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Unfinished Story : A Very Short Story : Part 1







“Do you drink…?” she asked me.

“Yes…” I said to her.

“You will have to quit drinking if you want to marry me…” she said.

“Quit Drinking…?” I asked her, curious.

“I don’t want a husband who drinks alcohol…” she said to me, “my husband must be strict teetotaller…”

I thought about it.

I had really liked the girl – she was beautiful, well-educated, and from a good family – she was elegant, smart and graceful – I felt attracted towards her.

In fact – she was exactly the type of wife I had wanted.

I wanted to marry her.

On the other hand – I loved having a drink too.

So – I decided to see if I could convince her to soften her stance.

“Well – I am not a drunkard or alcoholic – but – I do enjoy drinking once in a while…” I said to her.

“Well – you will have to give up drinking completely…” she said.

“I feel you should be a bit flexible…” I said to her.

“No – it is non-negotiable – I don’t want a husband who has the vice of drinking…” she said – in a rather imperative tone of voice.

“Isn’t that being a bit too harsh…?” I said to her, “in today’s world – drinking can hardly be called a “vice”…!”

She looked at me and spoke.

“Drinking alcohol is a “major vice”…!!! If you want to marry me – you will have to quit drinking totally – I will not allow you to drink even one drop of alcohol…” she said to me – in a rather imperative tone of voice.

“Please…” I tried to reason with her, “you need not be so rigid…”

But – she interrupted me quite rudely.

“It is quite clear to me that drinking alcohol is more important to you than marrying me. So – in that case – I don’t think it is possible for me to marry you…” she said to me in a firm tone of finality.

And so – that was the end of the marriage proposal.


Dear Reader – I forgot to tell you the name of the girl – her name was Nisha – yes – her name was “Nisha”.


Story to be continued in Part 2


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