Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The Girl Who “Rejected” Me – Part1

A Story
Short Fiction



“I don’t want to marry you…” she said.

“Why…? Is there someone else…?” I asked her.


“Then – why did you call me over to your house to “see” you…?”

“My parents arranged it…”

“Oh. You haven’t told your parents that you are already in love with someone…?”

“No. I haven’t told my parents about my love affair…”

“But why…?”

“They are very conservative – they won’t accept it…”

“Oh…” I said, “Hope everything works out for the best for you – thanks for being so frank…”

I drank the remains of my coffee – and – I got up from my chair.

“Please sit down…” she said, “I want to talk something more…”

“You want to tell me something more…?” I said.

“Your parents have already conveyed their “yes” for our marriage…” she said.

“I know. I was there when my father called up your father…”

“Yes. They told me that you have liked me…”

“That’s true – I like you – and I want to marry you…”

“I also told my parents that I liked you…” she said.

“What…? If you don’t want to marry me – why did you tell your parents that you like me…?” I said to her.

“There is no reason for me not to like you…”

“But you don’t want to get married to me because you love someone else…”

“Yes – that’s right…”

“So – tell your parents the truth…”

“I told you – I can’t tell them about my love affair – they won’t approve…”

“But you will have to tell them eventually…”

“I know. But now – I have to buy time. The urgent thing to do right now is to stop our marriage proposal before it is too late…”

“Okay. So – you tell your parents that you have changed your mind – tell them that you don’t want to get married to me…” I said to her.

“No. You “reject” me. You tell your parents that you don’t want to get married to me…” she said to me.

“What are you saying…? Why should I “reject” you…? I am quite okay getting married to you. It is you who doesn’t want to get married to me. It is you who is “rejecting” me…” I said.

“Try to understand. You are in the Navy – so you don’t know much about the society out here. If a boy “rejects” a girl – it is okay. But – if a girl “rejects” a boy – the boy becomes a “laughing stock” – and people start talking all sorts of things. I don’t want you or your parents to suffer embarrassment…” she said.

I thought about what she had said.

She had a point.

I had seen this happen to a neighbour of mine.

A girl had “rejected” him – and people were speculating about what was “wrong” with him.

Yes – we lived in a close-knit “peth” – everyone knew about such marriage proposals – and the news that a girl had “rejected” me would spread fast.

I would go away to sea – but my parents would have to suffer unspoken taunts and unseen jeers – for them it would be unimaginable agony.  

The girl looked at me and said: “I like you. You are a good person. I don’t want to cause any embarrassment to you or to your parents. You “reject” me. You can give any reason you like – that you don’t like my nature – that you don’t like my looks – that I am not smart enough to be a Naval Officer’s wife – you say anything – I won’t mind…”

And so – I went back home – and I “rejected” the girl – I told my parents that I didn’t want to marry her as I felt she wouldn’t be a suitable wife for me.

My parents were surprised – disappointed – but I was firm – I did not want to marry this “girl”.

So – my father talked to the girl’s father – I don’t know what reason he gave – but – the marriage proposal was off.

I cut short my leave and joined my ship in Mumbai.

(to be continued…) 

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