Friday, November 15, 2013

HUMOUR IN UNIFORM - The Difference Between FEAR and PANIC


The Difference Between FEAR and PANIC

Here is an anecdote narrated by General VK Singh in his recently published autobiography “COURAGE AND CONVICTION”  

After a training session on the topic of morale, a soldier was asked to explain the difference between “fear” and “panic”.

The soldier replied in Hindi:

Saab, phear [fear] dar hota hai! Yeh hamare level pe hota hain

(Fear means being afraid and this happens at our level, to soldiers)

Panik [panic] unche darje ka dar hota hain jo officer level pe hota hai

(Panic is a higher level of fear which happens to officers)

Like the Army, this seems quite true in the Navy too, isn’t it?

Soldiers (and sailors) may experience FEAR

But it is the officers, especially the senior officers, who PANIC

Do you agree?

Happy Reading - Have a Cheerful Day - Have no FEAR and please do not PANIC  ...  LOL

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