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Story of a “Chapati”

Food Fiction

I am a “Chapati”.

If you live in India – I am sure you have seen (and eaten) a “Chapati”.

A “Chapati” is an unleavened flatbread made of whole wheat flour (Atta), salt and water.

Dear Reader:

To help you understand better – I took a “Selfie” – along with a few of my fellow “Chapati” friends.

I am posting my “Selfie” picture below for you to see. 


Now – Dear Reader – you must be wondering how a “Chapati” can tell a story – but – here I am – telling you my story – so you better believe me – and read my story.

I came into existence just a few hours ago when a young woman made me on a “Tawa” (she made me along with 3 other “Chapatis” – she made a total of 4 “Chapatis”)

The young woman who made me – she is the “daughter-in-law” of the house.

Three persons live here – the young “daughter-in-law” – her husband – and her husband’s widowed mother – the “mother-in-law” of the young woman who made the “Chapati”.

In the afternoon – at 12 Noon – for lunch – the “daughter-in-law” made 4 Fresh Hot “Chapatis” (including me).

The young woman made 2 “Chapatis” for her “mother-in-law” – and – 2 “Chapatis” for herself.

But – the “mother-in-law” ate only one “Chapati” – so – three “Chapatis” were eaten up – and – one “Chapati” – Me – I remained “un-eaten” – in the casserole.

One hour later – at around one o’clock in the afternoon – the “Darling Daughter” of the “mother-in-law” arrived unexpectedly.

(Yes – you guessed right – the woman who landed up suddenly – she was the daughter-in-law’s husband’s sister – the mother-in-law’s daughter).

The “Darling Daughter” said she was a bit hungry – of course – since she was “dieting” – she wanted just a “small bite”.

The dutiful “Daughter-in-Law” put some Vegetable Curry in a plate – and – she took out the remaining “Chapati” – Me – from the casserole.

“Why are you giving my daughter a stale “Chapati”…?” the “mother-in-law” shouted at the “daughter-in-law”.

“This is not a stale “Chapati” – I made it only one hour ago…” the “daughter-in-law” said to her “mother-in-law”.

“You don’t argue with me – you just make a fresh “Chapati” for my daughter – do you understand…?” the “mother-in-law” scolded the “daughter-in-law”.

So – the obedient “daughter-in-law” dutifully made a fresh “Chapati” for the “Darling Daughter” of her “mother-in-law”.

And – I remained “un-eaten” in the casserole.

In the evening – the “daughter-in-law” was wondering what to make for dinner – when her husband called up saying that he would be having dinner with a client and coming home late at night.

The “mother-in-law” had gone out “shopping” with her “Darling Daughter – and – she must had plenty of “snacks” – so – when the “mother-in-law” returned in the evening – she said that she was not hungry and would like to have fruits and milk at night.

The obedient “daughter-in-law” chopped some fruit and gave them to her “mother-in-law” along with a glass of milk.

Then – the “daughter-in-law” decided to eat a fresh “Chapati” for her own dinner – so – she started preparations to make a fresh hot “Chapati” for herself.

“What are you doing…?” the “mother-in-law” asked the “daughter-in-law”.

“I am making a “Chapati” for myself…” the “daughter-in-law” said.

“Why are you wasting Atta making a fresh “Chapati”…? There is one “Chapati” left over from the afternoon – isn’t it…?” the “mother-in-law” asked the “daughter-in-law”.

“But – that is a stale “Chapati”…” the “daughter-in-law” said.

“What nonsense…? A “Chapati” remains fresh for 24 hours – and that “Chapati” was made in the afternoon – only 9 hours ago. So – you will eat that “Chapati”. Do you understand…?” the “mother-in-law” said to the “daughter-in-law”.

So – the meek “daughter-in-law” took me out the casserole – and she put me on her plate.

Then – looking at me – the “daughter-in-law” said to herself:

“Wonder of wonders – the same “Chapati” – it becomes “stale” only one hour after it is made – and then – it becomes “fresh” once again – 9 hours later…”

And then – the “daughter-in-law” ate me up. 

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