Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Drowning in Obligations...?

A Story 
Once upon a time – while crossing the flimsy log bridge – a woman fell into a deep river.
The woman did not know how to swim – and  she started drowning in the river.
The woman was rescued from drowning by a man – a “good samaritan”.
Later – every time the good samaritan” met the woman – he reminded her of how he had saved her life by rescuing her drowning in the river.
Whenever he met the woman – the good samaritan emphasized his good deed – and – he repeated ad nauseam how the woman should be grateful to him for her being being alive. 
This went on and on – every time the woman met the good samaritan” – he reminded her of his good deed  how he had saved her life by jumping into the river and rescuing her from drowning.
The woman was absolutely fed up. 
One day  while crossing the river at the same bridge – the woman saw the good samaritan approaching her form the other side.
The woman suddenly jumped into the river  and  she began drowning. 
The good samaritan man saw the spectacle of the woman jumping into the river.
The good samaritan man ran towards the spot and shouted to the drowning woman:  
“What’s wrong with you...? Why did you jump into the river...? Don’t worry – I am coming to save you...!” 
The good samaritan man was about to jump into the water to save the drowning woman  when he heard the woman shouting at him: 
“No! No! Please don’t jump and save me. Let me drown. It is better for me to drown in the river – rather than drown under your obligations...” 

It is best to do good and forget about it
As they say in Hindi: 
Neki kar aur dariya mein daal... 
(do good and throw it in the river) 

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