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“Panauti” – The “Chastity-Shield”




Story By Vikram Karve








“I hate you…” the man says.


“That’s good. I want you to hate me…” the woman says.


“Why do you want me to hate you…?” the man says.


“Because I love you…” the woman says.


“Are you crazy…? You love me – but – you want me to hate you…” the man says – surprised.


“Yes…” the woman says.


“But why…?” the man asks her.


“Because whoever falls in love with me – he dies…” the woman says.


“What nonsense…!!! You said you loved me – but you haven’t died…” the man says.


“You didn’t hear what I said properly…” the woman says, “I said that “whoever falls in love with me – he dies” – do you understand…? But – I don’t die – if I fall in love with anyone…”


“If someone falls in love with you – they die – but – if you fall in love with someone – you don’t die…? What nonsense…! How is this possible…?” the man says.


“It seems to be a “curse” – maybe – I am a “Panauti”…” the woman says.


“What…? You are a “Panauti”…? What does that mean…?” the man says to the woman.


“Someone who brings “bad luck” to others…” the woman says, “an ill-fated person who brings misfortune – a harbinger of bad luck – an evil omen…”


“You mean you are something like a “jinx” – a “hoodoo” – a luckless person who brings misfortune…?” the man says.


“Worse than that…” the woman said, “I am an accursed person who brings death – yes – death to anyone who loves me…”


“I don’t believe you…” the man says.


“Even I didn’t believe it at first…” the woman says, “but three boys who fell in love with me – all of them – they died…”


“Three Boys who were in love with you…? They died…?” the man says – confused.


“The first boy was in my college – my classmate – I thought he was just a friend – I did not know that he had fallen in love with me – it was only after his death in a motorcycle accident – when I read his diary – that I came to know that he had fallen in love with me…” the woman says.


“His diary…?”


“Yes – his mother called me home a few days after his death – and she gave me his diary – where – every day – he would write about how much he loved me…” the woman says.


“But – he never told you…?”


No…” the woman says, “we were young then – he must have felt shy…”


“But – you were not in love with him…?” the man says.


“No – he was just a friend – like others – and – I told you – I didn’t even know that he had fallen in love with me…” the woman says.


“It must have been a coincidence…”


“I told you – there were two others – one an office colleague – who fell in love with me – and another – with whom I was engaged – he too fell in love with me – and both of them died….” the woman says.


“What nonsense…?” the man says, “I doubt you were ever engaged…”


“You can check up with my parents – I was engaged to a man – an NRI who had come to find a bride in India – sadly for him – he fell in love with me – it was love at first sight – he told me that he had fallen in love with me – and then – suddenly – he died in a car accident…” the woman says, “and the office colleague who fell in love with me – he fell off his balcony and died instantly – a freak accident…”


“As far as the office colleague is concerned – it looks more like suicide to me…” the man says, “You must have rejected his love – and he may have gone crazy and committed suicide by jumping off his balcony…”


“Maybe…” the woman says, “but the fact is that he died. Three persons who fell in love with me – they all died – I am a “Panauti”…” – an accursed woman – so – please don’t fall in love with me – I don’t want you to die – because I really love you…”


“I don’t believe all this superstition – it sounds like witchcraft – all nonsense…” the man says.


“I didn’t believe it too – till – I met a man – he was a sort of “clairvoyant”…” the woman says.


“A “clairvoyant”…?”


“Yes…” the woman says, “he walked up to me when I was browsing books in a bookstore. He said he wanted to talk to me – to tell me something. He said the “vibes” that I was radiating had attracted his attention. Since he looked like a distinguished gentleman – I let him talk to me. He held my hand – and studied my palm – then he looked into my eyes – and he told me that I was a woman under a curse – a “Panauti” – and whoever fell in love with me – they would die…”


“And – you believed him…?” the man says.


“Not really – so – I decided to test his theory – that – I was indeed a “Panauti”…” the woman says.


“Test his theory…?”


“Yes…” the woman says, “I seduced my sister’s husband – he fell passionately in love with me…”


“And he died…?”


“Yes – he had a heart attack – and he died…” the woman says.


“Heart attack…?”


“Yes – my sister’s husband  – he died of heart attack – he was quite young – in his late 30’s – he made love to me in the afternoon  – in a hotel room – and then – he went back to his office – and – he suffered a sudden heart attack – and he died…” the woman says.


“Oh My God – you killed your sister’s husband…?”


“I didn’t kill him – I was just testing the hypothesis that the “clairvoyant” had told me – that I was a “Panauti” – and – anyone who fell in love with me would die…”


“You killed a man just to test a theory…? You are a devious woman – most despicable…” the man says.


“It’s good you think that I am a horrible and hateful  woman – it will ensure that you never fall in love with me – and you will live a long life – that’s what I want – I want you to hate me – because – I genuinely love you…” the woman says.


“So – you brutally “dumped” me because you were in love with me…?” the man says.


“Yes…” the woman says, “the moment I realised that you were falling in love with me – I broke our friendship – and – I walked off – far away from your life – so that you would forget me…”


“I didn’t forget you…” the man says.


“But – you hate me – that’s even better…” the woman says.


“Your theory is all wrong…” the man says.


“What do you mean…?” the woman says.


“I still love you…” the man says.


“What…? You still love me…? But – you told me that you “hate” me…” the woman says.


“That’s was a lie – I still love you – and – I am still alive – so – your theory is all wrong…” the man says.


“The theory is correct – I didn’t tell you a bit of details…” the woman says.




“Yes…” the woman says, “all those who died – they had sex with me…”


“So now you are saying that whoever has sex with you – they die…?” the man says, “are you a “Black Widow” – who kills her lovers after having sex with them – like the deadly female spider who cannibalises the male after copulation…?”


“How dare you say such a thing…? I didn’t kill them – they died because they had sex with me – and they died – because of the “curse”…” the woman says.


“Stop talking nonsense. First you say – those who love you – they die. Then you say – those who have sex with you – they die. What about that college classmate – that “shy” boy who had secretly fallen in love with you…? The man says.


“He raped me – and – then – he died…” the woman says.




“Yes – we had gone for a college party to a resort – we were outdoors – there was music and dancing – that boy – he “spiked” my soft-drink – and when I felt giddy – he took me to a secluded place – and he raped me…” the woman said.


“And – you didn’t tell anyone…?”


“No…” the woman says, “I lay unconscious for some time – then when I got up – I felt dazed – so – I went back to the party – and I sat down in a corner – I looked for the boy – he was nowhere to be seen – then someone interrupted the music and announced that the boy had a motorcycle accident…”


“The same boy who raped you…?”


“Yes – maybe he wanted to go home in a hurry before I woke up – anyway – it was fatal accident – and he died on the spot…” the woman said.


“And then – his mother gave you his diary – where he said he had loved you…?”


“Yes…” the woman said, “when we had gone to make a condolence call…”.


“Gruesome story…” the man said.


“I don’t want to talk anymore about it…” the woman says, “and please don’t ask me about the office colleague and the man I was engaged to – they both had sex with me – and they died – I told you how they died…”


“One fell off a balcony – the other had a car accident – and later – you seduced your brother-in-law – and he died of a heart attack…” the man says.


“Yes…” the woman says.


“I wonder how I am going to die…?” the man says.


“What do you mean…?” the woman asks the man.


“I am feeling very attracted towards you…” the man says, “you still look very sexy…”


“I am going…” the woman says, “had I known that you would be here – I would have never come to this seminar. I was trying to avoid you – but you cornered me – and – you started talking to me – and – I didn’t want to be rude…”


“You are a crazy woman – you call yourself a “Panauti” – Ha Ha. First – you say that you love me – so – you want me to hate you – because if I love you – I will die – because everyone who loves you – they die. Then – you say that everyone who fucks you – they die…”


“Yes – and that is why I am not going to let you fuck me – though I can see that you desperately want to – because I still love you – and I don’t want you to die…” the woman says to the man, “goodbye – hope we never meet again…”


“Just one thing…” the man says, “before you go away…”


“What…?” the woman asks him.


“Tell me one thing…” the man says, “this “Panauti” fantasy – this chimera that men will die if they have sex with you – are you using it to scare me away – or do use it as a “chastity shield”…?”


“Chastity Shield…?”


“If you don’t want to have sex with a man – you scare him away with your “Panauti” story…” the man says.


“No. That’s not true. I really believe that I am a “Panauti”. Anyone who has sex with me – he will die. I told you about the men who died after having sex with me – all of them died…” the woman says.


“Are you saying that you have had sex with only 4 men so far – your college classmate, your office colleague, your fiancé who was engaged to you and your sister’s husband…?” the man asks the woman.


“Yes…” the woman says.


“You are 35 years old – and you have had sex with only 4 times so far…?” the man asks the woman.


“Yes…” the woman says.


“You are lying…” the man says.


“What do you mean…?” the woman says.


“You are a virgin – you haven’t had sex with any man…” the man says, “you are frightened of having sex with men – so – use this “Panauti” charade to scare them away…”


“Why should I be frightened of men…?” the woman says.


“Either you are scared of men – or – you hate men – so you use this “Panauti” farce as a “Chastity Shield” to keep men away…” the man says.


“Why should I hate men…?” the woman says.


“Maybe – because you love women…” the man says.


“Shut up…” the woman says, “I am going away now – and I hope we never meet again. But remember – I love you – you are my first and only love – I will always love you from the bottom of my heart – I wanted to make love to you – I wanted to have passionate sex with you – then – always – even now – but I don’t want you die – so – I am going away – so – goodbye – forever…”


The woman walks away.


The man walks towards the bar.








 “Who was the woman you were talking to for such a long time…?” my boss asks me – as I sit at the bar and sip my drink.


(Dear Reader – you guessed right.


 I was the “man” who had the conversation with the woman in Part 1 of the story – and – the woman’s name was “Monika”…


 Now – let’s return to the story…)


 “Who was the woman you were talking to for such a long time…?” my boss asks me – as I sit at the bar and sip my drink.


“Just a friend…” I say to my boss.


“Well – I was watching the way you two were talking – she seems to be more than a friend…” my boss says.


“Well – we knew each other – but that was long back…” I say.


“Were you classmates…? Or – did you work together…?” my boss says.


“We were office colleagues – but that was long back – in my first job. Since then – we have moved on – I am not even in contact with her – in fact – I was surprised to see her here…” I say.


“So – you have nothing to do with her – you have no “feelings” for her…” my boss says.


“What do you mean…?” I say.


“You are not in love with her…?” my boss says.


“No…” I say.


“You are not interested in screwing her…?” my boss asks me.


“No…” I say.


“That’s good. So – you won’t mind if I have a “go” at her…?” my boss says.


“Have a “go”…? Do you mean you want to fuck her…?” I say.


“Yes…” my boss interrupts me, “I like her – she is my type of woman – nice and ripe – and we are at such a lovely place – no harm in trying…”


“You are married…” I say.


“So what…? Who says married men can’t have a “fling”…?” he says.


“I think you better avoid her…” I say.


“Avoid her…? Why the hell should I avoid her…?” he says.


“She is not a good woman…” I say.


“Ha Ha – “Good Woman” – Ha Ha – I would rather prefer she was a “bad” woman…!!! Who the hell is interested in her character…? I just want to have a “good time” with her. A “one night stand” – that’s all – and move on…” he says.


“She looks quite ordinary. Why don’t you try someone better…?” I say.


“You seem to have zero experience in these matters…” my boss says, “do you know – it is these “ordinary” looking “plain jane” type women – they are the most sensual and “hot” in bed – I am telling you one thing about this woman – the way she looks – I am sure she will be good in bed…”


I want to tell my boss the “Panauti” story – but – I knew he wouldn’t believe the story – he would laugh at me – and – I would look like a fool.


In fact – even I hadn’t believed the story that Monika had told me – that – she was a “Panauti” – a “Black Widow” – with a curse that whoever had sex with her – he died.


My boss says to me: “Why don’t you introduce me to her…?”


We walk down to where Monika is standing.


Monika is talking to someone.


I call her aside and tell her that I want her to meet someone.


“Monika – please meet Avinash…” I say – introducing my boss Avinash to Monika.


“You didn’t tell her that I am your boss…” he says – haughtily.


“Oh, yes – he is my boss…” I say – feeling humiliated.


My boss – Avinash – he gives me a dismissive look – indicating that I should “vamoose”.


So – I say: “You two talk to each other” – and – I excuse myself – and I go away – leaving my boss Avinash with Monika.


I have dinner – and I go up to my hotel room – to retire for the night.


As I drift to sleep – I wonder whether my boss Avinash had succeeded in seducing Monika – or – has she rebuffed him – and scared him off – using her Panauti “chastity shield”.


That night – I have an erotic dream – a fantasy – of my boss Avinash making passionate love to Monika – something I have done only in my imagination.








 I was woken up from my erotic dream by the shrill ring of the phone.


No – it was not my mobile phone – but the hotel intercom on the table beside my bed.


I picked up the phone and said: “Hello…”


“Congratulations…” the female voice at the other end said.


“Who is this…?” I asked – getting irritated – thinking it was a prank call from someone on the hotel staff – or maybe – a “wrong” number – dialled by some dubious female – a “hooker” – or someone like that.


“Didn’t you recognise my voice…?”




“It’s me – your lady-love – “Panauti”…” the voice said.


“Oh – Monika – why are you disturbing me at this unearthly hour…?” I said – exasperated.


“To congratulate you…” Monika said.


“What…? Congratulate me…? For what…?” I said – confused.


“Well – your Boss – Avinash – he and me – we just had an all-night passionate lovemaking session – we fucked like crazy…” Monika said.


“That’s great…” I said, “But – why are you congratulating me…? You two had a “good time” fucking each other – why congratulate me…?”


“Don’t you remember my “Panauti” curse…?” Monika said, “Whoever has sex with me – he dies…”


“What…? Had Avinash died…?” I thought in my mind.


My brain went into a tizzy.


Had Avinash died “in the saddle” – while having sex with Monika – a “La Mort D’Amour” – death during sexual climax – in the throes of orgasm – “coition induced cardiac arrest”…?


Anxious to know this – I asked Monika excitedly: “Is Avinash dead…? Tell me – did he die while having sex with you…”


Monika said with a laugh: “He is not dead…”


“But you said that he is dead…” I said, “Are you making a fool of me…?”


“I didn’t say that he is dead…” Monika said, “I said that anyone who has sex with me – he dies – so – since your boss Avinash has had sex with me – he is going to die…”


“When…?” I asked her.


“He will die – it will happen – it has to happen – it is ordained to happen – he fucked me – so he will die – that is the “Panauti” curse I carry – anyone who fucks me – he dies…” she said.


“Let’s see…” I said, “But why did you congratulate me…?”


“Avinash was your boss. Tell me – who will get Avinash’s job if he dies…?” she said.


“Most probably – it would be me…” I said.


“So – congratulations – in advance – your boss Avinash will surely die because of my “Panauti” curse – and you will be the new CEO of your company…” she said.


“I want to meet you…” I said.


“No. That won’t be a good idea…” she said.


“Is Avinash with you…?” I asked her.


“Of course not…! Don’t be stupid – would I be speaking to you if he was with me…? I was with him in his room – I have come back to my room now…” she said, “Now – you go to sleep – and don’t utter a word to Avinash or anyone else – you just wait for the “good news”…”


With these words – Monika disconnected the phone.


I replaced the landline phone handset – and – I picked up my mobile phone.


I checked the time on the screen.


It was 5 AM – early in the morning.


I remembered that dreams generally happen towards the end of your sleep when you are about to wake up – especially such erotic “wet dreams”.


I tried to sleep – but it was no use – so – I called “Room Service” and ordered “Chota Hazri” (Bed Tea and a Biscuit).


While having tea I thought about Monika – and what she had said to me about her passionate lovemaking session with Avinash.


I hated her.


She had used the “Panauti” Chastity-Shield to keep me away.


And – she had no qualms about jumping into bed with Avinash.


What did she see in Avinash that I did not have…?


Did she really have sex with Avinash – or – was she making it all up just to tease me…?


And even if Avinash had really fucked her – would he really die…?


Was this “Panauti” curse really true – or was it all “mumbo jumbo” – just to make a fool of me…?


And just imagine – Monika had even called me up at an unearthly hour to “congratulate” me…!


Would Avinash really die – and pave the way for my promotion to CEO…?


As all these bizarre thoughts perambulated in my brain – I decided that – the best thing to do was to find out if Avinash was dead.


Monika had said that they had their “carnal session” in Avinash’s room – and she had said that Avinash had been alive when she had left for her room.


So – Avinash should be in his room right now – dead or alive.


This – I had to find out – whether he was dead – due to Monika’s “Panauti” curse – or – was he still alive…?


I called up Avinash’s room on the hotel intercom.


The phone kept ringing.


It seemed that – maybe – Avinash was dead.


Had he died due to the “Panauti” curse…?


Or – had Monika killed him…?


But – why should she kill him…?


She had said that he was alive when she left his room.


Or – was Monika making up the whole story…?


Maybe – they never had sex – and they just went back to their respective rooms after dinner.


I was about to keep down the phone when I heard Avinash’s voice: “Who is this…?”


I identified myself.


“Why the hell are you ringing up so early in the morning…?” he said – with irritation in his voice.


“I just wanted to find out if you are okay…” I said.


“Of course – I am okay…” he said, “Now let me sleep – we’ll meet in the seminar…”


I put down the phone.


I wanted to call Monika – but I realised that I didn’t know her room number.


But – she had called me in my room.


Maybe – Avinash had given her my room number.


But – that was unlikely – surely they wouldn’t be discussing me while fucking each other.


Of course – she must have asked reception.


I was about to pick up the phone and ask reception to connect me to Monika.


But – I decided to wait – she too would be in deep sleep – exhausted after nocturnal “debaucheries”.


So – I decided to shower and get ready.


Today was the last day of the seminar – just one session in the morning – then – the valedictory session and lunch – and then – dispersal.


I packed my things – and by 7:30 AM – I was ready – shaved, showered and formally dressed in my suit.


Was it still too early to call Monika….?


Or – should I go to her room and ask her about what happened at night…?


I went down to the reception – and – I told the receptionist that I wanted to speak to Monika – a fellow participant in the seminar. (I gave the receptionist Monika’s full name)


“I think she has “checked out”…” the receptionist said.


“Checked Out…? But – the seminar ends after lunch…” I said.


“Let me check, Sir…” the receptionist said – and she looked at the monitor in front of her.


After looking at the monitor – the receptionist said: “Yes, Sir – Ms. Monika – she checked out at 6 AM – early in the morning…”


That was strange – Monika had called me at 5 o’clock in the morning – and checked out of the hotel soon afterwards.


I asked the receptionist: “Where did she go…? Do you have her address…?”


“I’ll check, Sir…” the receptionist said – and went into the office behind the reception – and talked to a man – he must have been a manager or something.


The man came out and said: “Sir – Ms. Monika said she had to urgently go to Mumbai and checked out early in the morning – she drove in her own car. Sir – about the address – I am afraid – we don’t give out addresses of customers…” he seemed reluctant – so – I had said to him: “That’s okay. Thank you…”


I was having a leisurely breakfast when my boss Avinash arrived.


He sat down opposite me and said: “Why the hell did you call so early in the morning and wake me up…?”


“I wanted to ask about last night…” I said – tongue in cheek, “did anything happen…?”


“Happen…?” he said, “that’s a bloody understatement. It was a night of carnal frenzy – the most terrific sex I have had in my entire life. That female is really “hot” – a sex bomb. I must thank you for introducing me to her…”


“So – you are going to meet her again…?” I asked him.


“Not at all…!!!” he said, “I strictly believe in “one-night stands” – “easy come, easy go” – as they say – after all – I am a married man – I can’t risk long term affairs…”


I smiled to myself.


So – my boss Avinash – he did have sex with Monika – as she had told me.


And – as per Monika’s “panauti” curse – Avinash would now die – and then – hopefully – I would get promoted to his post as CEO.


The Seminar finished at 11 AM – and the valedictory session and lunch got over by 2 PM.


We had driven down to Lonavala in Avinash’s SUV car (he loved driving).


So – I would be going back to Pune with Avinash in his SUV car.


Suddenly – an ominous thought entered my mind – suppose Avinash’s “panauti” death was destined to happen by a car accident while he was driving back to Pune…?


(A lot of fatal car accidents happened on the expressway – and Avinash liked to drive fast)


Well – I didn’t want to be a “collateral casualty” – so – I decided not to travel to Pune with Avinash.


So – I said to Avinash: “I want to meet someone in Lonavala – so you go ahead – I’ll come later…”


“You didn’t say anything about this…” Avinash said.


“I just decided to meet him and called him up…” I said, “an old friend – I’ll spend the evening with him…”


“How will you get back…?” he asked.


“I’ll take a cab…” I said, “it’s easy to get a cab to Pune – or – my friend can drop me…”


“Okay – suit yourself…” Avinash said, “But be in the office tomorrow at 9 sharp…”


“Of course…” I said.


Avinash left for Pune in his SUV car at 3 PM.


Half an hour later – I told the reception to get me a cab for Pune.


On the way – I looked out for any signs of an accident – but – I didn’t see any.


Next morning – I saw Avinash – hale and hearty – sitting in his office.


The next day – he was there – and – the next day too – he was very much there.


Three days had passed after his “encounter” with Monika – but – Avinash had not died.


I always suspected that that the incredible “Panauti” story Monika had told me was a big hoax – and now – it was quite evident that she had cooked up this fantasy tale to use as a “Chastity-Shield” whenever she wanted to.


Monika had made a fool of me – if she didn’t want to fuck me – she could have told me directly – instead of spinning such an outlandish yarn and playing with my sentiments.


I felt humiliated that she didn’t want to sleep with me – but – she had readily enjoyed a full-night sexual orgy with Avinash.


And – far from dying – Avinash was hale and hearty.


Then – as I was beginning to give up hope – Avinash died.


It was a freak death.


Dear Reader – if you ask me: “How did he die…?”


I will say: “He swallowed a toothpick…”


In disbelief – you may exclaim:


“What…? A “Toothpick”…? Can a man die by swallowing a toothpick…?”


And – I will explain to you how Avinash died.


First – he had a stomach-ache – so – he just took the day off.


Then – his abdominal pain became severe – so – we took him to hospital.


The doctors examined him – trying to find out the reason for the abdominal pain.


But – his condition worsened – sepsis happened – and he died.


They did a post-mortem – and it was revealed that a Toothpick had punctured the wall of his lower intestine and damaged his intestinal tract causing an infection which led to peritonitis – and the toothpick had poked into an artery causing internal bleeding – and all this had resulted in sepsis – and he died.


It was bizarre – to die by swallowing a toothpick – and maybe – he had accidentally swallowed the toothpick during our stay at the resort for the seminar – after a meal – or while eating a burger or sandwich that they served us during the seminar – I remembered – like they sometimes do – the burgers and sandwiches were poked with toothpicks to hold them together.


Anyway – strange as it may sound – the bottom line was that Avinash was dead.


Whether the death of Avinash was due to Monika’s “Panauti” Curse – or just a freak accident – I do not know.


But – his death was a double bonanza for me – career-wise – and – in personal life too.


I got promoted to CEO – and – I got married to my “Lady-Love” Nisha – Avinash’s wife.


Yes – I got Avinash’s job – and – I got Avinash’s wife.






Dear Reader – I am sorry – I forgot to tell you about my love affair with Nisha – Avinash’s wife.


But – that’s another story – which I will tell you sometime.


No one knew about my clandestine love affair with Avinash’s wife – Nisha.


So – everyone thought that I was being chivalrous by marrying a young widow.


Well – I have not met Monika since – and – I don’t intend meeting her in the near or distant future – unless – of course…


Be that as it may – one thing is sure – Monika really loves me from the bottom of her heart – true love – enduring love.






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