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Hot Cocktails – Two Tea Based Hot Cocktails

Two Hot Cocktails to Warm Your Spirits on a Cold Winter Day

What do you drink to warm your insides on a cold damp winter day...? 

A cup of Tea...? 

That’s good. 

How about fortifying your “Cuppa Tea” to make it more “spirited”...? 

Yes – let’s us fortify your tea with something stronger.

Here are two recipes for Tea Based Hot Cocktails from my Foodie Archives. 

(Disclaimer: Try these recipes at your own risk) 


1. Whisky Tea Toddy 

2. Rum Toddy 

Take your pick… 


Here is one of my favourite “Hot Cocktails” – a rousing Whisky Tea Toddy – just the right thing to fire you up inside out on the dampest of days and coldest of nights – a recipe breathtaking in its simplicity. 


By the way  I am sure you know that there are five ways of making a cocktail

1. Layering

2. Building

3. Blending

4. Shaking

5. Stirring

Whisky Tea Toddy Cocktail is made by “Building”. 

Yes – we will “build” our Whisky Tea Toddy  which means that we will pour the ingredients directly in a large mug (or a glass tumbler) – one by one  strictly in the order given in the recipe below. 



Brew one cup of steaming hot tea.

It is best to have Orange Pekoe Tea Leaves steeped for 5 minutes. 

(Orange Pekoe Tea is the highest grade of tea. 

Orange Pekoe (OP) is black tea of the highest quality. 

Orange Pekoe Tea contains new flush tea leaves – the youngest and tenderest leaves – young leaves picked with the bud from the plant – and – the highest grade of Orange Pekoe tea includes only the bud and must be picked by hand to avoid bruising. 

Orange Pekoe Tea is supposed to have many health benefits too. 

You can visit your Tea-Store and ask for Orange Pekoe Tea – or – buy branded Orange Pekoe Tea too. 

Among Orange Pekoe – Flowery Orange Pekoe Teas are of higher quality – Golden Flowery and Tippy Flowery even higher and – Super Fine Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe Grade1 (SFTGFOP1) is the crème de la crème of Teas. 

But remember – Orange Pekoe is a loose leaf tea and it is never sold in Tea Bags. 

Pre-Packaged Tea Bags contain Broken Orange Pekoe (BOP) – or – Orange Pekoe Dust or Fannings (small pieces of tea left over from the processing of full leaf teas). Small Pieces of Tea are preferred in Tea Bags because they have a much faster brewing time than loose leaf tea. Tea Bags also use Crush Tear Curl (CTC) Tea due to its strength, consistent flavour and fast infusion time). 

So – if you are a connoisseur” of Tea  if you prefer flavour and aroma – then – it is best to use Orange Pekoe (OP) Tea. 

Otherwise – you can use your usual “boiled” CTC tea – if you want your Tea strong and rejuvenating.

Strain and keep the tea brew piping hot on the stove or in a vacuum flask. 


Now let us “Build” our Whisky Toddy Cocktail.

1. First  pour a generous spoon of Honey into a glass (or mug). Let the honey settle at the bottom of the glass.

2. Add a large peg of Whisky. (60 ml) 

3. Optional Ingredient (Lemon Juice

The person who taught me this recipe liked to squeeze in a wee bit of lemon juice  but I prefer it without the lemon juice – you can experiment and see for yourself  but if you do – add just a very few drops. 

Remember  just add the drops of lemon juice. 

Do Not Stir at this stage and ruin the Cocktail (Remember – you have to “build” your Cocktail first)

4. Pour in the steaming hot brewed Tea

Now that you have “built up” your Cocktail – you can give it a light stir to enable all the ingredients to mix – a very light stir – not a vigorous stir or shake. 

Now – cuddle up on your warm sofa and sip the invigorating Tea Toddy.

Close your eyes  focus on your insides as the hot whisky toddy goes down inside you  and experience how it warms you inside out.

If you prefer  try a large peg of Brandy instead of Whisky  but do not substitute Rum in lieu of the Whisky.

Rum Toddy is made differently – this cocktail is “blended” (and not “built”) – and you will really have  to “spice it up”.

I am giving below the recipe for Rum Toddy.


(A Spicy Cocktail with Tea, Rum and Brandy)

1. Brew one cup of steaming hot tea (orange pekoe steeped for 5 minutes if you prefer the flavour and aroma – or your usual “boiled” CTC tea if you want it strong and rejuvenating).

2. Strain the tea in another vessel and keep this tea brew simmering on a slow flame.

3. Add a few cloves (lavang), a small stick of cinnamon (dalchini), close the lid and simmer for some time.

4. Blend in a teaspoon of honey.

5. Pour in One Large Peg of Rum and blend in.

6. Pour in One Large Peg of Brandy and blend in. 

(Brandy is optional – you may prefer to make this cocktail with Rum only). 

7. The moment the concoction boils  strain – and pour into a glass tumbler.

This steaming hot spicy rum cocktail is guaranteed to warm your insides and drive away the chill on a cold, damp, wet, rainy day.


Hey  what are you waiting for?

Just rush to your Kitchen (or Bar) – and quickly make your Hot Cocktail – and – drink it “Down the Hatch”

I guarantee it will enliven your spirits on the dampest, wettest and coldest of winter days.

Do tell us which of these two cocktails you liked more.


Disclaimer: It is best not to drink alcohol and if you want to try out these hot cocktails you must do so at your own risk, especially if you are allergic to tea or alcohol or have low alcohol tolerance.

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1. Try these recipes at your own risk. 
2. It is best not to drink alcohol and if you want to try out these hot cocktails you must do so at your own risk, especially if you are allergic to tea or alcohol or have low alcohol tolerance.

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