Friday, June 27, 2014



A Spoof

A Senior Officer was posted to the Dockyard.

His dreadful reputation preceded him.

He was known to be a terrible bullshitter and a cruel sadist.

It did not help matters when one of his “victims” went around spreading stories of his ruthlessness and sadism, complaining bitterly: “He screwed the hell out of me for one year, he made my life miserable, and then, on top of it, he screwed my ACR and made sure I was passed over for promotion.”

When it was rumoured that the incoming Senior Officer was being posted to the “elite” Production Division, key production managers refused to work under him and they openly stated that they would put up formal requests for transfer if that Senior Officer was put on top of them.

Even the incoming Senior Officer’s course-mates and peers seemed apprehensive that his arrival would disturb the harmony of the workplace.

They rang up the “powers-that-be” requesting that his transfer be cancelled, but they were told that since Dockyard was a “criteria appointment” for Technical Officers, and the officer had never served in Dockyard, they had to give him an appointment in Dockyard to make him eligible for his next promotion.

Seeing the increasing discontent, the General Manager went to the Admiral Superintendent to seek his advice on what to do with this unwanted incoming Senior Officer.

“Send him to HR,” the wise old Admiral advised.

“HR? Sir, you want to send him to Human Resource Development?” a totally surprised GM exclaimed.

“Yes. He will be able to cause the least damage if he is over there,” the wise old Admiral said matter-of-factly.

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