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Fiction Short Story




Dramatis Personae

Me (Vikram)

My Girlfriend (Nisha)

My Girlfriend’s Sister (Alka)




Mumbai (Then called Bombay)

Circa 1970’s






“Something very important has come up – so – I won’t be able to come this evening…” my girlfriend Nisha said to me on the phone.

“What do you mean you won’t be able to come…? How can you ditch me like this at the last moment…?” I said, disappointed.

“I am really very sorry – but it’s really urgent – I can’t postpone it – I have to go this appointment today evening…” Nisha said.

“But what is it that has suddenly come up and is so important that you want to cancel all our plans for the evening…?” I said to her.

“I will tell you everything tomorrow…” Nisha said.

“I am very disappointed with you…” I said angrily to Nisha, “I took so much trouble to get tickets to that movie you wanted to see – first day first show…”

“I know…” Nisha said – sounding contrite.

“And – I have made reservations for the dinner and dance at my club – a sea-side table – for a romantic evening…” I said to Nisha.

“I know, Vikram – I was really looking forward to spending the evening with you – but – something very important has come up – please try to understand – I’ll tell you everything tomorrow…” Nisha said.

“Okay – I’ll cancel all plans – I’ll give the cinema tickets to someone – and I’ll cancel the dinner reservation…” I said to Nisha.

“No – No – don’t cancel anything – Alka will come with you…” Nisha said.

“Alka…?” I said, puzzled.

“Alka – my younger sister…” Nisha said.

“Of course – I know your sister Alka…” I said to Nisha, with a tinge of annoyance.

“You take her out this evening – your movie tickets and restaurant reservation won’t go waste…” Nisha said.

“Okay – I will take Alka for the movie – but – how can I take her to the club…?” I said to Nisha.

“Why…? Why can’t you take her to the club…?” Nisha asked me.

“She is just a kid…” I said.

“Alka is 21 years old – she is an adult…” Nisha said.

“Maybe – but for me – she is just a kid – I will take her for the movie – not for the dinner and dance…” I said to Nisha, “also – I don’t think Alka will like to come to the club…”

“She was jumping with joy when I told her…” Nisha started saying – but I interrupted her.

“Have you already told Alka…?” I asked, taken aback.

“Yes – I told her in the morning before she went for college – you pick her up from her college – she will be waiting for you at 3 – the movie show is at 3:30 – isn’t it…?” Nisha said.

“From college…? Movie is okay – but – how can I take her to the club in her college clothes…?” I protested.

“You don’t worry – she is properly dressed today – in fact – she is wearing a saree…” Nisha said.

“Sari…?” I said, surprised.

“I told her to wear a dress suitable for the club – but she insisted on wearing a saree – she said she wanted to be dressed like lady for the club…” Nisha said.

“Okay – I’ll pick her up from her college – and I’ll try to have an early dinner and drop her as early as possible…” I said to Nisha.

“There’s no hurry – you take your time – enjoy the evening – I know she is safe with you…” Nisha said.





My girlfriend’s sister – Alka – she was waiting for me outside her college when I reached there at 3 PM

She looked very beautiful dressed up in a saree.

I had never seen her in a saree before.

Whenever we had met – Alka always wore scruffy jeans and a T-shirt – and looked quite unkempt.

It was evident that she had titivated for the occasion – maybe for me – because today – she looked very attractive.

Till now – I had looked at her as my girlfriend’s kid sister.

Today – I looked at her as a woman – yes – she had blossomed into a desirable woman.

She looked so alluring that – unconsciously – I could not take my eyes away from her.

The sound of her voice broke my trance.

“Are you going to keep staring at me – or – shall we go…?” she said naughtily.

“Of course – let’s go – come on – sit behind…” I said to Alka.

Alka sat on the pillion seat of my motorcycle – and – she held onto me tightly.

It felt good.

We drove towards the cinema theatre and reached in time for the movie which started at 3:30 PM (first day first show)

The movie ended at 6:30 PM – and – we drove to my club – which was located at Land’s End.

At 7 PM – we were seated at the seaside table that I had reserved.

The band started playing music.

There was a beautiful sea breeze – and a lovely twilight – as the sun had set below the horizon a few minutes earlier – swallowed up by the sea.

I truly romantic setting.

“This is such a beautiful place…” Alka said – admiring the lovely scenery.

“Yes – especially in the evenings…” I said to her.

“Nisha told me that you bring her over here quite often – but – this is the first time I have come here – thank you so much for agreeing to take me out for the evening – I am a middle-class girl and can’t afford to come to such exclusive places…” she said to me.

“Please don’t say such things…” I said to Alka – then – wanting to change the topic – I said to her, “come on – let’s dance…”

“The band is playing slow music – I don’t know ballroom dancing…” she said – with a tinge of embarrassment.

“Come – I will teach you…” I said – holding out my hand.

I taught her the basic steps of Waltz – she picked up quickly – and we danced the waltz.

I felt good dancing with Alka – she was a much better dancer than Nisha.

Alka and I – we danced continuously – for quite some time – till the music changed – on popular request – to a Bollywood number – so – I lead her off the dance floor – and we sat down on our sea-side table.

“You are so sophisticated…” she said, “I really enjoyed dancing with you…”

“Thank you…” I said with a smile, “I am thirsty – I’ll get some soft drinks for both of us – or lemonade – if you prefer…”

“Why soft drink…?” she asked me, “Nisha said that you like to drink beer – or even whisky…”

“Yes – but – since I am with you…” I said hesitantly.

“I am not a small girl – I will also like to have beer – just like Nisha does – when you bring her over here – and you must have whatever drink you want…” she said – in a rather impish tone.

“Okay…” I said, “we’ll both have beer – and – I’ll get some snacks too…”

We sipped our beer – she talked about her college life.

She was talking quite animatedly – while I was admiring her face – her perfectly shaped eyebrows, her dancing eyes, her lovely little nose, her juicy lips – when she suddenly interrupted me.

“Why are you staring at me…?” she said.

“I am sorry…” I said, contrite.

“I am looking beautiful isn’t it…?” she said, with a smile.

“Yes…” I said, “you are looking very beautiful – you look very attractive…”

“I know – that’s why Nisha sent me out of the house…” she said.

“Nisha sent you out of the house because you look beautiful…?” I said – confused – as I didn’t understand what she was implying.

Before I could ask her – Alka spoke.

“Do you know why Nisha didn’t come with you and sent me instead…?” Alka asked me.

“She told me that she had some important work…” I said to Alka.

Alka gave me a smile – and then she spoke.

“Nisha told you that she had some “important work”…!!! Do you know what that “important work” is…?” Alka asked me.

“Nisha didn’t tell me – maybe it is something in her bank – audit or something…” I said to Alka.

Alka looked into my eyes for some time before speaking.

“Nisha is seeing a “Boy” for marriage…” Alka said.

I was stunned on hearing this – totally taken aback.

“Boy…? Marriage…? Nisha is seeing a “Boy” for marriage…?” I said – shocked with disappointment.

“You thought she wants to marry you – did you…?” Alka asked me.

“Yes…” I mumbled.

I was still not able to think coherently – as I had not fully recovered from the shock of disbelief.

I sensed Alka’s hand on mine.

I looked up at her.

Alka pressed my hand tenderly and spoke in a soft voice.

“She wants to marry an NRI boy – preferably from the US – she wants to settle down in America after marriage….” Alka said.

“Oh…” I said – my heart sinking.

“Nisha didn’t want me home when she was “seeing” the “Boy” – she didn’t want the “Boy” to see me…” Alka said, “that’s why she sent me out with you…”

“She didn’t want you home…? She didn’t want the “Boy” to see you…? I don’t understand…!” I said – curious.

Alka paused for a moment before speaking.

“Last week – an NRI “Boy” had come to see her – but – he said that he wanted to marry me instead of Nisha – and – he asked my mother for my hand in marriage…” Alka said.

“Oh My God – it must have been quite embarrassing…” I said to Alka.

“Well – actually – I felt quite good – and I told my mother and Nisha that I wouldn’t mind marrying that “Boy”…” Alka said.

“Oh – so what did they say…?” I asked her.

“Nisha was furious – she scolded me – said I was too young to get married – that – I should finish my studies first – and my mother – she said that it is not customary for a younger daughter to get married while her older sister remains unmarried…” Alka said.

“Oh…” I said.

“Nisha seems to have become very insecure after this incident…” Alka said.

“Insecure…? Why…? It happened just once – maybe that particular “Boy” was attracted to you…” I said to Alka.

“Not once – not twice – it has happened thrice – in quick succession – it seems all her marriage prospects – the “Boys” who come to see her – they find me more attractive – and they want to marry me instead of her – so – this time – Nisha wants to play safe – she wants to keep me “out of sight” – so that the “Boy” doesn’t see me…” Alka said. 

“So – it seems that Nisha has developed an inferiority complex about her looks – especially in your presence…” I said to Alka.

“Yes – I think so…” Alka said, “she has become jealous of me because I look more beautiful – and boys find me more attractive than her…”

What Alka had told me in the last few minutes was most revealing – and for me – I thought Nisha wanted to marry me – it was a bolt from the blue that she was seeing boys for marriage – and I was clueless – as she hadn’t mentioned it to me even once.

I looked at Alka and spoke.

“I really didn’t know all this. Nisha never told me that she was seeing “Boys” for marriage – I thought she wanted to marry me. I loved her so much – why did she hide all this from me…?” I said – distraught – and tears welled up in my eyes.

“Please don’t feel bad…” Alka said to me – pressing my hand tenderly, “I am so sorry – I shouldn’t have told you all this…”

“No – No – it is good you told me…” I said, “otherwise I would have had false expectations – and the hurt would have more severe later…”

“Let’s go – you can drop me home – the “Boy Seeing” Ceremony must be over by now…” Alka said.





Dear Reader – let me tell you how this story ended.

Next morning – Nisha called me on the shore telephone.

She asked me about my evening with Alka.

I told her it was fine – that we both enjoyed ourselves.

I asked her about her evening.

Nisha said that she was very busy – she didn’t mention that she has spent the evening “seeing” a Boy for marriage.

Nisha asked me if I was free in the evening – she suggested we could go out somewhere.

I lied to her that I was busy.

(In fact – we had a “make and mend” half-day – and I was absolutely free in the evening)

Nisha kept calling me every day – but I stopped taking her calls – I told the quartermaster that in case Nisha calls – he should tell her that I was busy with work and I would call her back – but – I never called her back.

Three days later – we sailed out to the east – for long exercise at sea.

A few weeks later – our ship berthed at Vizag Port.

The mailbag was waiting for our ship.

Among the letters for me – there was a wedding invitation card – Alka was getting married.

Inside – there was a note for me from Alka:


“It’s the same “Boy” who Nisha saw on the evening you took me out to the movie and your club.

The “Boy” had “rejected” Nisha – my mother got a call the next day – and she was quite dejected.

Nisha was in office when the call came – but I happened to be home – getting ready to go to college.

I quietly found out where he was staying – it was easy – there was a letter lying in my mother’s cupboard safe.

I went to the house where the “Boy” was staying (his parents’ house)

I told him I was Nisha’s sister – and I brazenly proposed to him – I told him that I wanted to marry him.

He laughed it off – but I persisted – I met him again the next day.

Two days later – he called up my mother – and he told her that he wanted to marry me.

This time – I managed to “persuade” my mother – by emotional blackmail – that I will never marry if she didn’t let me marry this boy.

So – I am off to America.

By the way – Nisha has sunk into a depression – so – you can try your luck – since she is quite vulnerable now.

Maybe – you can propose to her during my wedding…


I tore up the wedding invitation card and threw it out of the porthole into the sea.



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