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In my previous blog post on the QUALITY OF LIFE we talked about the four domains of human needs:

1. To LIVE

2. To LOVE


4. To Leave a LEGACY

I am sure you have lived a good life, you have loved someone, you have learnt a lot by studying hard in school, college and are ever eager to learn every day of your life, but tell me - have you ever thought about leaving behind your legacy?

Let us talk a bit about this.

While I write this I am listening to melodious old Hindi film songs playing on Vividh Bharati.

This wonderful music is the LEGACY left behind by those legendary Music Directors of yesteryear.

Creative persons leave behind a rich legacy for posterity.

Creative Writers leave behind literature in the form of wonderful books for us to read.

Artists and Painters create works of art and paintings.

Musicians have left behind great music compositions for us to enjoy.

Yes, it is the creative persons who leave behind the richest and most enduring legacy for posterity. 

Next come the inventors, who leave behind their inventions as their legacy for the benefit of mankind.

Take any field of science, engineering and technology.

Thousands have worked in various fields.

Most spend their lives working for money.

But those who have left behind a legacy in the form of their inventions and discoveries and remembered forever. So many theorems and laws and products are named after their inventors. 

Many Industrialists and Entrepreneurs have left behind their legacies in the form of the great organizations they built up.

Some rulers created beautiful legacies like monuments and gardens and became immortal.

(Whenever you look at the Taj Mahal or any wonder of the world or any magnificent structure, can you not but think of its creator?)

Many Politicians have left behind Political Parties and Political Ideologies and Writings as their legacy.

Social Reformers and Academicians have left behind great Ideas and Institutions as their legacy.

Military Leaders have left behind their Strategies, Tactics and Hypotheses as their legacy to the world and Management Thinkers have innovated Management Theories and Tools for the benefit of posterity

Some have left behind their memoirs, their academic works, their philosophies, their knowledge, even their administrative innovations for which they are remembered.

Those who leave behind a legacy are remembered.

Those who do not leave a legacy are soon forgotten.

Whichever field you work in or wherever you are – ask yourself: What is the legacy you are going to leave behind in the world?

Well, as far as I am concerned, my Blog is my Legacy.

Yes, today you can leave your legacy in cyberspace too.

In fact, your legacy may be more accessible and enduring in the cyber-world (than in the real world) because internet is here to stay for a long time.

Tell me, isn’t it easier to access information on the internet rather than in print literature?

Isn’t it easier to read a blog online than to obtain a book?

If you merely live, love and learn you will be soon forgotten but it you leave a legacy you will be remembered for a long time

(It is like when I hear a melodious song I remember the singer and music director who composed the piece, or when I see a beautiful painting I remember the painter, or when I read an engrossing book I remember the author).

Dear Reader: I know you have LIVED, you have LOVED, you have LEARNED – but have you created a LEGACY?

Do tell us about the legacy you plan to leave behind for posterity. 

Tell us: What is your LEGACY?

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