Friday, July 13, 2012

Living in WAKAD PUNE - Poor Internet Connectivity


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WAKAD PUNE - Poor Internet Connectivity

BSNL Landline Broadband Internet is NOT AVAILABLE in Rohan Tarang Wakad Pune hence the only available option is to use Slow Unreliable Wireless Reliance Netconnect USB Modem which keeps disconnecting due to erratic signal strength. 

(Other USB Modems have almost zero signal so the only option is Reliance Netconnect)

What is the point of having 3G and 4G if the signals are so weak and fluctuate erratically so much? 

And just imagine, Wakad is just a stone's throw away from the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi InfoTech IT Park at Hinjewadi and they call Pune a Hi Tech City? 

It is really a sad state of affairs if decent broadband internet cannot be provided in a metro like Pune. I wonder how the Techies who live in Wakad tolerate this - or maybe they get plenty of fast internet in their workplaces so do not spend much time online at home.

I hope BSNL or some good internet service provider facilitates fast reliable internet connectivity in Wakad Pune.

So, before you plan to relocate to Wakad or Hinjewadi (or buy a house in Pune or wherever) do remember to check up regarding broadband internet connectivity. 

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