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“FAMILY PLANNING” – Fiction Short Story


Fiction Short Story




Circa 1970’s





“They are not going to chop off your balls…” I said to Horny, “it’s just a minor incision…”

“No. No. I don’t want to do it…” Horny pleaded, in an apprehensive voice.

“It’s not “castration” – it’s a simple vasectomy…” I said to him.

“I am enjoying a good sex life…” he said, “I don’t want anyone meddling over there…”

“Your sex life won’t be affected – in fact – your sex life will improve…” I said, trying to assure him.

“Improve…? How…?” he asked, still unconvinced.

“You will ejaculate normally – only – your semen won’t have sperm – so – there will be no fear of pregnancy – so – you can enjoy unrestrained sex…” I said, trying to convince him.

But – Horny wouldn’t budge.

“I don’t want to do this vasectomy operation…” he said, with a tone of finality.

“Okay…” I said, “I’ll have to tell the CO…”


It all started with that letter on “Family Planning” from Headquarters.

The letter said that all married personnel with two or more children were to be “motivated” to get sterilized.

The Commanding Officer (CO) was required to forward a “completion report” within 15 days.

On our ship – there were quite a few potential “candidates” – most had 2 children – a few had 3 children – and “Horny” topped the list with 4 children.


“You’ve got four children…!!!” the CO bellowed at Horny.

“Sir – it’s not my fault…” Horny said to the CO.

“What do you mean “it’s not your fault”…? You made your wife pregnant – didn’t you…? Or – is someone else screwing your wife…?” the CO shouted at Horny.

“No, Sir – we had two daughters – we wanted a son – so – we took a 3rd chance – and – twins were born – what can I do, Sir – I expected a son – but – I got twins…” Horny said to the CO.

“Twins…? Both daughters…?” the CO asked Horny – looking curious.

“One Son and One Daughter…” Horny said.

“So now you have three daughters and one son…?” the CO asked Horny.

“Yes, Sir…” Horny said.

“That’s good. Your desire to have a son is fulfilled. Now – just get that “family planning operation” done pronto – okay…?” the CO said to Horny.

‘Sir – I don’t want to…” Horny was speaking – when the CO rudely interrupted him.

“What do you mean “You don’t want to”…? You will bloody well have to do it – that’s an order – do you understand…?” the CO thundered angrily at Horny, “Now – get out my sight – you will get the “family planning operation” done immediately – do you understand…? If you don’t obey – you’ll be up shit creek – I’ll screw the hell out of you…”

The CO gave Horny a threatening glare as Horny saluted the CO and left the CO’s cabin.


After Horny had left – the CO looked at me.

“Tell me – “Doc” – what about the others…?” the CO asked me.

“Sir – I have made a list of all officers and sailors with 2 or more children – some have already undergone vasectomy – like you, Sir…” I said to the CO.

“I know that…” the CO shouted, “what about the others…?”

“Sir – all those who are unsterilized – they are being “motivated” – most of them have agreed…” I said to the CO.

“And when are you going to get the job done…? I have to submit a “completion report” to Headquarters – they are taking it very seriously…” the CO said to me.

“Sir – there is a special sterilization camp in the Dockyard Dispensary tomorrow – I have already spoken to the Dockyard Medical Officer – he is my batchmate…” I said to the CO.

“That’s good…” the CO said, “You will personally march all those “eligible” buggers to the Sterilization Camp and get them “chop-chopped” – do you understand…?” the CO said to me.

“Aye Aye, Sir…” I said to the CO, “they are eligible for 3 days SIQ after vasectomy, Sir…”

“Give them 5 days SIQ – I don’t care …” the CO said, “but I want the job done 100% – all buggers with two or more children are to be sterilized by tomorrow evening – I want to be the first CO to send a 100% completion report to Headquarters…”


Dear Reader – if you are aware of the situation in the 1970’s – when this story happened – you may understand why the CO was so anxious about rendering the “completion report” on implementation of family planning norms.

The family planning drive was enforced with full “enthusiasm”.

At first – “small family norms” were encouraged – and – there were slogans like “Small Family Happy Family and “Hum Do – Humare Do” [We Two (Parents) and Our Two (Children)] etc.

Initially – birth control measures like condoms, contraceptive pills, IUDs (copper-T) etc. were propagated – to have a gap between children – and – sterilization (popularly known as “nasbandi”) was encouraged for those with two or more children – and – various incentives like special increments in pay, family planning allowances, subsidies etc. were offered to those who got themselves sterilized.

Later – though on paper – family planning measures were voluntary and there was no forced sterilization – disincentives were introduced to those who refused to adopt “small family norms” – also – “coercive tactics” were sometimes used – and “sterilization targets” were given to organizations.

An example of these “family planning tactics” was the letter which had landed on the CO’s table directing that all married personnel with two or more children were to be “motivated” to get sterilized and a “completion report” was required to be submitted.

It may not be true – but – there were rumors that some organizations had given individual targets to officers – each officer was required to “sponsor” at least two individuals for sterilization otherwise pay was withheld.

In short – there was immense pressure to get all married persons with two or more children adopt permanent family planning measures (sterilization)





The next evening – after the “sterilization camp” – I reported to the CO.

“Sir – the sterilization drive has been completed successfully – all vasectomy operations were done today…” I said to him.

“Excellent – Well Done…” the CO said to me, “I want you to immediately send a “completion report” that 100% of personnel with two or more children have been sterilized – also – attach a list of those who have been sterilized today at the camp…”

I looked at the CO – hesitating to give him the “bad news”.

“Sir…?” I mumbled – with a bit of trepidation.

“What is it…?” the CO asked me.

“Sir – Horny…” I hesitated.

“What about Horny…?” the CO asked me – raising his eyebrow.

“Sir – he refused to get the vasectomy done…” I said to the CO.

On hearing this – the CO got furious and blew up into an angry rage.

“That bugger is going to screw my ACR…” the CO shouted at me.

“Sir – if he doesn’t want to get sterilized – let him be – Sir – I haven’t understood how it is going to affect your ACR…” I said to the CO.

“Are you dumb or something…? Next year is my promotion board – this is my last ACR before the promotion board – a critical ACR – we are a large batch of Captains and there are very few vacancies of Rear Admiral – extremely stiff competition – just one negative point can ruin my chances of promotion – it will look bad to the “higher ups” if I am the only CO has not been able to implement “Family Planning Directives”. It will reflect poorly on my leadership and command ability. They will think that I lack motivational skills. Do you understand…?” the CO said to me.

“Yes, Sir…” I said to the CO.

“I don’t want my career ruined just because of one obstinate bugger…” the CO said, “I want Horny to be sterilized tomorrow – I don’t care how you do it – in fact – why don’t you do his vasectomy in the sick bay right now…?”

“Me, Sir…?” I said, surprised.

“Why not…? It’s a simple operation – isn’t it…?” the CO said to me.

“Yes, Sir – but I don’t know if I am authorized…” I was speaking – when the CO interrupted me.

“Then – get the bloody authority – I see in the news that everyone is doing “nasbandi” operations – even nurses are doing it – you are a bloody doctor – you just get hold of that bugger Horny, take him to the sick-bay and do his “nasbandi” chop-chop – you will get it done pronto – that’s my bloody order – do you understand…? And – the “completion report” must go to Headquarters tomorrow…” the CO said firmly.

“Aye Aye, Sir…” I said to the CO.

“You will do Horny’s “nasbandi” today – do you understand…? If you can’t do it – learn from someone – otherwise – I will send you back to medical college for a bloody “rescrub” …” the CO said to me in a threatening voice.

“Yes, Sir – it will be done today…” I said, trying to assuage his anger.

“Good. I’ll tell the XO to put some sense into Horny’s head – and – Horny is not to proceed ashore till he is sterilized…” the CO said to me.

“Yes, Sir…” I said to the CO.

I saluted the CO – and I walked out of his cabin.





The XO called Horny to his cabin and told him that he could not leave the ship and proceed ashore till his “nasbandi” (vasectomy) was done.

Then – all officers were called to the Wardroom to “motivate” Horny to “volunteer” for sterilization.

“Listen, Horny – it’s a simple procedure – I had my vasectomy done last year – and I am absolutely fit and fine…” the XO tried to convince Horny.

“No, Sir – I don’t want them tampering with my balls and cutting them up – I’m scared…” Horny said.

“No one is going to cut your balls…” I assured Horny, “just two small incisions – the small tubes in your scrotum that carry sperm are cut and blocked – so that your sperm can’t leave your body and cause pregnancy…”

Horny looked alarmed on hearing this – and he spoke excitedly.

“What…? My sperm can’t leave my balls…? Tell me – if all the sperm remains in there – won’t my balls get overfull, swollen and bloated…? Bloody Hell…!!! It’s scary – I don’t want those bloody quacks buggering up my sex system which is functioning perfectly…” Horny said – his voice full of anxiety.

“Nothing of that sort happens…” I said to Horny, “the sperm will be absorbed by the body – you will ejaculate as you do now – nothing will change – you will be able to have sex as you do now – in fact – you can start having sex within a week of sterilization…”

“One week…? Are you saying that I can start having sex within one week of the operation…?” Horny said, looking sceptical.

“Yes…” the XO said, “You can have carefree unrestrained sex. In fact – my sex life improved after vasectomy…”

Everyone tried to “motivate” Horny.

“There are a lot of financial incentives for sterilization – you will get special increments of pay, family planning allowances etc if you get yourself sterilized…” the money-minded Supply Officer said.

“I am not interested in money…” Horny said.

“I read somewhere that they are giving a transistor and a blanket to all those getting sterilized…” some smart-aleck piped up.

“I have already got a transistor radio and plenty of blankets at home…” Horny said.

“They are making a list of people who don’t adopt “small family norms” – you are supposed to have only two children – and already you have four children – you have to adopt some “birth control measures” – otherwise you may get your wife pregnant again…” the XO said.

“I am adopting a birth control method…” Horny said – emphatically.

“What birth control technique are you adopting…? What precautions are you taking to ensure that your wife doesn’t get pregnant again…?” I asked him.

“I don’t want to tell you – it is my private matter…” Horny said.

“Whatever you are doing – it is not reliable – vasectomy is the only permanent solution…” I said to Horny.

We tried our best to convince Horny to have a vasectomy – but – Horny wouldn’t budge.

Horny bluntly told us that he wasn’t going to have the vasectomy done.

“Listen, Horny…” the XO said threateningly to Horny, “you have four children when the upper limit is two – if you don’t get yourself sterilized – your promotion may be stopped – they may even throw you out of the Navy…”

“I don’t care if they don’t promote me – and – if they throw me out – I’ll get another job – but – I am not going to let anyone touch my balls…” Horny said – in a determined voice.

After saying this – Horny walked out of the Wardroom and went down to his cabin.


The XO looked at us – he seemed worried.

“This is getting serious…” he said, “the “Old Man” has given me clear-cut orders that Horny’s “nasbandi” is to be completed today…”

“Sir – but he is unwilling…” I said to the XO.

The Gunnery Officer gave a wicked smile.

“Let’s get him drunk – or better still – I’ll spike his drink and “Mickey Finn” him – and when he unconscious – “Doc” can take him down to the sick-bay and do the “chop chop” – or – “Doc” can do his vasectomy right here in the Wardroom…” the Gunnery Officer suggested.

“No. No. We can’t do that…” I said, “he has to volunteer – he has to give his willingness for sterilization…”

“Well – either he volunteers – or – he will be forced to volunteer…” the XO said, “I read in the newspapers that they are doing “forced sterilization” of people like Horny who have more than two children…”

“Sir – I am not going to do these unethical things…” I said firmly – and – I walked out of the Wardroom.





I went down to Horny’s cabin – he was lying down on his bunk – looking fretful.

“I don’t want to talk to anyone…” Horny said angrily, “you buggers leave me alone…”

“Please Horny – I am your friend – I am not going to ask to do anything against your will – it is your choice…” I said – trying to soothe him.

“I am going to request for an immediate transfer from this ship…” he said, looking distressed.

I observed that Horny looked quite distraught and I didn’t want him resorting to desperate measures – so – I decided to drive some sense into his head.

“They will hound you everywhere – this “family planning” drive is becoming a serious affair – you have four children already – you have to adopt birth control methods…” I said to him.

“I am adopting a birth control method…” he said.

“What birth control method do you practice…?” I asked him, “Do you use Condoms…?”

“No – I “pull out” at the right time…” he said.

“You “pull out” before ejaculation – well – the “withdrawal method” is most unreliable – it doesn’t always work…” I said to him.

“I will make it work…” Horny said to me, “now – I am feeling tired – you please go away and leave me alone…”

“Okay…” I said – and – I left his cabin.


I decided to go ashore – take a walk on the jetty in the refreshing sea breeze to perk myself up.

There – I met my batchmate – he was the Medical Officer on a sister ship of my squadron.

I hadn’t seen him for a few days – so – I asked him if he had gone on leave.

“I was sent to run a bloody sterilization camp – it’s like a bloody factory conveyer belt – the way they are getting buggers sterilized - I have become such an expert that I can do a vasectomy with my eyes closed…” my batchmate said.

I told my batchmate about Horny.

“I have a feeling that Horny will make his wife pregnant again…” I said to my batchmate.

“Doesn’t he use birth control measures…?” my batchmate asked me.

“You will be surprised to hear this – Horny told me that he uses “coitus interruptus” as a birth control technique – he doesn’t like to use condoms as he feels that they reduce pleasurable sensation…” I said to my batchmate.

My batchmate smiled at me.

“No wonder he’s got four children…” my batchmate remarked, “and if he continues the same way – he’ll have many more – he better get himself sterilized…”

“I told him – but he is adamant – he says that he will “pull out” at the right time – he has gone crazy – he thinks “coitus interruptus” is the best birth control technique…” I said to my batchmate.

My batchmate laughed and started speaking:

“You will be surprised if I tell you the crazy ideas people have about birth control methods – there was this bloody pervert – the bugger thought that…”

I saw Horny walking towards us – so I held up my finger to my lips and indicated to my batchmate to stop speaking.

I had guessed what my batchmate was going to say – and – I didn’t want Horny to get wrong ideas about birth control into his head and try to experiment those perverted methods.

As it is – the “coitus interruptus” he was doing was bad enough.

Horny smiled at my batchmate.

Then – looked at me and spoke.

“I am going home…” he said.

“You are not supposed to go ashore…” I said to Horny.

“I don’t care – I am feeling stressed – I need a bloody screw…” Horny said – and – he walked away.

“The guy is going bonkers…” my batchmate said to me.

“Yes…” I said, “he is becoming “psycho” – hope the CO doesn’t initiate AFMSF-10 on him and send him to the psychiatric ward…”

“Those “shrinks” may even get him sterilized over there…” my batchmate laughed.

We talked for some time.

I told him that my CO wanted me to do Horny’s vasectomy.

My batchmate – who was now a sterilization expert – told me that vasectomy was a simple procedure and offered to do Horny’s vasectomy.

“It’s very simple – they have issued an illustrated manual too – just look at diagrams and follow the instructions – in case you want my help – I’ll come over and do the vasectomy in your sick-bay…” he said to me.

I thanked him – and we walked back to our respective ships – tied alongside each other – on the jetty.





Next morning – we – XO and Me – we were summoned to the Captain’s cabin.

Slimy was standing there with our Captain (CO)

The CO looked at us sardonically and spoke in a derisive tone of voice.

“Slimy has done what you buggers couldn’t do – he has convinced Horny to get his “nasbandi” done…” the CO said to us.

“What…?” I said, surprised – and then – I looked at Slimy and asked him, “How did you manage to convince Horny…?”

“My wife talked to Horny’s wife and my wife convinced Horny’s wife to deny sex to Horny till he gets himself sterilized…” Slimy said, “and – it worked – Horny is ready to get himself sterilized…”

“I can’t believe it…!” I said, incredulous.

“I am Horny’s course-mate – and I know how crazy he is for sex – now – Horny wasn’t nicknamed “Horny” just like that – he had everyone in awe by his tremendous libido and sex drive – that’s why we nicknamed him “Horny” during our cadet days…” Slimy said to me.

“Yes – course-mates know everything…” I said to Slimy.

Slimy gave me a canny smile and spoke.

“And – to make doubly sure that Horny remains “motivated” – we have sent Horny’s wife to her mother’s place – and – she has told him that she will come back only after he gets himself sterilized…” Slimy said, with an air of triumph.

“That’s good thinking…” the CO said to Slimy.

“Yes…” I said to Slimy, “you achieved what we couldn’t do…”

Slimy gave me a smug smile and spoke.

“Actually – Horny’s wife told my wife that she is always worried that she may get pregnant since Horny doesn’t use any precautions…” Slimy said.

“Yes – Yes – I know that – Horny told me everything – he “pulls out” at the last moment – it’s a very unreliable birth control method…” I said to Slimy.

The XO looked at Slimy.

“Tell me – how exactly did your wife manage to convince Horny’s wife to tell Horny to get sterilized…” the XO asked Slimy.

Slimy gave the XO a perspicacious look and spoke.

“Well – my wife told Horny’s wife that how her sex life had become terrific after I had got myself sterilized…” Slimy said, unashamedly.

“That’s good thinking…” the CO said to Slimy, “well done – to you and to your wife…”

As usual – Slimy had succeeded in “one-upmanship” – no wonder he was the CO’s “blue-eyed boy”.

Then – the CO looked at me and spoke in a stern voice.

“Now listen “Doc” – I don’t want any “fuck ups” – I want the job done immediately – you take Horny to the sick-bay right now – and – “chop chop” – before you can say “Jack Robinson”…!!!” the CO said to me.

“Aye Aye, Sir…” I said to the CO – I saluted – and – I exited from his cabin.


I found Horny sitting in the wardroom – reading the newspaper.

“Let’s go…” I said to Horny.

“Where…?” Horny asked me.

“To the sick-bay…” I said to him, “to do your vasectomy…”

“Who is going to do it…?” he asked, with an apprehensive look.

“I am going to do it – don’t worry – it is an easy procedure and will be over in half an hour…” I said to Horny.

“You…? You are going to do it…?” Horny looked at me with trepidation, “How may operations have you done…?”

“Well – I haven’t done a vasectomy so far – but it is simple – I know the procedure…” I said to Horny.

“Am I a bloody “Guinea Pig”…? You want to experiment on me…? If you botch it up – I’ll become impotent for life…” Horny shouted at me.

“Okay – Okay – I will call my batchmate from the neighbouring ship – he a sterilization expert – he has done hundreds of vasectomy procedures…” I said – to assuage Horny’s anxiety.

Then – I took Horny to the sick-bay.

I sent the Sick Berth Attendant (Medical Assistant) to the neighbouring ship to call my batchmate.

My batchmate arrived within a few minutes.

I watched as my batchmate deftly perform the vasectomy on Horny.

The procedure was over in less than 30 minutes – and we told Horny to take rest for some time in the sick-bay.

I thanked my batchmate – who left for his ship – soon after Horny’s vasectomy was done.

I told the Medical Assistant to prepare a 3-Day SIQ (Sick-in-Quarter) Slip and Sterilization Certificate for Horny – and – I went up to the Captain’s Cabin to give him the good news.





“Sir – Horny’s vasectomy has been done…” I said to the Captain (CO)

“Excellent – so now – we can say that 100% of all those eligible have been sterilized…” he asked me.

“Yes, Sir…” I said to the CO

“Very Good – make the “completion report” and deliver it by hand to the Command Medical Officer (CMO) today…” the CO said to me.

“Aye Aye, Sir…” I said.

“Send copies to the Fleet Commander, NHQ etc…” he said.

“Yes, Sir…” I said.

“Was this the first “nasbandi” operation done on board a ship…?” the CO asked me.

“I don’t know, Sir – but it is possible – since most vasectomies are being done in sterilization camps in hospitals and dispensaries ashore…” I said to the CO.

“You just write it down in the report – that this was the first time a sterilization operation has been done in a sick-bay on board a ship…” the CO said, “this will enhance the good name of our ship…”

Yes, Sir…” I said.

“I will tell the C-in-C that we will do sterilization operations at sea while sailing too – floating “nasbandi” camps…” the CO said.

I smiled to myself – our CO was really going all out to earn “Brownie Points” which would contribute to his ACR

I saw the CO smiling at me with a rather smug expression.

“I am going to recommend you for a commendation too…” the CO said to me.

Me…? Commendation…?” I said – taken aback.

“You are the first Navy Doctor to perform a “nasbandi” in a sick-bay of a ship – you deserve a commendation…” the CO said to me.

“Sir – I really don’t know if they have done vasectomy procedure in any ship’s sick-bay – and – actually – even here – my batchmate did the vasectomy procedure while I watched…” I said, truthfully.

“That doesn’t matter – you are the Ship’s Medical Officer in charge of the Sick-Bay where the “nasbandi” was done – and – your batchmate – that bugger is running a bloody “nasbandi” camp – isn’t it…? Let them recommend him…” the CO said.

“Yes, Sir…” I said to the CO.

Now – get cracking – I want the “nasbandi” completion report delivered today by hand to the CMO by you personally…” the CO said to me.

“Aye Aye, Sir…” I said to the CO.

I saluted – came out of his cabin – and went to the sick-bay.

Horny seemed okay.

I gave him his copy of the Sterilization Certificate and the 3 Days SIQ slip.

“You take rest for 3 days – I’ll send a copy of the sterilization certificate to the Supply Officer so that he can initiate the process for your family planning special increments, allowances, incentives etc…” I said to Horny.

Horny thanked me and left the sick-bay.

I told the Sick-Bay “Writer” to make the completion report letter and add the points mentioned by the CO.

“Sir – should we ask for transistors and blankets for the sterilized personnel…?” the Sick-Bay “Writer” asked me, “I heard in the radio news that they are giving…”

“Okay – Okay – put it in the letter…” I said, “do it quickly – I have to deliver the letter by hand personally to the CMO today…”


PS: One month later – the transistors arrived – one each for every “victim” who had undergone sterilization. However – we didn’t receive any blankets.


It was a “Win-Win” situation for everyone – for the CO – for Me as the Ship’s Medical Officer – for our Ship – for the “Family Planning Movement” etc. – but – most importantly – it was a “Win-Win” for Horny and his Wife.

Horny told us that his libido and sex drive had improved after the vasectomy.

But – it was Horny’s wife who seemed to be most happy.

Slimy told me that Horny’s wife confided to Slimy’s wife (her best friend) that her sex life had improved tremendously after Horny’s vasectomy and she was having terrific orgasms.

The radiant glow on her face was a testimony to her happy and fulfilling sex life.

She confided that she was enjoying carefree sex because there was no fear of pregnancy.

“Since there is no fear of pregnancy – I can really enjoy carefree sex…” Horny’s wife had said to her best friend Slimy’s wife.

Earlier – the constant fear of getting pregnant while having sex was spoiling her enjoyment of lovemaking and Horny’s sudden “Pulling Out” (coitus interruptus) was preventing her from having unrestrained orgasms.

A “Win Win” Situation for all.

As they say – All’s Well that Ends Well


But – Dear Reader – does the story end here…?

Not quite.

Here is what happened 10 years later.







Dear Reader – as I told you earlier – vasectomy had boosted Horny’s “libido” – and – thanks to this heightened sex drive – Horny started having sexual conquests.

Most of his sexual peccadilloes were casual affairs – or – “one-night stands”.

But – his latest affair seemed to be a serious one – Horny had moved in with the woman and was living with her for nearly a month.

Horny’s wife panicked – and – she asked me to intervene.

Instead of wasting my time trying to drive sense into Horny’s head – which many people had already tried to do – but in vain – I decided to meet the woman (Horny’s “live in” girlfriend) – and – appeal to her conscience and better sense – to let go of Horny – so that he could return to his wife and family.


I discreetly visited Horny’s “live in” girlfriend’s flat when Horny had gone out.

I introduced myself and I spoke to Horny’s girlfriend.

“He is a married man – he has four children…” I said to her.

“I know – I have seen his wife and children – he has such beautiful children…” she said.

“I don’t think he will divorce his wife…” I said to her.

“I am not asking him to divorce his wife…” she said to me.

“Then – what do you want…?” I asked her.

“I want a child from him – he is so handsome – I am good looking and healthy too – we will have a lovely baby together…” she said to me.

“You are unmarried – aren’t you…? But you still want a baby…?” I said to her.

“It doesn’t matter – in my country it’s okay to be an unmarried single mother – no one asks for the name of the father…” she said.

“Have you told him all this…?” I asked her.

“Of course, not – I don’t want complications later – I will leave him and go back to my country when I am pregnant – and I will break all contact with him – he won’t even know about the baby…” she said.

“Are you sure he will make you pregnant…?” I asked her.

“Of course, I’ll get pregnant – we are having so much unrestrained sex – I am absolutely in my peak – and – he is such a virile man…” she said, with an air of confidence.

“Virile…?” I asked, trying to suppress my surprise.

“Oh yes – he is a terrific lover – we have amazing sex…” she said, “and he has produced four healthy children – hasn’t he…?”


I wondered whether I should tell her – but – I decided that it was best to keep silent.


The woman looked at me – and she spoke.

“Tell his wife that I don’t intend stealing her husband – I want a child from him, that’s all – I will leave him the moment I get pregnant – and go away forever – and he can go back to his wife…” she said with a smile.


Then – she got up from her chair – she walked to the door – opened it – and she indicated that I should leave.


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