Thursday, December 23, 2010



The festive season is here, the New Year is round the corner and there is much to cheer. 
Yes, that's the key word - CHEER. 
Well, I am going to remain cheerful throughout the festive season and that is what my New Year resolution is going to be - to be happy and cheerful and more importantly spread cheer wherever I go throughout the coming New Year.
So this year my New Year's Resolution is to stop complaining, grumbling, moaning and be happy wherever I am and cheerful with whatever I have got. 

I have decided that every morning, the moment I wake up, I am going to tell myself this ancient wisdom story, an inspirational tale, called TWO WORDS :

There was once a monastery that was very strict and all monks were required to strictly follow a vow of silence. No one was allowed to speak at all.

But there was one exception to this rule. After every ten years the monks were permitted to speak two words.

After spending his first ten years at the monastery one young monk was called by the Head Monk who said, “It has been ten years since you arrived here. What are the two words you would like to speak…?” 

“Bed Hard…” said the monk.  

“I see,” replied the Head Monk without a trace of emotion and walked away.  

Ten years later, the young monk was gain summoned to the Head Monk’s office and the Head Monk asked him, “It has been ten more years. What are the two words you would like to speak…?”

“Food Stinks…” said the young monk. 

“I see,” said the Head Monk nonchalantly and walked away.  

Yet another ten years passed and the young monk was once again called to the Head Monk’s office and the Head Monk asked the young monk, “What are your two words now, after these ten years…?”  

“I Quit…!” said the young monk. 

“Well I can see why,” replied the Head Monk, “All you ever do is to carp and complain.”  

So I am not going to Crib, Carp, Moan, Groan or Complain.

I will try my best to adjust myself to the prevailing situation and then with a positive approach try to make the best of it.

I will always try to have a positive attitude and optimistic temperament.

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VIKRAM KARVE educated at IIT Delhi, ITBHU and The Lawrence School Lovedale, is an Electronics and Communications Engineer by profession, a Human Resource Manager and Trainer by occupation, a Teacher by vocation, a Creative Writer by inclination and a Foodie by passion. An avid blogger, he has written a number of fiction short stories and creative non-fiction articles in magazines and journals for many years before the advent of blogging. His delicious foodie blogs have been compiled in a book "Appetite for a Stroll". Vikram lives in Pune with his family and pet Doberman girl Sherry, with whom he takes long walks thinking creative thoughts.

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