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MORALE - Meaning and Definition

The Meaning of Morale

I am sure you have heard of the term MORALE – especially if you are an HR person or a Military Officer. 

But tell me, do you precisely know the meaning of the term MORALE ?

If you google the word MORALE to find out the definition, you will get a plethora of confusing gobbledygook.

The reason is clear – MORALE is an intangible entity which is easy to experience and feel, but which cannot be precisely defined in words.

So I will say only this.

MORALE comes from three factors:

1.    Having an important job to do.

2.    Feeling that you are doing it well.

3.    Receiving recognition for your good work.

That is all there is to it. 

Morale has got nothing to do with money. 

Morale is all about recognition, and the respect which flows from recognition.

There are three R’s of Human Resource Management:



Of these three 
R’s - Reward has got the least to do with Morale.

Recognition and Respect contribute much more to raising morale.

Motivation due to Reward is not Morale.

Motivation owing to Recognition and Respect is Morale.

So if you want to raise MORALE you must focus on the points mentioned above and ensure that the employee gets due RECOGNITION and consequential RESPECT.

If you want to raise morale of an individual then you must do three things:

1. Give him a job that the individual perceives as important (let him feel a sense of Recognition)

2. Make sure that the individual gets a feeling that he is doing his job well (Let him feel Self Esteem)

3. Recognize his good work (Give him Respect)

I will end with a quote by 
General George S. Patton on the importance of Morale:

Wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won by men
It is the spirit of men who follow and of the man who leads that gains the victory

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