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A Mulla Nasrudin Story for those who worry too much about the future

Do you worry too much about the future…?

Do you plan every aspect of your life in meticulous detail…?

Then, maybe it is apt for you to read this famous Mulla Nasrudin story which exemplifies a simple philosophical approach to life: 

An eminent group of academicians and scientists of all specialisations who were passing by Mulla Nasrudin’s town had heard about his fame as the “wise philosopher” so they decided to meet him. 

They sought an appointment with the great Mulla Nasrudin and he asked them to meet him at midnight, so at the stroke of the midnight hour  they all  came to Mulla Nasrudin and said: “We have been travelling all over the world interacting with experts, researching, calculating and even contemplating for years trying to determine when the world will come to an end. Yet we still have not found out the answer. Tell us, Mulla Nasrudin, do you know when the end of the world will be…?”

Nasrudin coolly answered: “Of course I know… in fact I have known that information for a long time….”

“What…? You know the answer…?” the dumbfounded scientists, academicians and specialists exclaimed and asked Nasrudin, “Are you sure…? Have you have really calculated when it will be the end of the world…?”

 “Of course, Nasrudin said nonchalantly, “I know the precise moment when the world will come to an end.”

“Really…?” the astounded group of experts said incredulously, and then they all pleaded with Nasrudin, “Please tell us when the world will come to an end… please tell us… please share your knowledge with us…”

“Okay…I will tell you… the end of the world will be exactly when I die… yes, the moment I die, at that precise moment will be the end of the world,” Mulla Nasrudin said confidently.

“When you die…? The end of the world will be the exact moment when you die…? Are you sure…? Are you certain that will be the end of the world…?” the bewildered scientists, academicians and specialists asked Mulla Nasrudin.

“Yes… The end of the world will be the moment I die – certainly for me it will be the end of the world…” Nasrudin said with finality, and briskly walked away.

Dear Reader... think about it. 

Let this story perambulate in your mind till comprehension slowly dawns within you, and you get the profound meaning, the true significance and the full import of this simple story – and then whenever you start worrying about the distant future and are tempted to make long term plans remember this story and apply the philosophy embedded in this story to your own life…!

Isn't this story applicable when you breakup, terminate a relationship, or change your job or relocate to a new place? Or, in general, whenever you transit from one "world" to another "world" it is the end of the earlier "world", isn't it?
Do you agree with this simple philosophy of life...? 

Please do comment on the story and tell us your views on the subject...! 

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Rajeysha said...

Yes! I think Everyone... who ever even single time, think about life know that...not so called scientist.

But no one want to remember that fact... so that...the world is like that.. that we see..