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Ramblings of a Retired Veteran
A Spoof

At our Navy Foundation Get-togethers of retired Navy Veterans – I have noticed that most of the Navy Veterans who have settled down in Pune after Retirement do not originally belong to Pune.

Most of the Pune Based Navy Retirees hail from a different hometown – their “native place” – or “roots” – are mostly located in an “up north” state – and a few are from “down south” and other places.

It is the same with Military Veterans and Civilians as well – many people who have their roots elsewhere prefer to settle down in Pune after their retirement.

In fact – so many “faujis” are settling down in Pune  that probably  military retirees whose hometowns are elsewhere will outnumber the military retirees whose hometown is Pune.

It is obvious that these individuals do not love their own hometowns – and that is why they choose to abandon their hometowns and settle down in Pune.

They prefer to spend their autumn years in Pune  which they like more than their hometown.

In contrast – most “Punekars” prefer to settle down in Pune after retirement.


Pune is my hometown.

I love Pune.

That is why I settled down in Pune after my retirement from the Navy.

I have seen that Punekars love Pune, their hometown.

Many Punekars serve all over India during the course of their careers.

But one thing is unique for all Punekars – they all love Pune, their hometown.

That is why all Punekars settle down in Pune after their retirement.

I saw this happening in the Navy  all Punekars settled down in Pune after retirement.

I am sure this is true of the Army, Air Force and Civil Services too.

However  I also noticed that there were many individuals – especially “faujis”  who did not want to settle down in their hometown after retirement.

So  they chose other places like Pune, Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Chandigarh etc as their retirement destinations.

Maybe  they do not like their own hometowns.

They did not want to spend the autumn years of their life in their hometown  but preferred some other place.


The true test of whether you love your hometown or not is where you prefer to spend your retirement – the autumn years of your life.

If you settle down in your hometown after retirement  you love your hometown.

Yes – those individuals who love their hometown settle down in their own hometown.

If you settle down in some other place after your retirement  you do not love your hometown.

Those individuals who do not love their hometown prefer to settle down in some other place.

They do not settle down in their hometown after retirement.

Please note – I am not talking of job relocation during the course of your career.

I am talking about permanently settling down after retirement  after you have finally hung up your boots.

Now, Dear Reader, tell us – DO YOU LOVE YOUR HOMETOWN ?

And – if you have abandoned your hometown and settled down elsewhere after retirement – do tell us  WHY DO YOU HATE YOUR HOMETOWN ?

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