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“Mirchi” Syndrome and “Paisa Vasool” Mindset

Story of the Sweet Chilli (also spelt Chili” or Chilly)
Musings of a Veteran
On his first visit to India  a rich merchant saw a man selling a small green fruit which he had never seen before.
The merchant was hungry.
The luscious green fruit looked so fresh and appetizing.
The merchant was tempted and curious  so he asked the vendor, “What is this...?”
Hirvee Mirchi. Hari Mirch. Chillies  fresh green chillies,” said the hawker.
The merchant held out a gold coin.
The vendor was so overjoyed that he gave the merchant the full basket of chillies. 
The merchant sat down under a tree.
Then he started to munch on the chillies  eating the green chillies one by one.
Within a few seconds his tongue was on fire  his mouth was burning  and tears streamed down his cheeks.
But despite this discomfort  the merchant went on eating the chillies  chewing them one by one  scrutinizing each chilli carefully before he put the piquant hot green chilli into his burning mouth. 
Seeing the merchant’s condition  a passerby remarked: 
“What’s wrong with you...? Why don’t you stop eating those spicy hot chillies...?” 
The Merchant answered: 
“Maybe out of all these Chillies – there is one Chilli that is Sweet  I am waiting for the Sweet Chilli.”

In this story– the “chilli” is a metaphor for anything that is harmful or detrimental to you.
In your life  a “chilli” can represent an unsatisfying career, a harmful habit, uncongenial people or a strained relationship.
Do you continue to pursue unrewarding things and toxic relationships – hoping for some reward at the end?
Do you keep eating “chillies” – waiting for a sweet chilli”...?
Remember  there is no sweet chilli.
So is there any point to cling onto painful relationships and harmful things in vain hope of discovering a sweet chilli”...?

Instead of clinging on  is it not better to let go of all detrimental and damaging things in your life and move on in life...?

Is there any point in clinging on to suffocating inharmonious relationships...?

Is there any point in persisting with an unrewarding career...?

Is there any point holding on to dud stocks and worthless investments...?

Is there any point in continuing harmful activities and unhealthy habits...?

Is there any point in pursuing all sorts of infructuous, incompatible, negative, deteriorating, dissipating and dead-end situations in life...?

Instead of clinging on to these negative things  isn’t it better to let go of all these detrimental damaging things in your life – and move on in life...?

Or  do you believe in keeping on eating “hot chillies” – hoping and endlessly waiting for the sweet chilli” – when you very well know that a sweet chilli” does not exist...?


PAISA VASOOL MINDSET (Getting Your Money’s Worth

Despite not finding a sweet chilli” – and guessing from his experience that there was no likelihood of him finding a sweet chilli” – the merchant kept on eating the green chillies.
The merchant’s tongue was on fire  his mouth was burning  and tears streamed down his cheeks – but despite this suffering  the merchant continued eating the chillies. 
On his way back  the same passerby noticed that the merchant’s condition had become miserable.
The merchant’s face was red with agony  and copious tears were pouring out of his burning eyes.
But the merchant kept on eating the chillies  in his search for the ‘sweet chilli’. 
Seeing the terrible condition of the merchant  the passerby shouted at the merchant: 
“Stop at once  or you will die. There are no sweet chillies. Haven’t you realized this by now...? Look at the basket – it is almost empty. And have you found even one sweet chilli as yet...? ”
The merchant croaked in agony:
“I cannot stop eating these chillies  until I eat all the chillies. I have to finish the whole basketful of chillies. I have paid for the full basket – and I will make sure I get my full money’s worth by eating all the chillies.”
And so  the merchant continued eating the chillies despite his suffering till he had finished eating all the chillies in the entire basket – and finally – when he finished eating all the chillies – he collapsed in great pain and agony.
Of course  the Merchant never found the “Sweet Chilli he was hoping for.

Are you a “Paisa Vasool” type – who will do something painful just because you have paid for it...?
Let me give you example.
Sometimes you order a dish at a restaurant.
The dish tastes terrible – but you insist on eating the entire dish just because you have paid for it.
You join a course – say Engineering or Medicine.
Within a few days you realize that you are not enjoying studying Engineering/Medicine – but - just because you have paid fees for the course – you suffer the entire course and become an Engineer/Doctor – and then suffer your entire life because you are in the wrong profession.
I have seen this “Mirchi” Syndrome and “Paisa Vasool” Mindset in the Military too.
A boy joins the National Defence Academy (NDA) as a cadet.
Within a few days he realizes that  for him  military life is like eating hot chillies – but – instead of quitting NDA and taking up a vocation that suits him – due to the “Mirchi” Syndrome – the cadet continues eating chillies” – in the vain hope of discovering a sweet chilli”.
Many years later (after eating hot chillies” year after year) – he realizes that there are no sweet chillies” in military life – but by now  he is afflicted by the “Paisa Vasool” Mindset – and he continues suffering in the military till he completes his pensionable service (to get his “Paisa Vasool”) – little realizing that  he cannot get back the prime years of his life he has spent in an unhappy profession.
Would it not have been better for him to quit NDA the moment he realizes he is not suited for military life – and change over to a civilian profession that suits him better.
It is this “Mirchi” Syndrome and “Paisa Vasool” Mindset that makes cling on to unsatisfying careers, dud worthless investments, harmful habits, uncongenial people and strained relationships  even when your inner voice tells you to let go and move on in life...
Rather than hold on to useless dud stocks – is not better to “book your losses” – and get out before your stocks become totally worthless and you go financially “kaput”...?
Why cling on to an unrewarding job till you become bitter and useless...?
Sometimes  a relationship is so demoralized by distrust that it is better to terminate it  and put an end to the relationship and break up  rather than make futile attempts to patch up  and continue searching in vain and suffering in pain waiting for the elusive “sweet chilli”.
We know some things are not good for us  and we should let go of these things.

But we continue to persist.

First  we hope to find the sweet chilli”.

And – in that hope  we keep eating chillies   and we keep on suffering pain. 

This is the “Mirchi” Syndrome

At some point in time  we discover that there is no sweet chilli”. 

But – due to our “Paisa Vasool” Mindset – we still continue to shackle ourselves to painful people, strained relationships, harmful habits, negative careers, loss-making investments and detrimental things  when we should let go, move on, liberate ourselves and be happy. 

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