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Musings on the Mystery of Marriage

Long back, when we were carefree bachelors, we had a senior, who was much married.

Let us call him “X”. 

Though “X” was married, he spent every evening with us bachelors at the club.

“X” would arrive at the club punctually at 7 in the evening.

He would play billiards with us, then come to the bar and drink with us till closing time, late into the night.

After enjoying the entire evening at the club, “X” would go home to his wife, almost at midnight.

This was his routine every evening.

We felt sad for his wife. 

We felt pity for her at the terrible shoddy manner in which her “misogynist” husband “X” treated her

“X” took his docile wife for granted.

He went out every night to have a good time while his hapless wife had to spend her lonely evenings at home.

Every evening his devoted wife would dutifully wait for her husband “X” to come back around midnight to have dinner.

One evening “X” did not turn up at club. 

We probably thought he was unwell. 

But when he did not come to club for three successive evenings we decided to go to his house and see if things were okay. 

We were taken aback to see “X” sitting all alone in the darkness.

In his hand “X” was nursing a drink which he did not seem to be enjoying. 

“X” seemed to be in a state of melancholy.

We asked him what was the matter with him.

We asked him why he had not come to the club in the evenings as usual for the past three days.

“X” simply said that his wife had gone to her mother’s place for a few days and he was feeling lonely and miserable. 

We asked to come with us to the club and cheer up. 

We told him that since he was feeling lonely, spending some time in our company enjoying a few drinks would surely raise his spirits and help him forget his loneliness and cheer him up.

Surprisingly“X” refused to come to the club with us, saying that he was not in the mood, and wanted to be left alone.

For many days, “X” did not come to the club.

Then, suddenly, one evening we found “X” entering the club promptly at 7 in the evening.

“My wife has come back,” he said happily.

And then “X” thoroughly enjoyed the evening with us and staggered home happily drunk at midnight.

For “X” it was back to the good old days.

Every evening “X” would arrive at the club at 7 and spend his time with us bachelors, enjoying himself thoroughly till midnight.

It was indeed strange but true, the moment his wife returned, “X” was back to his old ways. 

Every day, punctually at 7, he was seen in the evening at the club enjoying himself thoroughly till midnight.

As usual, “X” would leave his wife at home and he was back to his familiar routine of enjoying his time with us bachelors at the club. 

We never understood the extremes of his behaviour.

When his wife was present, “X” seemed to be bored of his married life, so he left his wife behind at home and went out to the club to enjoy a good time with us.

When his wife went away, he was filled with misery and despair and spent his time brooding alone at home in lonely melancholy, longing for his wife to come back. 

And the moment his wife returned, “X” was back to his old ways, leaving his wife all alone at home while he went off to enjoy his evening at the club with us bachelor boys, as was his routine.

I never understood this amusing paradox of his marital relationship.

Over the years, I have noticed many such inexplicable mysteries in marriage relationships.

That is why, even after more than 31 years of married life, I always say:

Marriage is a mystery and every marital relationship is unique in its own way

Do you agree?

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