)

But now – let me get back to the “protagonist” of this story – “Spoiled Brat”

By migrating to New Zealand – whether “Spoiled Brat” was enjoying a “Better Life” – I am not sure.

But – one thing is sure.

By migrating to New Zealand – “Spoiled Brat” had certainly changed for the “Better”

Yes – her passionate ambition to achieve her “Kiwi Dream” had transformed “Spoiled Brat” for the better – she wasn’t a “Spoiled Brat” anymore…

So – Dear Reader – if you have a pampered “spoiled brat” at home – you know what to do. 

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This is a revised re-post of my story SPOILED BRAT written by me in April 2017 and posted online in my blog on April 12, 2017 at url: http://karvediat.blogspot.in/2017/04/spoiled-brat-story.html

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