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Mindfulness – Part 1

Part 1

Spirituality, Meditation and Art of Living had become the “in thing”.

Courses on the Art of Living were proliferating all over and every one was rushing to attain instant happiness, inner peace, nirvana and bliss.

A wise old man, a teacher, living in the neighbourhood announced that he would teach instant Art of Living free of cost.

On the first day he drew a huge crowd.

“What do you all want to achieve…?” the teacher asked the audience.

“Inner peace, tranquility and true happiness…” everyone shouted in unison.

“For that you have to attain enlightenment…” the teacher said.

“How…?” the audience asked.

“By practicing the Art of Living…” the teacher said.

“How do you practice the Art of Living…? Please teach us…” the audience asked the teacher eagerly.

“It is simple – just eat and sleep…” the teacher said, “you can practice the art of living by eating and by sleeping.”

“What nonsense…!” the astounded audience exclaimed.

“Yes…” said the teacher nonchalantly, “When Hungry, Eat and When Tired, Sleep – that is the Art of Living”.

“Everybody does that…!” shouted the audience.

“No. Everybody does not Eat when they Eat. And – Everybody does not Sleep when they Sleep…” the teacher said calmly, “but – when I eat – I only eat – and – when I sleep – I only sleep. That is the Art of Living I practice – I live in the present moment fully focused on whatever I am doing with full awareness.”

This is the essence of “mindfulness” .

Never “Multitask”.

Do one thing at a time.

And – be fully focused on the thing you are doing – so that you do it with full awareness.

You can start practicing mindfulness with your daily activities – like eating.

When you eat – only eat – no distractions – no TV – no talking etc.

Put your food in your mouth – close your eyes – focus all your senses on the food on your tongue – savour the taste and roll the food on your tongue till the food melts and dissolves within you.

Do this for the complete meal – and you have learnt eating with mindfulness.

Extend mindfulness to other activities.

Suppose you are watching a TV Show/Movie – just watch the TV Show/Movie – no distractions.

Switch off your mobile phone and tell others not to disturb you.

You can hear Music mindfully too.

Close your eyes and focus on the Music – the melody – the lyrics – the rhythm – listen mindfully with full awareness – and the music will be absorbed into you.

Once you learn mindfulness – you can apply it to all activities – at work and in personal life too. 

In a nutshell – mindfulness means doing one thing at a time – and totally focusing on what you are doing. 

Never “Multitask”. 

“Multitasking” destroys mindfulness. 

Mindfulness is Easy – you have to just start practicing it. 


To Be Continued in Part 2...

In Part 2 – I shall tell you about my experiments with mindfulness – pros and cons – facilitators and barriers etc.

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