Saturday, July 14, 2012



The honesty and integrity of a person is in no way correlated with:
his intellectual development
his position in the hierarchy
or material factors like wealth, rank, seniority, status, success. 

As Alexander Orlov said:

“Honesty and Loyalty may be often more deeply ingrained in the make-up of simple and humble people than in men of high position. 

A man who was taking bribes when he was a constable does not turn honest when he becomes the Chief of Police. The only thing that changes is the size of the bribe. 

Weakness of character and inability to withstand temptation remains with the man no matter how high he climbs.” 

It is true isn't it? 

A person's Values and Ethical traits accompany a man to the highest rungs of his career.

You see so many poor persons who are honest and so many rich persons who are corrupt.

That is because whether a person becomes corrupt depends on his values and not on his needs.

Also, in today’s world corruption has no social stigma. 

A corrupt man who is rich gets more respect in society than a poor man who is honest.

In the India of today, Corruption is no big deal.

In fact, Corruption is an accepted way of life.

Honesty is an aberration and honest individuals are dubbed as dogmatic fools.

Then why this brouhaha in the media about corruption?

Is corruption harmful?


Dear Reader, please tell us – we look forward to your comments and views.

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ES said...

Corruption is as harmful as being honest.