Monday, November 11, 2013


I am sharing a piece of advice for senior citizens, retired and on the verge of retirement, posted on a Naval Veterans Forum by an well-retired Navy Veteran

Remember you have Retired from OFFICE, but not from LIFE.

While retiring say bye-bye to DESIGNATION and EGO in office itself.

There is only one LIFE, make full use of it.

Remain mentally alert.

Increase social interaction with others.

Better be physically safe than sorry.

Don't alienate your assets in any manner in lifetime to anyone, including children.

Remember you have to fend for yourself and wife for life time.

Don't stand Surety of Loans to anyone.

Don't sign blank Stamp Paper/Power of Attorney by persuasion/threat.

Don't complain about your ill health.

Try to do your own work ; Avoid dependency upon others.

Don't plead helplessness because of your age.

Write and register your WILL. Keep WILL and property papers safe.

Don't interfere in others’ affairs.

Don't give family youngsters unsolicited advice.

Appreciate youngsters’ achievements.

Take special care of spouse’s and self health.

Old age is not a disease; it is a PRIVILEGE - Enjoy It.

Don't complain about growing old; Many do not get this privilege.

God enable me to live well TODAY so that YESTERDAY be a dream of happiness and tomorrow a vision of HOPE for me.

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