Thursday, September 17, 2020

Unfinished Story – Divorce – Part 1



Auckland, New Zealand – circa 2015


On his table – there was a photo of a woman.

I recognized her at once.

How could I ever forget her…?

He saw me looking at the photo – and – he said: “That’s my wife – Monika…”

“Is she from India…?” I asked him.

“Yes…” he said, “I have an “Indian” Wife – of course – now – she is “Kiwi-Indian”…”

“That’s nice…” I said.

“Yes. She is really nice. I am lucky to have such a lovely wife…” he said, “we are married for 20 years now…”

“That’s great…” I said, “You got married in 1995…?”

“Yes…” he said, “we got married on the 14th of February 1995 – on Valentine’s Day – how can I ever forget…?”

(So – Monika had got married to this man in February 1995 – almost immediately after her divorce from Mohan.

Yes – I remembered quite clearly – Mohan and Monika had got divorced in January 1995 – and – within a month – Monika had got re-married – to this man.

I wondered if it was on a boomerang – or did she know this man for a long time – even when she was married to Mohan…?

And the most intriguing thing that stirred my mind was – how and where had she met this “Kiwi” New Zealander…?)

As if reading my mind – the New Zealander said: “You must be wondering where I met my “Indian” wife – and how we got married…? Come over in the evening for dinner – and – I’ll tell you the story…”

“Thank you – I’d love to hear your love story…” I said.

“I’ll pick you up at 7 in the evening at the gate near Captain Cook Wharf on Quay Street….” he said, “now – let me show you around my office and showrooms…”

To Be Continued...


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