Monday, July 27, 2020

Emotional Thinking

Musings of a Veteran

There is a saying:

“When emotion comes in at the door – truth flies out of the window…”

Emotions affect our thinking process.

Politicians are adept at swaying our emotions to obscure the truth.

Once your emotions are aroused – you may not be able to think in a logical and impartial manner.

Politicians appeal to your emotions to manipulate your thought process – and to influence you to their point of view – indeed – to prejudice you to their ideology.

Skillful politicians may succeed in arousing and swaying your emotions to such an extent – that you may totally lose your ability to think in a clear, logical and dispassionate manner – and tend to become biased and prejudiced – even to the extent of bigotry. 

In extremis – if you are emotionally vulnerable – politicians may emotionally inflame you and incite you to indulge in actions and deeds as per their wishes – which may harm you in the long run.

Hence – you must be careful and remain emotionally balanced – and not allow others to emotionally manipulate you – and destroy your ability to think and act in a coherent and rational manner.

Dear Reader – let’s come back to the saying:

“When emotion comes in at the door – truth flies out of the window…”

Dear Reader:

Imagine that your brain is like a room – with a door and a window.

The moment “Emotion” comes into the “room” (your brain) from the door – “Truth” flies out of the window of the “room” – and your brain is filled with the turmoil of emotion – and you unable to think clearly in a logical and dispassionate manner.

“Truth” and “Facts” are the first casualties when emotions rule the roost.

Sometimes – you may get emotional yourself due to events and circumstances.

But sometimes – others may emotionally manipulate you – – and destroy your ability to think and act in a coherent and rational manner – and to “brainwash” you think in a prejudiced and biased manner – which they want – with the ultimate aim to “indoctrinate” you into their way of thinking and ideology.

You see this phenomenon on the social media too.

Manipulators try to arouse your emotions to prevent you from thinking in a dispassionate manner so that you are unable to deduce a logical and impartial conclusion – and influence you into reaching the biased conclusions – as per their ideology – which they want you to reach.

Over time – if you get into the habit of thinking “emotionally” rather than dispassionately – your entire way of thinking may become coloured (subjective, biased and prejudiced) rather than transparent (objective, logical and unbiased).

Whereas “Rational Thinking” creates an “Intellectual Society” which welcomes all shades of opinion and the discourse is based on logical arguments – “Emotional Thinking” may result in creation of a “Polarized Society” with “Black and White” opinions – where anyone with a contrarian view is treated as an “adversary” – a “for” versus “against” type of atmosphere – where bigotry rules the roost.

Dear Reader:

Don’t you see this on the TV Debates every evening – and on the Social Media – especially on Twitter…?  

You must always be on your guard not to fall prey to “emotional thinking” so that you retain your cognitive ability to think in a discerning manner – clearly, logically, coherently and rationally.



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