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Can you Love someone you don’t Trust...?

Can you Love someone you don’t Trust...? 

Can you Trust someone you don’t Love...?

Read this story...

Short Story 

“Good Morning...” the HR Head says to the Lady Employee.

“Good Morning, Sir...” the Lady Employee says.

“Please be seated.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

“As the HR Head – it is my duty to advise you regarding a few matters – I hope it is okay if I ask you a few personal questions.”

“Yes, Sir – it is okay – please freely ask me whatever you want to.”

“You got divorced 6 months ago.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“But I see that you have not changed your nomination for provident fund, company group insurance etc – the nominee is still your ex-husband.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“I suggest you change the nomination…”

“No. I don’t wish to change the nomination.

“No...? You don’t wish to change the nomination...?”

“I do not wish to change the nomination – I want my ex-husband be the nominee for all my financial affairs…”

“But why…?”

“Because I trust him – I totally trust my ex-husband.”

“You trust your ex-husband even after divorcing him – that’s amazing…”

“Of course I fully trust my ex-husband. He did not cheat me. I was the one who cheated him by having an extramarital affair – that was the reason for our divorce…”


My ex-husband was always faithful to me – it was I who was unfaithful to him…”


I have full faith in my ex-husband – in fact – he still manages all my financial affairs – my bank accounts – my stocks and mutual funds – my investments – he pays all my bills – everything – I don’t even know how much money I have in the bank – I do not have a clue as to what my investments are – or what bills I have to pay – my ex-husband does everything – just like it was before – when we were married…”


“Yes – our bank accounts remain the same – including my salary account – and my ex-husband does all the banking and he operates all my accounts – he does everything – he keeps the passbooks – does the internet banking – I do not even know the login and passwords…”

“What are you saying…? It is unbelievable...”

“Yes – we have a safe deposit locker with all my jewellery – he handles that too…”

“All that was fine when you were married to him. It may have been okay when you were just divorced. But now…?”

“But now…? What do you mean, Sir...?”

“Well – I understand that you have remarried…”

“That is right – I got remarried 3 months ago – I submitted the marriage declaration along with the marriage certificate…”

“Yes – I saw your marriage declaration. That is why I have called you – to advise you – that you should now put your new husband’s name as the nominee for your provident fund, insurance etc…”

“Is it a compulsion…? Is it mandatory for me to nominate my new husband…?”

“No – No – you are free to nominate whoever you wish – but normally – it is advisable to nominate your “next-of-kin” – which happens to be your spouse – your new husband – so it is my duty to advise you to nominate him…”

“I do not wish to nominate my new husband…”

“But why…?”

“I don’t trust him…”

“What…? You don’t trust your new husband…? Why…?”

“Because he is a cheat…”

“What are you saying – that your new husband is a cheat…?”

“Yes. Like me – my new husband too is a cheat. I cheated on my ex-husband – he cheated on his ex-wife – we had an extramarital affair – we got caught – our spouses divorced us – and then – we two lovers got married…”


“Tell me – how can I trust a man who was unfaithful to his wife…?”

“If you don’t trust him – why did you marry him…?”

“Because I love him…”

“It’s amazing – you love your new husband – but you don’t trust him…”

“Yes – I love him – but I don’t trust him.”

“So – you do not wish to change your nomination – you wish that your ex-husband is the nominee for all your financial affairs – your provident fund, insurance, bank accounts etc…”

“Yes – I want my ex-husband to be the nominee – I want my ex-husband to look after all my financial affairs…”


“Sir – I have one request…”

“Yes – go ahead…”

“I hope our conversation will be kept confidential.”

“Of course – you can rest assured that not a word will go outside this room.”

“Thank you, Sir – may I go now…?”

“Yes – thank you for your time – it was a most enlightening conversation...”

“Enlightening conversation...? Sir – what do you mean by that...?”

“I always thought that love and trust meant the same thing. I thought that love implies trust.

But now – after talking to you – I have realized that love and trust are not connected with each other.  

You can love someone – but not trust him 

and conversely 

You can trust someone – but not love him...” the HR Head says to the Lady Employee. 

“That’s correct, Sir – it is possible for Love and Trust to be mutually exclusive...”

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