Saturday, January 6, 2018

Wedding and Marriage


A Wedding is an Event that gets over in a day or two. 

It is a Public Ceremony, a Celebration, that involves a number of people. 

A wedding culminates in a marriage.

A Marriage is a lifelong commitment

It is a Private Relationship between husband and wife. 

Marriage is a long term union, a bond of loyalty, fidelity, faithfulness, friendship and companionship. 

Marriage is not a mere event, it is a journey of life.

I find it intriguing that many people focus more on the wedding than on the marriage.

Parents and relatives expend huge resources and put in maximum efforts towards planning and executing the wedding ceremony. 

Many have extravagant weddings, and some spend money beyond their means, because they consider a wedding as a status symbol.

The celebrations are sometimes so elaborate and the festivities are on such a large scale that Wedding Planners have to be employed in order to plan, conduct and ensure a Grand Wedding.

Even the bride and groom focus all their attention on the wedding ceremonies and elaborately plan all aspects to the last detail – venue, clothes, makeover, decoration, guest lists, what they are going to wear and how they are going to participate in various social and religious ceremonies like Mehendi, Sangeet, Wedding, Reception and Honeymoon. 

(I have seen many brides and grooms rehearsing with choreographers for dancing in the sangeet and wedding planners for the other events).

The honeymoon to an exotic location is planned well in advance.

The honeymoon is the interregnum between the wedding and the marriage.

Once the honeymoon is over the marriage begins.

Others can plan a successful and lavish wedding for you, but you (husband and wife) have to make your own marriage successful.

There is a saying that sometimes a Grand Wedding leads to a Poor Marriage.

I write this for the young couple who are about to get married. 

They seem to be all gaga and excited about the wedding, the venues, the ceremonies and rituals they are going to have, the clothes they are going to wear, the food they are going to serve, the guest list, the gifts, the grand reception, and of course, the honeymoon. 

I wish they spare a thought for what is going to happen once the honeymoon is over. 

I wish them a Happy Married Life. 

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