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Short Fiction Story

Short Fiction



Fiction Short Story




Dramatis Personae

Me (Vikram)

My Girlfriend (Nisha)

My Girlfriend’s Sister (Alka)




Mumbai (Then called Bombay)

Circa 1970’s






“Something very important has come up – so – I won’t be able to come this evening…” my girlfriend Nisha said to me on the phone.

“What do you mean you won’t be able to come…? How can you ditch me like this at the last moment…?” I said, disappointed.

“I am really very sorry – but it’s really urgent – I can’t postpone it – I have to go this appointment today evening…” Nisha said.

“But what is it that has suddenly come up and is so important that you want to cancel all our plans for the evening…?” I said to her.

“I will tell you everything tomorrow…” Nisha said.

“I am very disappointed with you…” I said angrily to Nisha, “I took so much trouble to get tickets to that movie you wanted to see – first day first show…”

“I know…” Nisha said – sounding contrite.

“And – I have made reservations for the dinner and dance at my club – a sea-side table – for a romantic evening…” I said to Nisha.

“I know, Vikram – I was really looking forward to spending the evening with you – but – something very important has come up – please try to understand – I’ll tell you everything tomorrow…” Nisha said.

“Okay – I’ll cancel all plans – I’ll give the cinema tickets to someone – and I’ll cancel the dinner reservation…” I said to Nisha.

“No – No – don’t cancel anything – Alka will come with you…” Nisha said.

“Alka…?” I said, puzzled.

“Alka – my younger sister…” Nisha said.

“Of course – I know your sister Alka…” I said to Nisha, with a tinge of annoyance.

“You take her out this evening – your movie tickets and restaurant reservation won’t go waste…” Nisha said.

“Okay – I will take Alka for the movie – but – how can I take her to the club…?” I said to Nisha.

“Why…? Why can’t you take her to the club…?” Nisha asked me.

“She is just a kid…” I said.

“Alka is 21 years old – she is an adult…” Nisha said.

“Maybe – but for me – she is just a kid – I will take her for the movie – not for the dinner and dance…” I said to Nisha, “also – I don’t think Alka will like to come to the club…”

“She was jumping with joy when I told her…” Nisha started saying – but I interrupted her.

“Have you already told Alka…?” I asked, taken aback.

“Yes – I told her in the morning before she went for college – you pick her up from her college – she will be waiting for you at 3 – the movie show is at 3:30 – isn’t it…?” Nisha said.

“From college…? Movie is okay – but – how can I take her to the club in her college clothes…?” I protested.

“You don’t worry – she is properly dressed today – in fact – she is wearing a sari…” Nisha said.

“Sari…?” I said, surprised.

“I told her to wear a dress suitable for the club – but she insisted on wearing a sari – she said she wanted to be dressed like lady for the club…” Nisha said.

“Okay – I’ll pick her up from her college – and I’ll try to have an early dinner and drop her as early as possible…” I said to Nisha.

“There’s no hurry – you take your time – enjoy the evening – I know she is safe with you…” Nisha said.


To Be Continued in Part 2



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