Thursday, September 8, 2016

Do You Carry “Stones” in Your Heart...?

A Teaching Story

Once upon a time – there was a docile man – who used to work in an office.

He was a very meek and obsequious person

The docile man’s boss was a tyrant and a terrible sadist.

The tyrant boss used to scold, bully and harass the servile and docile man.

The tyrant sadistic boss had made the docile mans life miserable.

One day – the boss suddenly died of a heart attack.

Just before his funeral – all members of his staff went to pay their last respects to the departed soul.

Suddenly  the docile man picked up a big stone  and – he threw the stone at the dead body of his boss.

Everyone was shocked and surprised at docile man’s strange behaviour. 

They asked the docile man why he had behaved in such a despicable and unbecoming manner.

Everyone asked him the reason why he had thrown the stone at the dead body of the boss.

The docile man calmly explained:

“All these days  I was carrying a stone in my heart. 

Today – I have thrown the stone out...”


Do you carry such “stones” in your heart...? 

Is your heart filled with“stones” of bitterness  “stones” of regret  “stones” of ill-will  “stones” of rancor, resentments, acrimony – and  “stones” of vengeance.

Remember  you are bearing the burden of all these “stones” that you carry within you  and – this burden  due to the weight of all the “stones” you carry in your heart  it causes you pain. 

So – there is no point carrying “stones” in your heart  which cause you pain.

Whatever is causing you bitterness inside  get it off your chest – right now  once and for all.  

Just throw out all these “stones” right now  forget about them.

And  move on in life with a clean slate. 

Once you have thrown out all the “stones” from your heart once your heart is clean  just experience how light and joyful you feel. 

It is true.

The Less “baggage” you carry inside you  the better your journey of life will be in the “outside” world.

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