Monday, November 7, 2016

Review - CSIA Mumbai International Airport

Architecturally - CSIA is impressive - but - merely having a good structure is not enough - the Airport Staff and "Systems/Processes" must match the grand architecture.

My recent experience at CSIA on arrival from overseas:

1. WiFi was not working

2. Huge unmanaged crowd of passengers in immigration and baggage area resulting in confusion and chaos.
Airport Staff were conspicuous by their absence and there was no one to manage and guide the passengers.

3. There was no Airport Staff in Exit Area to help passengers find transportation etc.

I have had similar experience during previous arrivals/departures - airport staff seem indifferent to passengers. On some ocassions - I have seen that help-desks were unmanned.

In most international airports - Airport Staff are present everywhere to assist passengers and they are efficient, courteous and helpful.

I remember - in Auckland - an Airport Employee personally escorted me to the Taxi Stand - he got me a Taxi - helped me with my luggage - and ensured I was seated and Taxi driver understood where I wanted to go.

CSIA needs to motivate their employees and train them in "Soft Skills" so that Airport Staff gives better customer service to passengers.
Merely having magnificent structures is not enough. CSIA needs to improve management processes and motivation of Airport Staff.

I am writing this as constructive feedback since I feel that implementing "soft" human resource customer services are more important than constructing impressive "hard" structures and grand buildings.

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