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Diplomat Pudding – My Favourite Dessert

Foodie Memories of My Navy Days

DIPLOMAT PUDDING – My Favourite Dessert
(A Cold Dessert)

The Navy is a good place for a Foodie – especially if you are an Officer.

As a Naval Officer – you get the best of delicious food from a variety of multinational cuisines in Navy Wardrooms, afloat and ashore.

I always took special interest in seeing the dishes being cooked in Ship’s/Wardroom Galleys – and – since I have a “sweet tooth” – I was especially interested in Desserts (or “Puddings” – as we call them in the Navy).

Dear Reader: Here is the recipe for one of my favorite wardroom desserts – “Diplomat Pudding” aka Diplomate au Bavarois aka “Cream of Diplomatic Pudding”.

(There are many versions of the recipe for Diplomat Pudding – I shall give the Navy Recipe which is remarkable in its simplicity – easy to cook – since – on a Naval Ship – cooking has to be simple and easy)


Ingredients and Cooking Devices

Milk – Half a Cup (150 ml)

Egg – One

Sugar – 5 Tablespoons (60 gm)

Fresh Fruit (Mixed) – 200 gm

Jelly Crystals – 50 gm (One Packet)

Fresh Cream – 75 gm (Half a Cup)

Vanilla Essence - 2 drops

Hot Water – One Cup (250 ml)

Oven – To Bake the “Custard”

Refrigerator (or Ice) – To “Set” the Pudding

Cooking Method

1. Boil the Milk and keep warm.

2. Beat the Egg and Sugar.

3. Add warm Milk into the beaten Egg.

4. Blend in the Vanilla Essence.

5. Pour into a Baking Dish and bake in a moderate temperature till the custard is set (keep a watch on the oven till the mixture sets into a custard and browns a bit – it should take around 20/30 minutes)

6. Remove the baked custard and let cool.

7. Cut the Fruits into small cubes and arrange on the baked custard.

8. Pour half of the Cream on top of the baked custard.

9. Dissolve Jelly Crystals in hot water.

10. Set the Jelly slightly and spread over the Fruit.

11. Whip the remaining Cream with some powdered Sugar till fluffy and adorn/decorate the Pudding.

12. Cool in Refrigerator for some time and serve the “Diplomat Pudding” cold.

Dear Reader – Isn’t it a really simple recipe…?

Here is a picture of Diplomat Pudding aka “Cream of Diplomatic Pudding” 

Diplomat Pudding

Happy Eating…!!! 


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