Sunday, October 1, 2017

A Clear Conscience is the Softest Pillow

Musings of a Veteran

As you lie down on your bed at the end of the day  before you go to sleep  close your eyes  and  think of the events of the day. 

Is there anything on your conscience...? 

Is there something you wish you had not done...?

Decide what you are going to do about it in order to clear your conscience.  

Yes – think about it.

Is is possible for you to take some mitigating action so that your conscience becomes clear...?

If you cannot do anything about it  just forget it – and resolve not to do it again. 

And then  with a clear conscience  go to sleep.

I heard a Russian saying once:

A clear conscience is the softest pillow...

Mahatma Gandhi once said: 

Happiness is when what you THINK  what you SAY  and  what you DO – are in Harmony

In order to be happy: 

You must ensure that there is no discrepancy between these three things: 

1. what you THINK 

2. what you SAY 

3. what you DO 

So  make sure that you do not create conflict between your THOUGHTS, your WORDS and your DEEDS

Speak out only what is in your mind  and – try to do what you say. 

SAY what you THINK – and  DO what you SAY

Sometimes – you may think something – but  you may say something else  which is at variance from what is your mind  for the sake of politeness  or maybe  for social graces.

But – this inner hypocrisy will cause you internal stress – owing to the dissonance between your thought and deed

It is best to be honest, truthful and straightforward. 

Be outspoken – and  speak out your mind.

But  if for some reason you cannot speak out what is in your mind  then is it better to remain silent – rather than say something contrary to your views  just for the sake of politeness or sycophancy.

Similarly  you must do what you say.

You must always walk your talk...

Otherwise – this external hypocrisy will not only tarnish your reputation  but will also lower your self-esteem in your own eyes.

So  Dear Reader  it is best to avoid both internal hypocrisy and external hypocrisy...


A clear conscience is the softest pillow... 

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