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Dear Reader – you must have heard the word “phony” (also spelt “phoney”)

Well – “phony” is the American Spelling whereas “phoney” is the British Spelling.

I will use the American Spelling “phony” in this story.

“Phony” means “counterfeit” or “fake” or “bogus” etc.

When used in the context of a person – he is a “phony” – it means that the person is a “charlatan” – a “fraudster” – an “impostor” – a “swindler” – a “trickster” – a “cheat” etc.

In a milder connotation – it may mean that the person is devious, duplicitous, hypocritical, dishonest, pretentious, insincere etc. – a person who is not genuine.




“He is such a “phony”…” that was the WhatsApp Message she had sent to her friend from her Smartphone.

Obviously – she was referring to me – since – I was sitting with her in the Coffee Shop for around 30 minutes – and – she had sent the message just a few seconds ago.

I was stunned on reading this.
I recovered my wits – and with my smartphone – I clicked a picture of her WhatsApp Chat with her friend – which contained her message: “He is such a phony…”

Then – I put her smartphone on the table at the same place – and – I waited for her to come back from the washroom.


Dear Reader – before you brand me as a “phony” for clandestinely looking at the WhatsApp chats on her smartphone – please hear me out.

This is what happened.

I was “seeing” a girl for marriage – an “arranged marriage date” – in a coffee shop.

The girl’s name was Nisha.

We talked for around half an hour.

It was a wonderful conversation.

I liked her – and – it seemed – she liked me too.

As we sat opposite each other and talked – I noticed one thing about her.

She seemed quite obsessed with her smartphone.

From time to time – she would pick up her smartphone – look at the screen – key in some text quickly – and – keep the smartphone down.

She did this deftly – without interrupting our conversation.

It seemed she was chatting on WhatsApp with someone.

The second round of coffee arrived.

Unfortunately – the waiter slipped and spilled the mug of coffee on her dress.

“Oh My God…” she said, “my dress is ruined…”

“I am very sorry…” the waiter apologized.

“It’s okay…” she said to the waiter.

Nisha looked at me and said: “I’ll quickly go to the washroom and try to wash off the coffee stains before the stains become dark…”

She went in a hurry – she left her purse on the chair – and she forgot her smartphone on the table.

I know it is most unethical to look at someone else’s smartphone – and snoop into their WhatsApp conversations – but – I was most curious to know with whom she was chatting while she was talking to me.

So – curiosity prevailed over ethics – and – I picked up Nisha’s smartphone and looked at the screen.

Her WhatsApp Chat was open.


(Normally – most smartphones have a default screen timeout of 30 seconds – and – the screen goes to sleep of you don’t interact with it for 30 seconds. Of course – if you keep interacting or looking at the screen – then – the screen remains on. And – 30 seconds hadn’t passed – since I had picked up her smartphone immediately after she left for the washroom)


I was shocked to see the chat Nisha was having with a friend called Monika.

It was clear that they were talking about me – the “Boy” she was meeting at the Coffee Shop for the “arranged marriage date”.

“How is the guy…?” Monika had asked.

“He is such a “phony”…!!!” Nisha had replied.


Dear Reader – words cannot describe the emotion I felt on reading this.

What had I done that this girl Nisha had concluded that I was “phony”…?

It was baffling and I felt terrible.


I quickly recovered my wits – and with my smartphone – I clicked a picture of Nisha’s WhatsApp Chat with her friend Monika – which contained her message: “He is such a phony…”

Then – I put her smartphone on the table at the same place – and – I waited for her to come back from the washroom.

When Nisha returned from the washroom – she seemed very upset.

“My dress is permanently ruined…” she said, “I don’t know if these coffee stains will go away…”

“They will go away…” I said, “just wash them away with some strong detergent…”


I thought to myself: “The coffee stains would go away quite quickly – but the “stain” she had created in my heart would take a long time to go away…”


I looked at Nisha – she seemed quite upset about her dress.

“Would you like to go home…?” I asked her.

“Yes, please – if you don’t mind…” she said.

“I’ll drop you…” I said to her.

“No. No. – I’ll walk down – my house is very near from here…” she said, “Thank you for the coffee…”

With these words – Nisha smiled at me and then walked towards the entrance of the coffee shop – and soon – she disappeared from sight.


I sat in the coffee shop for a long time – contemplating.

Why did she get the impression that I was “phony”…?

And that too – after meeting me for just 30 minutes.

I thought that I was a most genuine, sincere and upright person.

What had I said or done that she thought I was “phony”…?


I thought about it – from the marriage point of view.

The girl – Nisha – my prospective wife – she thought that I was “phony”.

Whether I am “phony” or not – it doesn’t matter.

What matters is that she thinks that I am “phony”.

And – what matters even more is that I know that she thinks that I am “phony”.


“Did you like the girl…?” my parents asked me when I reached home around two hours later.

“No…” I said, “I don’t want to marry this girl…”

“Why…? What’s wrong with her…? We thought she is a suitable match for you – and she is from such a good family…” they said to me.

“She is not suitable for me…” I said, “Or rather – I am not suitable for her – I think she didn’t like me…”

“That’s surprising…” my parents said, “the girl’s mother called a few minutes ago and she said that her daughter had liked you…”

“What…? The girl said that she had liked me…?” I said – surprised.

“Yes – the girl has liked you – they even wanted to fix the date for the wedding…” my parents said.

“Well – I don’t want to marry this girl…” I said to my parents, “you tell them – and – let’s close this topic – no more discussion…”
My parents seemed disappointed.

But – I had made my decision not to marry Nisha.


I wondered to myself:

“If Nisha thought I was “phony” – why did she want to marry me…?”




Tell me Dear Reader:

1. How can I live my entire life with a woman knowing that she thinks that I am “phony”…?

2. Even worse – how can a girl marry a man who she thinks is “phony”…?

3. If we get married – won’t the marriage be “phony”…?



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