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Are You “Made-For-Each-Other”...?

A Love Story

Her name was Riya.

His name was Rohan.

They – Riya and Rohan – they were a “made-for-each-other” couple.

I am not saying this just because they won the “made-for-each-other couple contest”.

Yes – we had a “made-for-each-other” couple contest during the Annual Day Celebrations in our Residential Society – a cosmopolitan gated community.

All couples had to participate – and – Riya and Rohan had easily won the contest.

It was a simple contest.

First – all couples had to walk on the ramp – like a fashion show.

10 couples were selected from this round for the “Question-Answer” round.

These 10 couples were asked 10 questions each – the usual “guessing game” stuff about how well they knew each other – about likes/dislikes, events/dates, etc. – including one “intimate” question.

Riya and Rohan had won the “made-for-each-other couple contest” – and most deservingly so.

Yes – Riya and Rohan were easily the best-looking couple on the ramp.

And – Riya and Rohan were the only couple who had each answered all questions correctly.

After Riya and Rohan won the “made-for-each-other couple contest” – I began to observe them a bit more closely – and – I saw that – in real life too – Riya and Rohan were truly a “made-for-each-other” couple.

I have never seen a couple so devoted to each other and in perfect harmony with each other.

Riya and Rohan were perfectly compatible with each other – in all aspects – and – I felt jealous of them.

One evening – after my evening walk – I stopped by at my favorite café – for a cup my customary “post-walk” cup of tea.

I saw Riya and Rohan seated at a table.

They greeted me – and – they asked me to join them.

“Are you sure you want me to join you…?” I said, “I don’t want to be a “Kabab-Me-Haddi” and spoil your “lovey-dovey” quality time…”

“Oh, come on, Uncle…” Riya said, “We’ve been together for 10 years now…”

“You still look like honeymooners – so much in love with each other…” I said.

“Thank you, Uncle…” Riya said.

Their snacks arrived.

Rohan and Riya insisted that I eat with them.

As I saw Riya eating – I suddenly remembered that it was “Karva Chauth” – so – I said to Riya:

“Hey – today is “Karwa Chauth” – you are supposed to “fast” – isn’t it…?”

“Why…?” she asked me.

“Well – all married women fast from sunrise to moonrise for the safety, well-being, prosperity and longevity of their husbands – didn’t you know…?”

“Of course I know about “Karwa Chauth”…” Riya said.

“In fact – there is a “women-only” ceremony on our society rooftop terrace – all married women are attending – in fact – the function must have already started – didn’t you get the circular…?” I asked her.

“I saw the circular…” Riya said.

“Then why aren’t you attending the celebration – all married women are attending – even my wife was getting all decked-up to go there…” I said.

“I am not married …” Riya said, “the function is for “married women” – but – I am not married…”

I was dumbstruck.

Seeing the bewilderment on my face – Rohan said:

“Uncle – we – Riya and Me – we are not married – we are just living together…”

“Living together…? For 10 years…?” I asked.

“Yes…” Riya said.

“Haven’t you thought of taking your relationship to the next level…?”

“Next level…? What do you mean by “taking a relationship to the “next level”…”…?”

“By “next level” – I mean “marriage”. Haven’t you thought of getting married to each other – to convert your “live-in relationship” into a marriage…?”

“What’s the point…? We are very happy in our present relationship – it’s truly wonderful. And, Uncle – you tell me – the very fact that we won the “made-for-each-other couple contest” bears testimony to our “perfect” relationship” – isn’t it…?”

“Yes…” I said, “You two are the best “made for each other” couple I had ever seen – I have never ever seen a couple so perfectly in harmony with each other like you two – perfectly matched and totally devoted to each other.

“Yes, Uncle – we have a beautiful relationship – exquisite and full of joy. Our “live-in” arrangement is working so marvelously for 10 long years – so – why tinker with something that is working so well…? Why should we ruin our beautiful relationship by taking it to the “next level” – as you put it…? Why try to fix something that ain’t broke…?” 

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This is a revised and updated version of my story THE “MADE FOR EACH OTHER” COUPLE written by me Vikram Karve on July 17, 2017 and posted online by me in my blog Academic and Creative Writing Journal Vikram Karve at url:

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