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Do you like sugarcane juice? 

They say sugarcane juice is healthy. 

Sugarcane juice strengthens your organs like your brain, heart, stomach, kidneys, eyes and sex organs, has plenty of protein and iron, prevents sore throat, cold and flu, and is a panacea for many ills.

Besides, sugarcane juice is a most refreshing drink – I just love a tall cool restorative glass of sugarcane juice on a hot dry afternoon to quench my thirst and beat the heat. 

Have you seen the way they extract sugarcane juice?

The sugarcane juice stall owner squeezes stalks of sugarcane through the roller crusher. 

First he pushes through the entire sugarcane stalk, at least twice, to squeeze the juice out. 

Then he folds the sugarcane stalk into halves and crushes it again and squeezes the juice out.

Then he repeats this crush and squeeze technique again and again till there is no juice left till and the crushed remains, the fibrous waste bagasse, is absolutely dry. 

Now the man knows that there is not a drop of juice left in the crushed sugarcane bagasse but still he will push it through the roller crusher once more just to make sure that he has extracted the juice till the very last drop.

Some organisations and bosses treat their employees the same way. 

These “hard taskmasters” want to extract work by crushing and squeezing” their subordinates till the “last drop”. 

I have seen a person being made to slog even on the day of his retirement.

His boss made his life miserable and made him run around till the last minute of closing hours before on his last day at work, till there was no “juice” left in him. 

I call these guys who practice this crush and squeeze” human resource management style as “Sugarcane Juice Managers” 

These ruthless taskmasters extract work from their subordinates until there in no “juice” left inside them and even after that they “crush and squeeze” them once more just to make sure that their subordinates have been exploited to the “last drop”.

I have seen many such ruthless crush and squeeze” taskmasters in the navy and I am sure there are such “Sugarcane Juice Managers” out there in the civilian industry and corporate world too.

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