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The Lady Who Was Proud of Her Own Identity – Story of My Navy Days

One of my favourite “girlfriends” is a “faujan” – a military wife – a young smart erudite beautiful lady – who is highly creative and talented. 

The best thing I like about her is that she has maintained her own distinct identity – she uses her maiden name – she is proud of her own achievements she does not need the “crutches” of her husband’s military rank/appointment – and – she is determined to prove herself and accomplish her creative goals on the strength of her own merit. 

We had an excellent discussion on creative writing recently – and – while I talked to her – I was reminded of this story from my Navy Days...

Story of My Navy Days
A Spoof

This happened in the 1970’s – around 40 years ago – when I reported to a Frigate – my first ship – as a young Sub-Lieutenant.

I reported to the warship in Mumbai – and – in the evening – there was a party in the ship’s wardroom.

Ladies had also been invited to the party – so – all the “lady wives” of the married officers were present for the party.

Navy Social Etiquette requires that a “Gentleman (Officer) is always introduced to a Lady…”

So – the PMC took me to the ladies – and – he introduced me to the ladies.

In response – the ladies started introducing themselves to me.

“Hello – I am Mrs. “AAA” – the Captain’s wife…”

“Hello – I am Mrs. “BBB” – the Commander’s wife…”

“Hello – I am Mrs. “CCC” – the Engineer-Officer’s wife…”

And – all the ladies introduced themselves accordingly – stating their husband’s name and rank/appointment.

Suddenly – one young lady introduced herself differently:

“Hi – I am Dr. “XXX” – I am a Lecturer at “YYY” College – I teach English Literature…”

I was impressed.

Here was a lady who had an identity of her own – she did not need the “crutches” of her husband’s military rank/appointment.


This happened 40 years ago – so – it was unique to see a “military wife” asserting her own identity. 

Nowadays – with the proliferation of “career wives” in the defence services – most “military wives” have their own independent identity – and many wives even retain their maiden names. 

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