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An Apocryphal Teaching Story

I know a lady who has a safe deposit locker in her bank.

She keeps all her jewellery inside her safe deposit locker. 

Once a year, in the month of January, she goes to the bank, down to the vault, and opens her safe deposit locker.

She checks the contents of the locker and matches the jewellery inside with the list that she carries with her.

After she has checked and matched every item of her jewellery, and once she is satisfied that everything is okay, she puts all the jewellery back into her safe deposit locker.

Then she locks up the safe deposit locker and goes home - she will now return after one year to carry out the same exercise.

I think she needs to hear this classic Mulla Nasrudin Teaching Story:


Mulla Nasrudin relocated to a new town.

In this town there was a tradition.

People saved their money.

Then with their saved money they purchased gold coins.

When they had enough gold coins to fill up an earthenware pot, they bought an earthenware pot and filled it with gold coins.

Then they sealed the pot properly.

After that, they buried the pot full of gold in their gardens in a secret spot.

In this way, from time to time, they buried many pots full of gold coins at various secret spots in their gardens.

Once a year, on an auspicious day, they dug up the vessels from their secret hidden spots.

They opened the seals and checked their gold coins.

Then they resealed the pots and buried them again at another secret spot in their gardens.

When the Nasrudin learned about this practice, went to the market and bought an earthenware pot.

Then, right there, in full public view, he picked up stones from the roadside, and he filled the pot with stones.

Curious passersby gathered around, wondering what Nasrudin was doing.

Once the pot was full of stones, Nasrudin dug a hole in the centre of the road and started burying his pot full of stones.

“Nasrudin, that is not the proper way,” said the townsfolk, “You are supposed to fill the pot with gold, not stones.”

“Dear friends,” Nasrudin laughed, as long as you are not going to spend itwhat difference does it make whether it is gold or stones...?

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