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Ruminations on Monday Morning

A fellow blogger commented on my blog and asked me how I manage to blog so frequently. 

This is a question many bloggers ask me and maybe it will be a good idea to write a post about it here in my blog.

Well, I have got one attribute (well, this attribute may be a quality or shortcoming depending on how you look at it):

Whatever I do I try to do passionately with regularity and sincerity 

If I am not passionate about something I try to avoid doing it rather than doing it half-heartedly.

I have been passionate about many things in life - reading, writing, studying, swimming, food, walking, movies  - and I used to do these things regularly and sincerely - even so-called vices like going to the races and drinking which I was once passionate about. 

If you are passionate about something you will always make time for it.

I addition to blogging, I am passionate about my pet dog Sherry so I automatically make time for her.

One more thing.

I do not believe in half-heartedness in whatever I do.

I always believe that it is better to do a thing thoroughly rather than superficially

Earlier during my drinking days I used to enjoy my drinks every day. 

At a Blogger Meet in Pune last year, someone asked me how I blog everyday.

I candidly answered that earlier I used to drink every day. 

Then 10 years ago, one fine day, I quit drinking. 

This left me with two sober hours every evening. 

So I started blogging every evening (in lieu of drinking). 

Earlier, I used to drink regularly. 

Now, I blog regularly.

I believe in the adage:


You must put your heart into whatever you are doing.

So if you love something you will enjoy doing it so much that it will become effortless and you will experience a sense of timelessness.

How do you recognize what is your passion?

This is the litmus test: 

If you feel timelessness when you do something than that is your passion

When pursuing your passion, you will lose all sense of time - hours will pass and you will not even realize it. 

I knew a man for whom angling (fishing) was a passion. He would sit for hours, the entire day, with his fishing hook in the water beside a secluded lake. 

“How boring?” everyone would say, but the man was thoroughly enjoying himself fishing even if did not catch a single fish.

Some enjoy reading, some cooking, some love sports like Golf, some love trekking - people have different passions.

Blogging is my passion. 

When I blog I lose all sense of time.

When I blog I feel happy and all charged up. 

And when I am happy I cannot be sad or worried at the same time.

Blogging generates positive vibes in me. 

And these positive vibes keep me healthy and good cheer.


In order to write or to blog you have to think interesting thoughts. 

Conversely, when you write or blog your mind will always be filled with interesting thoughts.

Here is a definition of happiness”:

Happiness is when you think interesting thoughts

So, Dear Fellow Blogger - Keep Blogging and Be Happy

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The Narcissist said...

I dont find time Vikram. I am doing my masters and it is pretty hectic. Though I am passionate about blogging, my frequency can be nowhere close to yours. You are the first person I know who has actually benefited from drinking. I wish you all success for your novel.

Vikram Waman Karve said...

Dear Narcissist:
Hey, I did not "benefit" from drinking - I benefited when I quit drinking.
Of course, drinking does have some benefits - maybe I will write about it in my blog.
All the Best for your Masters. Is it in Engineering or Management?
Godspeed in your endeavors

Viyoma said...

Wow- very interesting.
I am very passionate Blogger- and have been blogging since last 5 years.
To be honest- when interesting thoughts and reproduced as interesting blog posts- you really want people to read and give their feedback.

When it doesnt come - i feel disappointed, I realize many ppl come thru and read- but dont share their thoughts abt the post- does this not put u off? Just curious to know.

Vikram Waman Karve said...

Hi Viyoma,
I know you are a passionate blogger and I have been reading your blogs with interest.
You are right. Many readers do read your blogs but are shy to comment. Don't worry.
It is just like reading books. So many people read a book but very few write a book review or a critique of the book.
So do not get disheartened, Bash on Regardless and Keep Blogging.
Your Blog is your Legacy to the world.