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“Fast” Food – Kachori – How to Cook it and How to Eat it

My Favorite “Fast” Food 
How to Cook it and How to Eat it 

“Fast” Food
My “Better Half observes various fasts – and she consequently subjects me to all types of fasts. 

No  she does not go on a hunger strike  but fasts with food  fast food. 

“Fast food includes fruits, roots, milk/milk products and non-cereal dishes.

In fact  there is plenty of fast food to eat on a fast”.

She fasts on Monday, Chaturthi, Festivals – or on any occasion she wants to fast – and I have no choice but to “fast” along with her too.

Actually  her fasts are not extreme rigorous fasts in the ascetic Spartan sense. 

In fact  they are delicious satiating fulfilling “fasts”  an appetizing change of cuisine. 

Instead of the routine normal food  she enjoys what I call lip-smacking “fast” food – which is quite mouth-wateringly yummy  and  maybe  a bit more calorie-rich than normal food. 

That’s the “fast” food I am referring to  not the fast food like burgers and pizza that you probably thought about when you saw the title of this blog post.

Kachori – My Favorite “Fast Food

My favorite “fast” food is the Kachori.

No! No! 

It is not the scrumptious Rajasthani style lip-smacking Khasta Kachori that I am referring to.

I am referring to the “Sweet” Crunchy Coconut Kachori served by most Udipi eateries in Mumbai and Pune. 

Recipe – The Art of Cooking Kachori

It is quite simple to make this scrumptious vegetarian delicacy. 

Just take boiled mashed potato  add a bit of sabudana peeth (sago flour) for binding  a pinch of salt and sugar  and knead into a dough.

This is for the outer crust of the Kachori. 

Now – let us make the inner filling to go inside the outer crust.

In a pan – heat pure ghee – and roast fresh juicy grated coconut with sugarkhus khusdry fruit like raisins, cashews  till it is nice and crispy (khamang) – and your filling is ready. 

You must use roast the filling in Pure Ghee  since oil is not permitted for “fast” food.

Make largish round patties with the potato dough on the outside  and a generous portion of the roasted sweet coconut filling inside.

Heat plenty of pure ghee in curved pan  and deep fry the patties till nicely crusty, crisp and light brown  and your “Fast Food Kachori is done.

Fast and simple recipe  isn’t it...?

Serve the freshly made Kachori with a bowl of whipped sweetened Curd and your “Fast Food Kachori is ready to eat. 

This is how your “Fast Food Kachori will look like when served with a bowl of whipped sweetened curd (I have clicked this picture on 28 June 2014 of my favourite Kachori served by Apsara Restaurant Tilak Road Pune)

“Fast Food  Kachori with Sweet Curd

The Art of Eating “Fast Food Kachori

You will be tempted to break a piece of Kachori  dip it in the curds – and then eat it. 

Please don’t do this.

That is not the right way to eat “Fast Food Kachori

You will ruin the eating experience as the concoction will turn soggy.

What you must do is as follows.

First  place a chunk of crisp hot kachori on your tongue.

Then – close your eyes

Now – savor the khamang crunchy taste of the lively roasted coconut filling for some time 

Then – press your tongue on your palate – and roll on your tongue – till the heavenly sweet filling and the crisp potato covering amalgamate

Then – savour the heavenly taste.

Tell me  dear fellow foodie  it tastes really yummy  isn’t it...?

Now it is the time to open your mouth and pop in a spoon of sweet whipped curds.

Then  close your mouth (and eyes) – and let the feisty assortment of flavors dance and mingle on your tongue till the food dissolves in your mouth  and disappears into you  giving you a feeling of supreme satisfaction.

I once saw a movie called “Blow Hot Blow Cold” in the 1970s. 

The art of eating “Fast Food Kachori is similar  hot and cold  hot and cold  crunchy and soft  crunchy and soft  sweet and sour  sweet and sour...

I first tasted this delicious dish (“Fast Food” Kachori) long long back – maybe around 45 years ago in the early 1970 at a cafe called Apsara near Hirabaug on Tilak Road in Pune. 

The Kachori served at Apsara is still my favorite “Fast Food Kachori.

I have enjoyed this delectable snack at many restaurants like Vihar  at Churchgate (Mumbai)  and Vaishali, on Fergusson College Road in Pune  and many Maharashtrian/Udipi restaurants/cafes serve excellent Coconut Sweet Kachori too.

I am sure you will find it on the menu of almost all Udipi restaurants.

So – next time you want to relish your “Fast”  you know which “Fast” Food to eat  in addition to the usual sabudana khichadi, sabudana wade, ratalyacha kees etc

Happy “Fasting” 

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