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Morsels From My New Zealand Food Diary : Eating Out in Auckland Christchurch Queenstown South Island

Eating Out in Auckland Christchurch Queenstown South Island

Arrived Auckland 0900 (9 AM) on 23 Dec 2015

Drove Around to Mission Bay Beach, St. Heliers Point, HMS Achilles Memorial  felt hungry  so – we had a hearty lunch.

Here are a few Morsels – a few Nibbles – Vignettes from My New Zealand Food Diary.

Happy Eating ... !!! 

PART 1 – Auckland and Christchurch

23 December 2015



Flame Grilled Peri-Peri Chicken at Nandos Mount Eden Auckland

Flame Grilled Peri-Peri Chicken (Spicy Version)

Non-Spicy Version of Flame-Grilled Chicken

Potato Salad for My Pure Vegetarian Better-Half

Sides - Chicken Wings and French Fries

Nando's is a restaurant chain in Auckland

24 December 2015

Frugal Dinner

Our daughter picked up a rather spartan meal for us from Newmarket Auckland

Mixed Salad

25 December 2015

Malaysian Lunch

We flew down from Auckland to Christchurch by the Air New Zealand morning flight.

I had just a cup of tea in the morning - and I was expecting a hearty breakfast on board - but they gave us a choice of either a tiny packet of chips or a cookie. 
I had chips - followed by a cup of tea.

The Christchurch Airport Cafeterias were packed with patrons (we also noticed a large number of people eating at the food cafes at Auckland Airport).

However - we thought it would be better to get to our hotel first and then have lunch at the hotel or nearby.

As we set out for food - we saw that the markets were totally deserted and we saw that all shops and restaurants were closed since it was Christmas Day.
In India - generally - on festival days - markets/restaurants are kept open for the crowds - but here – in New Zealand - it is different - shops, restaurants - everything is closed for Christmas – even the Air Force Museum at Christchurch is closed on Christmas Day.

We now realized why so many people were eating at the airport restaurants.

Finally - we found just one restaurant open - Malaysia Delights - so we entered and ate to our heart's content. — eating lunch at Malaysia Delights Authentic Cuisine.

Malaysian Chicken Curry and Paratha

25 December 2015

Egyptian Dinner

All Eateries in Papanui Christchurch New Zealand were closed for Christmas - except three.

In the afternoon - only Malaysian Delight was open - so we had lunch over there.

"Better Half" is Pure Vegetarian - and she did not quite like the solitary veg dish there.

In the evening - we found two more eateries open - a "Fish and Chips" place - and "Egyptian Kebab House" - where there was a veg item on the menu - so we decided to try out the place.

In India - if you order a plate of Kebab (Kabab) - you get a few pieces of roasted meat along with a chutney and a few slices of onions.

However - as we discovered - here - at Egyptian Kebab House - we got a generous plate comprising Kebab Pita-Bread/Rice + generous helpings of salads and sauces.

In fact - the helpings were so generous that none of us could fully "polish off" the entire Kebab plate - and even a foodie like me stood vanquished by the food.

Believe it or not – I was eating Egyptian Cuisine for the first time in my life – and that too in New Zealand…!!!

Here are some pictures of Egyptian Kebabs for you to relish:

Mutton (Lamb) Kebab

Chicken Kebab

Veg Kebab (for Better Half)

Just imagine - I had already spent 3 days in New Zealand - and I had not tasted the local cuisine as yet...!!!

To be continued in PART 2...

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