Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Macho Man and Docile Wife
A Teaching Story

A newly married Male Chauvinist Macho Man used to bully his simple, young, naïve, frail, meek, docile wife into submission, treat her like a slave, make her slog throughout the day by making her do all sorts of work, and made her life miserable by imposing on her his excessive demands and make her submit to his biddings.

Every day he used to threaten her: “You better do this – or else I will do something you won’t like.”

On hearing these ominous words uttered by her fierce looking husband, the terrified submissive wife used to tremble with fear and meekly do whatever work her husband ordered her to do.

One day, totally overcome with fatigue, almost on the verge of collapse, when it became too much for her to bear, the hapless young wife got totally fed up and defiantly, but with tremors of trepidation in her heart, she asked him: “Suppose I don’t do the work you order me to do, tell me, what will you do...?”

Male Chauvinist Macho Man looked self-effacingly at his “docile” wife and said: “If you refuse and don't do the work I order you to do then I will do the work myself...”
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