Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Retirement means Leisure with Security


Today is September 30 – and I am celebrating my Retirement Anniversary.

I retired exactly 5 years ago.

So  here is a post to celebrate my retirement anniversary on the Meaning of Retirement.


Ramblings of a Retired Mind


Yes  there are two essential attributes of retirement:

1. Leisure

2. Security

When you retire  you have plenty of LEISURE.

You must know how to enjoy your leisure.

However  in order to enjoy this leisure  you must have SECURITY.

The term “security” includes three types of security:

1. Financial Security

2. Physical Security

3. Emotional Security

Financial Security

You cannot enjoy the leisure you will have after you retire if you do not have enough money to live a reasonable standard of life after retirement (and also cater to essential needs like health and other responsibilities towards children etc).

That is why it is important to plan early and save enough money in order to ensure financial security before you retire  especially if you are not going to get a monthly pension. 

You must also ensure you have a health insurance plan and also some contingency funds to fall back upon in case you fall in some unforeseen financial distress. 

Financial planning for retirement must take into account increasing longevity especially in women who outlive their husbands in most cases.

Physical Security

You must choose a retirement home which provides you physical security. 

That is why it is important to choose a peaceful place with good law and order (a pensioners’ paradise) to settle down after you retire. 

A flat in a gated residential complex or in a senior citizens retirement community in a city will give you better security than living in an isolated bungalow in a far-off desolate place. 

Living in an apartment in a city or in a retirement community will also provide you with facilities and amenities to enjoy a better quality of life after you retire, especially in your old age.

Emotional Security

Gone are the days of the joint family system when a retired person got plenty of emotional security from his children and grandchildren who looked after elders.

Nowadays  if you are married  you have to rely on your spouse alone to give you emotional security.


Before you retire  you must ask yourself whether you have enough security during your retirement to enable you to enjoy the leisure you will get when you retire. 

Remember my definition of Retirement:

Retirement means Leisure with Security

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