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A Spoof


The Navy taught me many things. 

One of the things I learnt in the Navy was that an Officer must have Booze OLQ”.

Let me delve into my “Humor in Uniform” Archives  and pull out this post on the subject – for you  once again – one of my select writings from my “The Art of Drinking Alcohol” Series.

Cheers  Enjoy !!!


Alcohol does different things to different people.

Alcohol opens you up.

Alcohol reduces inhibitions.

A few drinks loosen you up and help release your inner pent-up emotions.

Alcohol helps you express feelings which you may have suppressed within you  knowingly or unknowingly.

Alcohol helps bring out what is hidden within you.

If you are happy inside  after a few drinks you will start physically expressing your happiness boisterously and outwardly by laughing, cheer and bonhomie.

When you are in high spirits  you will become more talkative  more expansive and more expressive.

Under the influence of alcohol  you may even articulate your secret unexpressed love  and you become overly romantic and amorous, maybe even sexually expressive.

Alcohol also makes it possible to discover the hidden talents of a person.

Alcohol can help unleash your latent creativity.

You may have noticed that some persons become more creative after imbibing a drink or two  since alcohol unleashes your inhibitions  and releases the music, the poetry, the art, and the creativity hidden within you.

That is why alcohol flows freely during parties and celebrations  since alcohol helps dissolve the walls of inhibitions, self-consciousness and reticence and helps release inhibitions  and amplifies inner emotions, talents, passions, sentiments – inner happiness becomes outer happiness  and the environment is filled with cheer and bonhomie.

But the converse is also true.

By reducing inhibitions  alcohol may bring out the worst in you  by facilitating the release of pent-up negative emotions like anger, envy, dejection, despondency, frustration  and these unleashed amplified negative emotions may result in undesirable, unpleasant and even disastrous consequences.

Have you noticed how  after a few drinks  some people get violent, argumentative, rude  or sometimes melancholic, moody, sullen, depressed, unsociable...

I have always believed in the dictum:

If you want to know the true character of a man  get him drunk.

Once a man is drunk  what is hidden inside him will come out  and his true inner self will be revealed.

And this certainly applies to women who drink too.

During my younger days in the Navy I was quite wary of persons who did not drink.

I remember those golden words engraved on the walls of a Navy Bar:


The fact of the matter is that alcohol can bring out the best in you.

But alcohol can also bring out the worst in you.

In the Navy – and in the Army and Air Force too – as an essential part of Service Etiquette and Social Graces  an Officer is required to have Booze OLQ” 

Let me tell you a story to illustrate what I mean by Booze OLQ”...

THE PICNIC – A Story by Vikram Karve

I once knew an officer who used to get very nasty and quarrelsome after a few drinks.

Of course  I am not going to tell you his real name.

So let’s call him “John”.

Our newly arrived Boss wanted to have a picnic with all officers and families.

So – we decided to have a beach picnic on a Sunday  and I was told to organize the picnic.

I intentionally saw to it that John was not invited to the picnic.

A day before the picnic I briefed the boss regarding the arrangements – transportation, recreation, music, dance, party games, tombola, watersports, fun for children, restrooms and shacks for ladies and gents, bar and food arrangements, seaside barbeque, gifts and presents, everything...

It was going to be a very enjoyable picnic  and we all were going to have a fabulous time.

The boss seemed quite happy.

Then he saw the guest list.

“I don’t see John’s name here,” the boss remarked, “I want all officers and families to attend the picnic – why is John and his family not coming?”

“He has not been invited,” I said.

“John has not been invited? Why? Who took this decision?” my boss asked me.

“I took the decision not to invite John for the picnic, Sir. I feel it is best not to call John for the picnic,” I said.

“You took a decision not to call John for the picnic? Are you crazy? I can’t believe that you could do such a stupid thing. Who the hell do you think you are? What’s wrong with you?” the boss said, looking annoyed.

“I feel it would be best if John did not come for the picnic,” I said.

For a moment – my boss looked at me in disbelief.

Then he asked me, “May I know the reason why you don’t want John and his family to come for the picnic?”

“He cannot hold his drinks, Sir.”

“What do you mean?”

“Sir  there is going to be a lot of beer and alcoholic punches and drinks at the picnic. John invariably gets drunk on such occasions  and when he is drunk he gets very nasty and belligerent. He is sure to misbehave and pick up a fight with someone. Things will become very unpleasant – John will spoil the whole atmosphere  and the picnic will get ruined...” I said.

My boss was furious and he admonished me, “Stop giving me bullshit. I have specially planned this picnic. All officers and their families are attending. How can you exclude John just because of your whims and fancies? Do you have any bloody social graces or not?”

“Sir  please listen …” I tried to plead.

“You – shut up and listen to me. You will make sure that John and his family are present for the picnic. You will personally give him the invitation right now. Is that clear? Do you understand?” my boss commanded me.

“Aye Aye, Sir,” I said, sheepishly.

The beach picnic started on a bright note. 

Everyone – the men, the women, the children, were thoroughly enjoying themselves – dancing, singing, playing, romping on the sands, frolicking on the beach, swimming the blue waters of the sea.

Then  things began to happen exactly as I had anticipated.

Around 11 in the morning – we opened the bar – and started enjoying our drinks – and I could see that John was drinking away and enjoying himself.

Just after noon  around 12:30 in the afternoon – John got drunk and nasty.

First – he picked up a fight with an officer over some trivial issue. 

Then  he got abusive over not being served snacks properly. 

John was staggering unsteadily on his feet  and shouting incoherently.

Seeing that John was visibly drunk and that he was making a fool of himself  his embarrassed wife tried to restrain him from drinking more beer.

She pleaded with him to stop drinking.

She told him that he had drunk too much alcohol already  and he was misbehaving

But this enraged John even further  and he abused and slapped his wife in full public view.

Our Boss tried to reason with John and calm him down. 

But John got belligerent and abusive with the Boss too  and threatened to hit him  and we had to rescue our Boss before John thrashed him.   

The ladies and children were terrified.

John’s wife and children were in tears.

We were all disgusted  and there was an air of unpleasantness.

Then John picked up a bottle of Rum  and he walked to a secluded place on the beach.

John kept drinking  till he drank himself into a stupor.

In the evening  we had to carry a dead-drunk John into the boat. 

John was in a terribly intoxicated state  in a semi-conscious inebriated condition  and beads of sweat formed over his face as he lay sprawled in the boat.

As the boat started sailing over the sea  rolling and pitching  John got violently sick  and he vomited all over the boat.

The disgusting stench of his vomit  and the sight of his vile hideous puke  made everyone sickeningly nauseous.

Everyone was disgusted.

The picnic was a disaster.

Next morning  I went to my boss to show him the picnic accounts.

For some time  we looked at each other in silence.

Then  my boss said to me, “You were right about John. It would have been better if we had avoided calling him for the picnic. He ruined everything by his disgusting behaviour. I feel sorry for his wife and kids  they must be feeling so embarrassed.”

“Sir  I was going to tell you something more that day  but you asked me to shut up…” I said.

“What? You were going to tell me something more that day? What was it? Speak up. Tell me now,” my boss said.

“Sir  it was John’s wife who told me not to invite them for the picnic,” I said.

“What nonsense are you talking? Why should John’s wife not want to come for the picnic?” my boss said.

John’s wife told me that she did not want to come for the picnic  especially with John  as she knew  that after a few drinks  John would misbehave, get nasty, indulge in outrageous antics and spoil the atmosphere  and this would be embarrassing for everyone – and very painful for her and her daughter.”


There is a saying in the Navy:

Officers never get drunk – they only feel nice

This means that a Naval Officer must have Booze OLQ”.

Booze OLQ is an essential aspect of what they call OLQ or “OFFICER LIKE QUALITIES” because drinking alcohol is an essential part of social culture in the defence services where alcohol flows freely on every occasion, every celebration, every party.

In fact – with all so-called “Fauji” facilities and perks extended to civilians – the only perk” that remains exclusive to the defence services is concessional liquor from CSD Canteens (and duty free liquor for the Navy on Ships) – though I hear that even this cheap booze facility is being extended to paramilitary/police and others.

Hence – at least till now – one of the main attractions of joining the “Fauj” is concessional CSD liquor which is an incentive for “Faujis” to drink – especially at an impressionable age when youth join the “Fauj”.

Drinking together is a time tested way of developing camaraderie with your fellow officers and with your men.

So – if you are an officer – you must have Booze OLQ”  you must be able to drink more than your men under the table – and you must be able to hold your liquor.

This is what I call the “Alcohol Test” of OLQ.

Alcohol will make a good officer feel nice  never nasty.

But if a person gets nasty, unpleasant, disagreeable and ill-tempered after a few drinks  then that person is not fit to be a Naval Officer  because he has failed in the “Alcohol Test” of OLQ – and hence does not possess Booze OLQ.

Yes  only an individual who feels nice after a substantial number of has Booze OLQ”.

A person who gets nasty after a few drinks does not have OLQ and is not fit to be an officer.

Maybe they should introduce the “Alcohol OLQ Test” at SSB to test and confirm Booze OLQ”.


Cheers  have a drink  as long as you feel “nice”  and not nasty.

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